NEWS REPORT :: April – May 2012

Dear Brethren:

It’s so uplifting and very encouraging for all of us here with the success of our summer activities.

VBS Clinic was the last activity in March. We prepared for summer activities – Youth and Junior Camps. Simultaneously, a group of faculty visited the churches, particularly their young people, to promote on them before they would opt to enroll in secular schools. We have prayed that God will send more young people to be equipped for the ministry.

Following that, was the National Convention of the Churches of Christ in the Philippines on April 20-22 at Davao City. We met brethren, old and new acquaintances, in this great gathering. At least, one thousand three hundred (1,300) participants registered.

Two days before youth camp we needed to prepare the campsite at Jurisdiction, Lallo, Cagayan. We are so blessed with the opportunity of utilizing the Children’s Home facilities here. On May 1-4, was the Youth Camp, ages 13-up. There were eighty (80) campers who attended. Out of them, eight (8) souls were brought to the Lord. The theme, “Adventures with Christ” was so fitting and timely for all of us to have enjoyed. Aside from classes were exciting activities led by volunteer young people – Keziah Anne Columna, Coleen Gail Lopez, Gracielle Anne Alvarez, Christopher Willis Lopez, Kenneth Paul Reyes, Ferdimarc Medina, and Allen Jay Agresor. “Job well done,” and thank you very much. We’re so blessed that we have young people who are willing to be used by Him aside from us. The camp was culminated with counseling and prayer.

After three days, came the Junior Camp, ages 8-12, on May 7-10 at ABS grounds. Nine (9) of them were baptized at the Aparri Church of Christ baptistery by Pastor Angelo Larugal. We pray that these children will grow spiritually as they “adventure in Christ” in their lives. Congratulations! Keep growing in Him!

Just after these two activities, we went back to our planning for the coming school year. Grades were submitted, schedule of classes and calendar of activities were readied for the new school year.

Before June, we need to prepare the dormitories, classrooms, pertinent facilities and the whole physical setup of the seminary. We not only prepare for the opening of classes but also for the great 60th Anniversary celebration of ABS which is slated on June 21-22. All church leaders and workers, as well as interested members; ministry partners/supporters; previous and current students of the seminary, are both encouraged and invited to come and be a part of this significant and momentous event. We’re looking forward to seeing you on these days.

Further, we appeal anew for your prayers and support to our urgent need. We’re expecting more students this school year and we’re worried where to house them. Last year, we stopped accepting part time students as dormitories were not spacious enough to accommodate them. It is our prayer that God would provide us better and more spacious housing facilities for our seminarians, especially for the boys now since their wooden dormitory is not only overcrowded but also too old and unsafe for continued occupancy.

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN, BRETHREN, FOR YOUR RELENTLESS SUPPORT AND PARTNERSHIP with us in the work here. May God continue to pour His abundant blessings on you.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: March 2012

Dear Brethren:

We praise the Lord for what He has done to all of us this month. All glory to Him for ABS!

The month of March is a very, very busy month for ABS. Before the closing activities we had Piano Recital for twenty-seven (27) students last March 2. It was such a very enjoyable program because of the varied ability of students to play the piano. Keep on developing the talent for the Lord. “Job well done,” students, as well as their teachers.

On the following week, March 5-8, came the final examinations of students. It was a busy week for all students as well as teachers. Then, Voice Recital for thirty-three (33) students was held last March 9. It was like the voices of many angels filled the hall. Superb performers! So interesting to know that many voices are developed and new discoveries who can sing. Sing to the Lord, students! Praise His name!

In preparation for Commencement, we needed to prepare the campus for brethren to attend. We had campus cleaning or March 12 followed by the Candidates’ Banquet on March 13. This is a program to honor all the candidates including their parents or guardians. In the history of ABS, this is the first time to include parents during Candidates’ Banquet. It was really a memorable occasion. Mr. Nicholas P. Ulrich, one of the ABS teachers, spoke on the theme, “Set Apart to Shine.” Thank you, Sir Nick.

