NEWS REPORT :: April- June 2018

April 5, 6 and 7 – Conference on Evangelism and ABS 64th Commencement Program

Amidst  the  many  trials  and  hardships we encountered, we  greatly  praise  the  Lord  for  allowing  us  to  finish  this school  year.

Evening  of  April  5,  the  candidates  and  their  parents  were  honored  with  a  banquet  at  the  St.  Patrick  Garden  Hotel.    Bro. Daniel  Aguidan,  an  elder  of  Logac  Church,  principal  of  Logac  National  High  School,    and  a  member  of  the  PMCCNLI  Board  of  Trustees,  as the Guest Speaker,  gave  a  very  inspiring  message  in  expounding  the  banquet  theme  “Shine Like Stars”.   Earlier,  two  of  the  candidates  gave  their  talks:   Elmer R. Acosta  “Becoming Pure and Blameless” and Kelly T. Maramag  “Holding out the Word of Life.”

Another  highlight  of  the  night  was  the   candidates’  surprise  expression  of  gratitude  to  their  parents / sponsors. Everyone’s  enjoyment was  compounded  by  the  witty  job  of  Rommel  Damian  as  the  master  of  ceremony. 

In the evening   of  April  6   was the   ABS  64th Commencement Program  in  honor  of     eight students who  successfully  graduated  in their chosen courses: Mark Anthony F. Cabanilla of Toran, Aparri,  and Christian R. Nidoy of San Gabriel, La Union  were conferred with the degree of Bachelor of Theology (BTh);  Bachelor of  Christian Education (BCE) are  Kelly T. Maramag and Rommel A. Damian, both from Ballesteros,  and Elmer R. Acosta of Catotoran, Camalaniugan; for Associate in Church Music (ACM) are  Mark L. Maribbay of Tuguegarao City and Sis. J-Lynne I. Tabalno of Centro, Sta. Ana.   Bethel R. Valle of Buguey  finished   Associate in Christian Education (ACE). 

Part  of  the  program  were  the  talks  of  Mark Anthony F. Cabanilla “Into our Troubled World” and Christian R. Nidoy “With the Blessed Word”.   Ptr. Romeo S. Gorospe,  the Senior Minister of the First-Fil-Am Church of Christ in Hawaii,   as  Guest Speaker, eloquently explained the theme   “Be Strong and Courageous”.  He,  together with his better half Mrs. Mercy Juliet T. Gorospe,  came   home   to the Philippines   to  attend the  commencement  to  show  his  full  support  to  the  PMCC – ABS.

Along  with  the  Banquet  and  Commencement  programs  was  the Conference on Evangelism with the theme “Walk Worthy of Your Calling,” attended  by  more  than  a  hundred  from  the  local  congregations. Ptr. Leonardo B. Gamata of Estefania, Amulung, spoke  on  “The  Believer’s  Calling”, followed  by  the  group  workshops on  the  subtheme  “Make Every Effort for Unity”. 

Church Leaders’  group   was  handled  by Ptr. Enrique F. Ferrer,  minister of Baguio COC;  Ptr. Rogelio F. Tenorio, presently the School Administrator of Central Isabela Christian Academy (CICA) at Ilagan City, Isabela and the newly installed Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Charles W. Selby Memorial Hospital for the  Ministers’  group   while  Sis. Mercy Juliet T. Gorospe  for the Ladies.   The next  morning,   Ptr. Romeo  Gorospe  gave  the  concluding  message  of  this  year’s  conference. 

April 11-13 – DVBS CLINIC

This  year’s  VBS  Clinic,  with  the   theme  “SHIPWRECKED… Rescued by Jesus”,  was  conducted    through  the  teamwork  of  Ma’am  Janet   Marquez,  Grace   Alvarez,  Adelaida  Ibarra,  Lyngelle  Peneyra  Remoroza. They  were  assisted  by Gracielle  Alvarez and  Harmony Gascon ,  plus  the  support  of  some  of  the  students  of  ABS:   Eichon  Somera,  Jay-ar  Apao,  J-lyne  Tabalno,  Olivia  Marcos,  and  others.  There  were   seventy  (70)  participants  who  were greatly blessed and  prepared for the   VBS  ministry. 

Classes were divided into two:  Primaries/ Beginners,  led  by   Ma’am Adelaida  and  Ma’am  Harmony.   Ma’am  Janet , Ma’am J-lyne Tabalno , and Sir   Emmanuel Josephus Somera  led   the Juniors / Teens  class.  Part of their training was the  participants’  lesson demonstration and   giving of testimonies.

