NEWS REPORT :: June 2010

Dear Brethren:

We praise and thank the Lord for a new school year!

We have fifty-four (54) students – twenty-four (24) new and thirty (30) old students/six (6) part-time and forty-eight (48) full-time.

Our new school year 2010-2011 formally started last June 15. We’re blessed with a group of students sent by God as prayed for. We’re now enjoying classes along with initial activities we had – General Orientation for students and Parents/Guardians’ Orientation. To all our parents and sponsors who came, we thank you for your support. May God bless you.

Other activities we had were the first Convocation followed by the Cutting of Ribbon for the opening of the Computer Laboratory. We were very blessed because Bro. Philip Campbell and his two sons, Steve and Wes, as well as grandson Seth, came to visit us. His son, Steve, preached and Bro Philip spearheaded the Ribbon Cutting. Praise the Lord for this computer laboratory. Our deep gratitude and thanks for those who became instrumental in the procurement of computer units. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

We also want to thank our co-workers from Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS) headed by Bro. Daniel Roca, their president, who came with the Campbells to visit us. “What a partnership”, as remarked by Bro. Phil. May this close bonding between ABS and PBS remain, or, become closer even.

Our first campus day was June 29, a day for everyone to clean the buildings and the campuses. The seven organized Care Groups with one faculty in-charge each really worked hard for very clean ABS campuses. Dear seminarians, maintain that!

Meanwhile, the ABS administrator, Mr. Esmelito L. Acson, went to the U.S. to attend the Filipino and American Christian Convention (two conventions in one: the Northern American Christian Convention Filipino-American Christian Convention). He is with Bro. Noel Daquioag, one of the Board of Trustees of the PMCC-ABS, and Bro. Daniel Roca of PBS. Share us you blessings from the convention!

Our greatest concern, which we always pray for, is the continuance of the construction of the new building. We keep praying that the Lord will suffice our initial resources that we may be able to resume the construction.

Thank you, brethren, for your love and continued support to Aparri Bible Seminary.

In Him,

Officer In-Charge