The annual Conference on Evangelism started on March 14 in the afternoon. It was opened by Pastor Angelo Larugal’s message on “Ministers and Elders, Together in Crisis.” Bro. Daniel Roca lectured on “Ministers’ Role Amidst Crisis,” and, Bro. Samson Lubag on “Church Leaders’ Role Amidst Crisis” and the theme “Christian Amidst Crisis.” There were one hundred and fifty attendees.

The 58th Commencement Exercises was held at the Aparri Church of Christ chapel in the evening of March 14. We just thank the Lord for a fruitful school year. We have eight (8) graduates. Please find their names below:

Names Course Address
Duquez, Jefferson A. BTh Lalafugan, Lallo, Cagayan
Reyes, Kenneth Paul O. BTh Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Geroy, Alfredo Jr., G. BCE Battalan, Lasam, Cagayan
Otrillo, Jeffry B. ACM Bidduang, Pamplona, Cagayan
Valdez, John Mark S. ACM Paradise, Gonzaga, Cagayan
Tabilog, Eliseo Jr., A. ACM Bagu, Pamplona, Cagayan
Alupay, Wendelle S. ACE Batac City, Ilocos Norte
Alvarez, Gracielle Anne L. ACE Aparri, Cagayan

May these young graduates find their place in the vineyard of the Lord. Congratulations! We’ve planned for summer activities and we would also like to share you these schedules:

Activity Date
VBS Clinic (ABS) March 30-31
National Convention (Davao) April 20-22
Youth Camp (Lal-lo) May 1-4
Junior Camp (ABS) May 7-9
ABS Enrolment June 1-8
Classes Start June 11
ABS 60th Anniversary June 21-22

Let’s all pray for a fruitful summer work. God bless you all.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: February 2012

Dear Brethren:

As we approached the end of January, we also started preparing for activities for the end of the school year.

ABS is hosting the Inter-Seminary Fellowship on February 9-10. Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS) from Vigan City and Philippine College of Ministry (PCM) from Baguio City will join with ABS for their special fellowship.

This Inter-Seminary Fellowship is designed for students participation only. We let the students plan and organize and be approved by the office of the school. It really develops the leadership of students.

PBS came on February 8 spending the night before the opening day. There were thirty-nine of them with their faculty and thirty nine also from Baguio. Our student facilitators were Kenneth Reyes, Gracielle Alvarez, Hamony Gascon, Alfred Geroy, Ferdimarc Medina and John Mark Valdez. They did an excellent performance in heading up the fellowship. Congratulations for a job well done!

We really appreciate what the leader did – creating four teams so that every student has his own team (Sapphire, Chrysolite, Amethyst, and Onyx). Around one hundred twenty (120) students attended.

From their acquaintance with their team yell, team clap and banners, they had team building activities sports – basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and chess. They also had drama, literary, musical and Bible quiz bee activities. Amazing race was one of the activities they so much enjoyed. It was two o’clock in the morning when they had their closing activities. A tarpaulin of the photo taken was handed to PBS and PCM by ABS for a token. Key chains were also given to each student by the ABS students. Oh, what a time of fellowship they had! Aside from the spiritual learning they got, they had fun together with other seminarians. Maintain that spirit of unity, seminary students!

After the two-day fellowship, we were back to our regular classes. The Forensic Literary Society had to get ready for their annual talent program on February 17. Forensians need to keep busy in their preparation again. Besides, they only have a week before the program.

On February 17, FLS presented their annual Talent Program. Despite the pelting rains we were having many came to watch. It was another splendid program with varied talents presented. Thumbs up for you, Forensians! All for the glory of God.

Meanwhile, students are busy with their practice for Voice and Piano Recital. Hurry up students, final examination is fast approaching.

The last phase of the project is still waiting for God’s provision. Please pray with us that this project will be finished very soon. Come and see what the Lord has done to ABS.

God bless everyone!

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: December – January 2012

Dear Brethren:

A blessed new year to all!

We ended 2011 with thankful hearts because the Lord made it possible for us to finish our programs victoriously. Praise the Lord!