At the close of the activity,   Sir  Ed  Marquez gave the exhortation. After his exhortation, lights were turned-off,   replaced  by  lit up candles  as  the  congregation  sang  their  commitment  song  “Carry Your Candle”.   The culmination program of the two and a half  days   clinic was a  simple  program  that  served  as  a  sample  for  the  would – be  teachers,  especially  the  first-timers.   Certificates  of Participation  were  awarded  to  all  who  attended  the  clinic. We  praise  the  Lord  for  another  victory  He  has  given  us,  though  the  task  was  again   new  to  some  of  those  who  led  the  program.  We  also  commend  all  those  who  have  supported  the  clinic  in  many  different  ways.


SUMMER MUSIC TUTORIAL – a month long tutorial was offered by ABS for young learners willing to enhance their skills in playing the different musical instrument like the piano, guitar (acoustic and electric) and drums.  Sixteen (16) students enrolled.  J-lyne  Tabalno of Centro, Sta. Ana, and  Mark Anthony    Cabanilla   of  Toran, Aparri, handled the classes.

At the end of the training,  one  of the requirements is taking  part in the “Musical Recital”. Each participant played  their piece to show what they have learned  during  the whole duration.  The  parents   felt  happy  as they  witnessed their children perform  on  stage.

Though  the time  was  short for them,   they   were  very  thankful for  they  have  learned  something  that  made  their  children’s  summer  profitable.

We extend our unending thanks to all  our local and  global  benefactors  for sending their continued  support to the ABS  to defray overhead expenses in the operation. We share the same objectives of bringing back the  glory days of this institution. We pray that it may continually grow in her mission and vision in teaching, training and equipping  young men and women   who  will  dedicate  themselves to become fishers of lost souls. 

Above  all  we offer  all the glory and honor  to  the  Lord  for  all  that  He  enables  us  to do.


This is an expression of praise and great joy for the new  school  year of  ABS.

June 18 – classes started with 17 new students and 22 old students.   Praise God for sending us  these  students.

“Orientation” – Before the opening of classes, an   orientation  on  Christian  values  was  led  by    Ptr. Victor   Serquina of  Baligatan  Church  of  Christ,   Ilagan City   and  member  of  the  PMCCNLI  Board  of  Trustees.  He  was  accompanied  by  Bro.  Rustico  Manuel  of  Arcon  Church  of  Christ,  Tumauini,  Isabela,  who  is  the  Vice  Chairman  of  the  PMCC  Board.  Another  BOT  member,  Bro.  Joel  Valiente  of  Maxingal,  Lal-lo,  was  also  in  attendance.  

The  activity  set  a  new  beginning  for  the  school  year  as  it   prepared   the hearts and minds of the students as well as the faculty  and  staff.

June 20—First Harvest of Souls

Ptr. Joseph B. Sy, a graduate of ABS and presently a professor at CSU-Aparri  was commissioned as the first speaker for the first regular midweek service of the school. After his powerful message 5 students surrendered  their  lives   to  Jesus  Christ and were eventually baptized by Ptr. Jhonnyfer U. Rufo, one of the ABS instructors.

They were Lea Rufo of Pamplona; Jocelyn Crisostomo  of Sta. Teresita;  Brandon Layugan of Buguey; Dominick Gammad of Tumauini, Isabela  and  Richard  Bayani  of  Sta.  Marcela, Apayao.   They  are  the first fruits  for the school year.

Thank  you   Ptr.  Joseph,    for  allowing  yourself as instrument  that  these  souls found salvation  in  Christ.

Music Teacher Hired

Ms. Harmony S.  Gascon is newly hired as additional staff of ABS. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Music from  the   University of Baguio at Baguio City.   She  is  a  great help   for Ma’am  Grace L. Alvarez.  Their tandem  would  surely  help   boost and build  the  music  talents  of  the  students,  for  the  glory  of  the  Lord.

Last week of June, Sir Nick Ulrich  arrived from his vacation at Kentucky, USA. He is  handling  most  of  the  higher year  classes: Greek ,  Epistles,  and  Church  History.  Students have  gainfully  benefited  from  his wisdom and expertise. We are grateful to him for his continued  dedication  and  support to the cause of the ABS. 

 June 29 and 30 –  Youth Fellowship

The Northwestern Cagayan and Northern Apayao Churches of Christ Youth Fellowship (NWCNACCYF) held their sports fellowship at ABS. There were more than 70 young  people  in attendance,  including the ABS students.  Games like basketball and volleyball were played.