The concert choir presented the Christmas Cantata on December 11. All the students of ABS performed at Aparri church, graced by their aqua long sleeve for men and aqua dresses for ladies. Their “Searching for the King” theme was brought to different churches in the region. They had splendid performances on songs, interspersed with two different plays – old and modern ones. Once again, another opportunity for our students to display their talents.

To our sponsors-churches and individual brethren, thank you very much for your continued support. We pray that the Lord will bless you more abundantly.

As we entered 2012 after the Christmas season, we welcomed everyone into the new year. This includes the presence of brethren from USA – Bro. Mike Burns, Ma’am Daisy Cajigal, Heidi Miele (Mike’s sister), Heather Merchut (Heidi’s daughter), and Barbara Burns (Mike’s sister-in-law). They came to the Philippines particularly to visit Aparri Bible Seminary, which they’re supporting. We just hope they were inspired and encouraged by what they have seen at the seminary. Thank you very much for coming over to see us. Please give room for ABS in your hearts, Ma’am Heidi, Ma’am Barb and Heather.

The team, spearheaded by Ma’am Daisy Aguas Cajigal, also conducted a Health Screening program for the indigents. Faculty and staff, as well as some brethren in the medical profession like Dr. Susan Daquioag and Dr. Belinda Deñola, and some nursing graduates and students came to help. Thank you for your services. To God be the glory.

There were at least two hundred indigents who benefited from the health screening program. They were so happy for each of them also received gift packs of grocery items. We hope such type of program will be repeated anew.

Our visitors left Aparri on January 14 and visited Philippine Bible Seminary (Vigan); then, Baguio, after that, they immediately went to Davao. They left Manila for the USA on January 21. It was rejuvenating on their part leaving their work for sometime. Please visit us again.

To the rest of our benefactors, we thank you for your continued support. We’re now enjoying our stay in the new building but continuing to pray that the last phase of the project be finished very soon.

God bless you all.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: November 2011

Dear Brethren:

Merry Christmas! How thankful we are for the Lord has blessed us to go through this year. Praise the Lord for His goodness.

The seminary finally opened classes for second semester last November 3. We have sixty two students enrolled (six were added to our first semester). We’re very busy in our classes along with the preparation of our Christmas Cantata on December 13, 2011.

Truly, God is so good. ABS has been very blessed through our answered prayer again. We have received the blessings from the one-time offering program on ABS initiated by the Aparri Bible Seminary Alumni Association (ABSAA) during the last homecoming. It was decided that on October 30, this program be made. All glory to Him because of the fruitful result of the program.

Below is a list of churches and individuals who participated in this program.

  1. Aparri
  2. Aragao
  3. Backiling
  4. Battalan
  5. Bidduang
  6. Calayan
  7. Cambong
  8. Canayon
  9. Catayauan
  10. Dalaya
  11. Gonzaga
  12. Kapanikian
  13. Marede
  14. Minanga
  15. Palagao
  16. Palao
  17. Parog-Parog
  18. Paruddun
  19. Rebecca
  20. Roma Norte
  21. San Francisco
  22. San Jose
  23. Sta. Ana
  24. Sta. Clara
  25. Toran
  1. Antagan
  2. Baligatan
  3. Barumbong
  4. Bayabo
  5. Biga
  6. Calanigan
  7. Calaocan ( Alicia)
  8. Calinaoan
  9. Calinaon Sur
  10. Cauayan
  11. Lapogan
  12. Roxas
  13. San Andres
  14. San Guillermo
  15. Santor
  16. Sinamar
  17. Sto. Rosario
  18. Villa Domingo
  19. Villa Pereda
  1. Aritao
  1. Babalag
  1. Maguyepyep
  1. Columna, Keziah Anne
  2. Jove, Aladino
  3. Turda, Henry

To our brethren from these churches, thank you so much. It’s our prayer that God will bless you more abundantly. On the other hand, to our brethren who have not participated in this One-time Offering program for the seminary yet, we’re praying and appealing to your generous heart and faithful service to extend your support and blessings to the ministry, for His glory. He’s faithful to give you back, even a hundred fold, the blessings you share to His ministry.

Consequently, we again appeal that everyone be encouraged to continue supporting for the continuance of the last phase of the project. Very soon, it will be finished through your support.

God bless you all.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: September – October 2011

Dear Brethren:

We know you’ve been waiting to hear from us here at the Aparri Bible Seminary. We now give you update for September and October.

On the first week of September was the Deeper Life Week (DLW), an annual program of ABS wherein we feast on the Word, have special worship services, conduct different contests like poster and slogan making, essay in three categories – Iluko, Tagalog, and English – and scripture memory contest. The theme of the DLW 2011 was “Living a Life Worthy of Your Calling.”

In preparation for the DLW, we had the contests a week before to set minds and hearts. Posters and slogans were displayed for everyone to see. The theme was delivered by Pastor Angelo Larugal followed by “Bearing with One Another in Love” by Pastor Rodolfo Alvarez Jr., “Keeping the Unity in the Spirit” by Pastor Edwin Ramos, “Speaking the Truth in Love” by Pastor Angelo Larugal and culminated by “Attaining to the Whole Measure of the Fullness of Christ’ by Pastor Solomon Valdez. Surely, everyone was spiritually recharged from the messages. May the Lord be praised.

Then on the first week of October, the Rhetorical Literary Society (RLS) had their annual night. A remark was made that it was such an excellent program. The Rhetoricians displayed their amazing talents graced by their colorful pink-violet T-shirts. Congratulations for a job well done! Glory to God!

A week later, came the final exams of the students for first semester. Everyone kept busy in preparation for the exams – completion of projects, submission of requirements, securing of clearances and permits and reviewing for the exams, all for a good semester ending. Thank you, Lord!

Following this was a two-week break from classes. Students went home for vacation; some went to their preaching areas while some were sent to the Religious Emphasis Week 2011 at Southern Isabela Academy (SIA) in Isabela.

The REW team 2011 was headed by M/M Rodolfo and Grace Alvarez. Students who were with the group were Kenneth Paul Reyes, Eliseo Tabilog Jr., Ferdimarc Medina, Kyronne Amiel Peneyra, Gracielle Anne Alvarez, and Harmony Gascon.

We praise the Lord for their talents – all of them can sing, teach, and preach. For the five-day teaching, there were ninety souls who accepted the Lord – eighty nine students and one faculty member. Praise the Lord!

Simultaneously, the masteral classes with Prof. Tim Thomas taught Old Testament Overview and Prof. Nicholas P. Ulrich handled the New Testament Introduction. We’re so thankful that they’re so willing to continue sharing their expertise to our faculty as well as preachers in the area. May the Lord bless you more, Sir Tim and Sir Nick!

As this letter is made, we’re moving to the new office and the books to a temporary library. Praise the Lord! We’re now occupying the designated new office. What a nice place. Only some of the things we’re now using are no longer good for the new place – old old electric fans, desks and sala set.

Please sympathize with us brethren, come and visit us. We pray that concerned churches will participate in the one time offering for ABS – this will be of great help for the completion of the ongoing project.

Thank you to everyone again.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: July – August 2011

Dear Brethren:

Christian greetings to everyone!

How we rejoice in the Lord for the great things He’s doing to us. We also believe he has been working in you, too.

Our annual program on Stewardship commenced last July 5 and ended July 27. On those four successive Wednesday chapel services four speakers were used by the Lord to challenge everyone – Bros. Federico Bueno, Kenneth Paul Reyes, Angelo Larugal, and Fernando Ulep Jr. All messages given were edifying, encouraging and very uplifting for stewardship. Praise the Lord!

On the last Friday of July was the New Students’ Talent Night. Thirty one (31) students displayed varied amazing talents. The freshmen, headed by their president, Anabel Sison, presented a very excellent program. This shows how united they are through the untiring efforts of Mrs. Marlyn Racho, their adviser. Congratulations, freshmen! Let your talents be developed in the seminary and use them for the Lord!