Everybody enjoyed the fun. Their camaraderie and sportsmanship were enhanced. Their fellowship and solidarity with one another were  strengthened.  Their physical strength and fitness was exercised and  also their spiritual well-being was greatly transformed. The ABS were glad that you chose as the venue of your sport fellowship. Looking forward for your continues partnership with us. God bless as all.


With warm regards,






NEWS REPORT :: June – September 2013

Dear Brethren:

We’re settled for school year 2013-2014. We have prayed earnestly that the Lord should give us eighty (80) students and He gave us eighty-eight (88). However, eighty-four (84) remained for the rest of the semester. We want to update you of the Seminary.


We started classes on June 3, 2013. It was such a blessing to see eighty-four (84) students in the first day of school. Much more, we had guests from the United States, Bro. Phil Campbell and company. It was this day when the Men’s Dormitory was inaugurated. Bro Phil did cut the ribbon and gave the message. We’re also grateful for the presence of brethren from Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS) – Bro. Daniel Roca and Architect Abel Navarro – may this building be used for His glory! Cheer up, boys, for your new abode!


As an annual program of ABS, we started our Stewardship Campaign for July. It has been observed that this program has been progressing. It really helped everyone grow in their giving and a very good lesson for all Freshmen.

Likewise, the Freshmen, forty (40) of them, had their new students Talent Night last July 21. Another very splendid program! Many varied talents were displayed and discovered. They are all useful if used for Him. To all the organizers, mabuhay!


Another month of celebration for ABS! We celebrated the ABS Day (commemoration on ABS turn-over to an entirely new leadership). The celebration was a simple one yet it was full of fun. The eight (8) Care Groups had different contests – solo, duet, chorus, and skit. Winners received prizes. Everyone enjoyed the day culminated with a worship service in the evening. All glory to Him!

On the last week of August was the Deeper Life Week – the most awaited week of the semester. Everyone – students as well as staff is excited as we prepared for this. It was a whole week spiritual deepening and strengthening activity. We listened to a series of messages reflecting the general theme “CONVINCED,” which were delivered by various speakers. The program was culminated with an outing at the Green Star Resort at Camalaniugan, Cagayan. It was truly refreshing, enriching, and challenging undertaking. Praise the Lord for another successful Deeper Life Week.


As we come to an end of the semester, we keep praying for the Rhetorical Literary Society program. They presented their RLS Night last September 27. It really was a night of fun, laughter and very uplifting and invigorating. Another excellent program as a result of the leadership and unity of all RLS members. Their maroon T-shirt added color to their program. Rhetoricians, Hurray!

Consequently, we keep praying for the concerns of the seminary. Right now, the boys enjoy their stay in their new dorm, while the girls really need a place to stay. Some of them temporarily stay at the old (condemned) mission house; we’re remedying a place for them to be transferred because the government had ordered the seminary management to immediately vacate, close and cordon the area because it’s already ruinous. It had to be demolished the soonest.

On the other hand, the Mission House on the third floor of the main building is coming to its completion. Again, we’re praying for the Lord to provide for a new and more spacious dormitory for the girls as students continue to increase each year. Please pray with us as we trust God’s mercy to accomplish and meet these needs of the ministry.

Thank you again.

In His Service,


NEWS REPORT :: June – July 2012

Dear Brethren:

We enjoy so much to share you what had transpired in the seminary since we started this new school year, 2012-2013. By the grace of God the ministry of the seminary is continuing. Praise the Lord!

For this school year, we have seventy (70) students – twenty-four (24) new and forty-six (46) old ones – all fulltime. As we begin we needed to do something for boys to stay. The Boys’ Dormitory is about to collapse. Two families of our staff needed to transfer so that the boys can use their abode. The temporary housing of the boys now is the right part of the structure that had been vacated by said staff.

The Lord touched the heart of a brother who is very generous to extend his help to build a new Boys’ Dormitory. (May the Lord bless him more!)

Bro. Philip Campbell, who supports ABS, commissioned Bro. Abel Navarro, an architect (now residing at the U.S.), to assist in planning and designing the proposed dormitory; likewise, to spearhead the launching of the project. On the first month of the school year, we held the groundbreaking, witnessed by Board of Trustees, staff and faculty, students and workers. Some PBS staff came to witness this significant event.

On the other hand, the last phase construction of the seminary’s instruction building has been continued. Though the remaining fund may only roughly finish the structure, we hope to make it operational the soonest because we really need more rooms for our classes, specially this rainy season. With all these developments going on, we really can see how the Lord is working – providing needs for ministry programs to continue and (its) projects to come to completion.