As we approached the month of August, it kept us very busy promoting the 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming on August 19-20. ABSAA president Solomon Valdez sent out letters to alumni (graduates or not) to attend this significant event. Some ABS staff took time to go around promoting and soliciting support for the occasion. To all of those who in one way or another extended help in cash or in kind – we thank you so much. To those who came and helped prepare the campus, we thank you, too. All of your support contributed much to the success of the homecoming. May God continue to bless you more.

Came the day we’ve been waiting for, the 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming. Some came on Thursday but most came on Friday morning. Old and new acquaintances were present. Delegations from Abra, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya, Manila, Isabela, Kalinga, Apayao and Cagayan happily exchanged greetings with each other. We saw mixed feelings – so glad to see one another yet sad to know some did not make it. Much more, when they saw the new building – those did never see before, to their amazement there were tears of joy!

After the lunch fellowship was the ABSAA meeting. Everyone in his colorful green homecoming T-shirt was encouraged and challenged to do something to support the ongoing project. Long live ABSAA!

The main program was a very joyous one. The alumni were presented by batch – from 1950 to 2011. Each batch presented a short number, reminiscing their days, displaying their talents, reviving their spirits and recalling their ABS days. What a joyful moment we all had – a time of merriment, fun and fellowship. Bro. Dionisio Bautista gave a powerful message on the theme, “Bring It to Completion” after the special song of the ABS Concert Choir. The program was hosted by Sis. Profetiza Israel Daniel to the 134 alumni who attended. To all of you who came, thank you very much. May your spirits be renewed as you committed to share in the ministry of ABS.

There’s still lot of things to be done for the ongoing project. Give and send your share for the completion of the project – the new ABS building. Praise the Lord for the agreement made by the alumni (who are church leaders and ministers) to initiate/make a simultaneous one-time congregational offering in all the provinces/regions represented on October 30, 2011 for the ABS project. May other concern congregations and generous brethren follow the same so that the last phase of the project may be started and ultimately finished.

ABSAA, bring the project into completion! God bless you all.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: June 2011

Dear Brethren:

We send you our Christian greetings from all of the staff and studentry.

Our classes for this school year are in full swing. Truly, the Lord answered our prayer on the number of students to come. We prayed for sixty students and the Lord gave us sixty-one. Thank you Lord. We give You the glory and honor for this!

The sixty-one students we have now are all full time. We have no part time students this year because of the limited space we have. We decided that full time shall have the priority this year.

On the first week of classes, June 15, we were visited by Bro. Phil Campbell and his family with some brethren from Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS). It was such a meaningful time when he spoke on our first convocation service. Bro. Phil had the opportunity to see the on-going project of ABS – the construction of the 3rd phase of the building. Thank you, Sir Phil, for remembering us with your continued support to ABS. Amen to that!

Our old ladies dormitory has just been demolished. Mission House II now serves as dormitory for girls. It is just enough for the twenty six full time ladies to stay. Earlier, the old main building had also been demolished forcing us to use one of the available classrooms in the finished part of the new building as the temporary library. Since there are only three available classrooms left some of our classes are, at times, held on the corridors, porch or shaded part of the structure.

As we go on with our classes, we also continue working on the construction of the 3rd phase of the project which is now at the (center) corner of the L-shaped building. We’re wishing and praying that it would be finished and secured with windows and doors before rainy season comes so we could hold our classes inside the structure. We don’t stop telling our brethren about the project; likewise visiting them for continued support. Praise the Lord for the love and generosity of several brethren who are concerned with the needs of the ministry. To all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We glorify and thank God for your goodness and service to Him through ABS.

On the other hand, the kinder school previously operated by the children’s home in Jurisdiction has been absorbed by PMCCNLI to be able to continue and sustain its mission of providing pre-school or foundational education to the children in the community. The mission is aiming at developing the institution further to cater elementary, secondary, or even tertiary education in the future. Praise the Lord for such opportunities of advancing PMCC ministries to the greater community.

Further, we are also busy promoting our 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming which is slated August 19-20, 2011. We’re sending letters and visiting brethren for them to attend this significant occasion. COME and SEE how the Lord is working in the Seminary. We’re aiming to finish the painting of the ongoing 3rd phase structure before the homecoming. The estimated cost of the painting is around Php350,000.00, plus windows & doors which are about Php580,000.00. So, we’re praying that the Lord would provide us Php930,000.00 for these. Such excludes tiles for the flooring. We know the Lord’s hand is not short to extend His blessing on these concerns. Thank you, Lord!

Lastly, shall we join hands; unite our minds and hearts in prayer that the Lord shall provide all these needs for His glory.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: April – May 2011

Dear Brethren:

We bring you greetings from all of us here at Aparri Bible Seminary. We’re happy again to share you our busy schedules and very exciting summer activities.

After the commencement last March, we prepared for the Teachers’ VBS Clinic last April 6-7, 2011. At least eighty-two (82) teachers attended the clinic, around sixty (60) places were teaching centers and almost ten thousand (10,000) children were taught. Praise the Lord! To all of those who have part of the VBS this summer, we thank you and praise the Lord for all of you. God is faithful to forget not your labor for Him!

The following week, it made us so busy to go around churches to campaign for the nest school year. It took us a week to promote ABS and the two Christian Camps approaching – the Youth Camp and the Junior Camp as well.

Came the Tri-regional Convention on April 22-24 held at San Andres, Delfin Albano, Isabela, and the Centennial Celebration of the Sto. Tomas Church of Christ, Sto. Tomas, Candon City, Ilocos Sur, on April 29 – May 1. On both of these occasions, our students were invited to lead the praise and worship and to render a special number in song. Attending such activity would really contribute to the exposure of our students and a way for them to be strengthened and encouraged in their faith. They were accompanied by one of our staff. We give all the glory and honor to the Lord.

It was also last April 17-21 when Prof. Samson Lubag came to hold a class for the ABS graduate students. Prof. Timothy Thomas also visited his masteral students to check on their course requirements. Move on preachers! Continue to pursue higher learning for your growth and for the growth of the church/ministries.

It’s our joy to welcome a missionary from Kentucky, USA, Bro. Nicholas Ulrich, 28 years old, who willingly came to help teach at ABS. He’ll be teaching at least four classes. Praise the Lord for Sir Nick. Enjoy your stay in Aparri.

On May 3-10, we had the Youth Camp, ages 14-up, at the Children’s Home, Jurisdiction, Lallo, Cagayan. Thank you PMCC Board for allowing us to use the facilities of the Home. It was a very enjoyable camp, full of fun and experiences as testified by the 82 campers. We had classes, worship services and night activities as usual. The camp was culminated by an “Amazing Race” led by four of the students – Kenneth Reyes, Kit Lopez, Philip Savellano and Jeffrey Marc Alvarez. Kae Anne Columna spearheaded the planning of that activity. Thank you very much. It was really a mountaintop experience with Jesus. Praise the Lord!

The Junior Camp came next on May 10-14 at the Aparri Bible Seminary. At least ninety four (94) campers came and enjoyed the 4-day camp. The children learned a lot in their theme, “Jesus and Me.”

The next days were utilized to follow up around twenty five (25) new students for this school year. Aside from the thirty (30) students coming back, we expect to have fifty five students again. We pray that the Lord will send more – keep going ABS!

As this letter is written, the old main building, worn out and dilapidated, is being demolished. This prompts us to rush the rest of the ongoing phase of the construction. New classrooms have to be readied because the finished ones being currently used for classes are temporarily utilized as library and store rooms for the stuff and equipment from the demolished building. This week, we’re starting with our regular classes but, practically, the new classrooms have not been fully finished yet because of financial constraints. That’s why we keep appealing to you, brethren, to continue your service and support to the ABS not only for the provision/finishing of these urgent instruction facilities but also for the continued operation of the ministry.

Thank you so much brethren for your love and continued partnership. Praise the Lord for you’ve become among His instruments to sustain the operation of the ABS and to accomplish significant projects/programs here. We pray that our good Lord would richly bless your lives and ministries.

In Him,

NEWS REPORT :: March 2011

Dear Brethren:

Praise the Lord! We’ve gone through the busiest month of our school year 2010-1011. With all the activities we had – Piano and Voice Recitals, Final Examinations, last Campus Day, Candidates’ Banquet, Conference on Evangelism, ABSAA Meeting and the Commencement Exercises. The Lord made it possible for us to go through. All glory and honor for Him!

The Piano Recital was held last March 4. There were twenty four (24) student recitalists. They have displayed their talents and performed their music pieces.

As we were preparing for the Voice Recital on March 11, we were shaken by the news reports about the earthquake and Tsunami in Japan. Much more when local news warned that a Tsunami may hit the Philippines too at about 4:00 p.m. that day, we knelt down in prayer. Few hours later, the Municipal Disaster Coordinating Council advised the residents along and nearby the coast lines to evacuate to farther and higher place. We stopped all our activities and gathered our students and family members and evacuated them, along with some neighbors, to the children’s home facility in Lallo, about 12 kilometers south of Aparri. We stayed there until midnight and praise the Lord for He delivered us by not allowing that disaster to happen. Truly, He is our refuge and strength!

On March 17, we pushed through the Voice Recital and twenty seven (27) recitalists participated in. What a display of great potentials! Use them for the Lord and you’ll be blessed!

Came the final examinations, then the Candidates’ Banquet with Bro. Daniel R. Roca as our speaker on the theme, “Be Strong and Courageous.”

A day passed, the ABSAA meeting was held with Bro. Solomon Valdez presiding. There were around 30 members who attended. Not many of them came. However, among those who came a concern for ABS was expressed. They were able to pledge fifty (50) bags of cement aside from the twenty (20) bags paid immediately. Amen to them! Alumni of ABS thank you very much! May God bless you more. What about those who were not around? Please send your share also for His glory!

The 57th Commencement Exercises was held the next day. Pastor Angelo T. Larugal challenged and inspired everyone especially the fifteen (15) graduates on the theme, “Press On Toward the Goal.” The following are names of our graduates:

Alvarez, Jeffrey Marc L. ………………………………………………. Aparri, Cagayan
Otrillo, Joseph B. ………………………………………………. Bidduang, Pamplona, Cagayan
Savellano, Philip Ian G. ………………………………………………. Minanga, Buguey, Cagayan
Tabilog, Eliseo Jr. A. ………………………………………………. Bagu, Pamplona, Cagayan
Bacuyag, Israel B. ………………………………………………. Cambong, Lallo, Cagayan
Bolibol, Alex B. ………………………………………………. Lapogan, Tumauini
Eustaquio, Angelito G. ………………………………………………. San Guillermo, Isabela
Macalinao, Julius G. ………………………………………………. Bayabo, Delfin Albano, Isabela
Field of Concentration: PIANO
Ravida, Imee Joy G. ………………………………………………. Bayabo, Delfin Albano, Isabela
Limbaugh, Handy G. ………………………………………………. Aparri, Cagayan
Medina, Ferdimarc S. ………………………………………………. San Guillermo, Isabela
Rufo, Jayson U. ………………………………………………. Dalaya, Buguey, Cagayan
Lopez, Coleen Gail C. ………………………………………………. Aparri, Cagayan
Rigueros, Honeylyn Y. ………………………………………………. Buguey, Cagayan
Valdez, Sharon M. ………………………………………………. Villa Pereda, Delfin Albano, Isabela

May all of them continue to serve God with joyful hearts and with faithful commitment.

Meanwhile, we continue to share you the on-going project of the ABS new building. The third phase which is the center and corner of the L-shaped structure is the biggest and most crucial part. Music Laboratory room and administration office will be placed here.

We’re wishing and praying hard that this on-going phase be finished this summer ready for use by June. It is our goal to finally and completely move to the new building this school year and let the collapsing old wooden buildings be finally demolished.

Basically, we still need Php5 million ($116,280.00) to completely finish this building project. Please continue to pray with us and for us, brethren. Thank you so much for your support and partnership with Aparri Bible Seminary. May God bless you as you continue to share for Him through ABS ministry.

In Him,