June 21-22 was the 60th Anniversary celebration of ABS. It was such a very successful occasion – well attended by about three hundred and fifty alumni, church leaders as well as students. To challenge the participants on the theme “Your Legacy,” was Bro. Henry Turda, an ABS graduate and an elder of Cauayan church; and, “My Portion,” by Bro. Samson Lubag, one of the professors of our Graduate School. So timely that those who came were awakened, encouraged and challenged to do something for and share in the ministry of seminary to realize and advance its mission. Hurray for ABS! You’d withstood many trials, had gone far, had molded people for the ministry and still continuing to develop workers for Him. What a noble task. Keep it up ABS!

The Lord is really good. Those brethren who came were so delighted to have seen the on-going projects. How wonderful how God works in those who love him!

Also, this school year, we have an additional part time faculty member, Bro. Kenneth Paul Reyes, one of our graduates last school year. He’s teaching Introduction to Bible Study, Life of Christ, and P.E. for boys. Surely he is an asset to the seminary.

Shall we continue praying for His ministry. For all of these, we’re so grateful to all of you, brethren.

God bless all of you.

In Him,


Filipino and American Christian Convention

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Thank you,

Daisy Cajigal

NEWS REPORT :: June 2011

Dear Brethren:

We send you our Christian greetings from all of the staff and studentry.

Our classes for this school year are in full swing. Truly, the Lord answered our prayer on the number of students to come. We prayed for sixty students and the Lord gave us sixty-one. Thank you Lord. We give You the glory and honor for this!

The sixty-one students we have now are all full time. We have no part time students this year because of the limited space we have. We decided that full time shall have the priority this year.

On the first week of classes, June 15, we were visited by Bro. Phil Campbell and his family with some brethren from Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS). It was such a meaningful time when he spoke on our first convocation service. Bro. Phil had the opportunity to see the on-going project of ABS – the construction of the 3rd phase of the building. Thank you, Sir Phil, for remembering us with your continued support to ABS. Amen to that!

Our old ladies dormitory has just been demolished. Mission House II now serves as dormitory for girls. It is just enough for the twenty six full time ladies to stay. Earlier, the old main building had also been demolished forcing us to use one of the available classrooms in the finished part of the new building as the temporary library. Since there are only three available classrooms left some of our classes are, at times, held on the corridors, porch or shaded part of the structure.

As we go on with our classes, we also continue working on the construction of the 3rd phase of the project which is now at the (center) corner of the L-shaped building. We’re wishing and praying that it would be finished and secured with windows and doors before rainy season comes so we could hold our classes inside the structure. We don’t stop telling our brethren about the project; likewise visiting them for continued support. Praise the Lord for the love and generosity of several brethren who are concerned with the needs of the ministry. To all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We glorify and thank God for your goodness and service to Him through ABS.

On the other hand, the kinder school previously operated by the children’s home in Jurisdiction has been absorbed by PMCCNLI to be able to continue and sustain its mission of providing pre-school or foundational education to the children in the community. The mission is aiming at developing the institution further to cater elementary, secondary, or even tertiary education in the future. Praise the Lord for such opportunities of advancing PMCC ministries to the greater community.

Further, we are also busy promoting our 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming which is slated August 19-20, 2011. We’re sending letters and visiting brethren for them to attend this significant occasion. COME and SEE how the Lord is working in the Seminary. We’re aiming to finish the painting of the ongoing 3rd phase structure before the homecoming. The estimated cost of the painting is around Php350,000.00, plus windows & doors which are about Php580,000.00. So, we’re praying that the Lord would provide us Php930,000.00 for these. Such excludes tiles for the flooring. We know the Lord’s hand is not short to extend His blessing on these concerns. Thank you, Lord!

Lastly, shall we join hands; unite our minds and hearts in prayer that the Lord shall provide all these needs for His glory.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: June 2010

Dear Brethren:

We praise and thank the Lord for a new school year!

We have fifty-four (54) students – twenty-four (24) new and thirty (30) old students/six (6) part-time and forty-eight (48) full-time.

Our new school year 2010-2011 formally started last June 15. We’re blessed with a group of students sent by God as prayed for. We’re now enjoying classes along with initial activities we had – General Orientation for students and Parents/Guardians’ Orientation. To all our parents and sponsors who came, we thank you for your support. May God bless you.

Other activities we had were the first Convocation followed by the Cutting of Ribbon for the opening of the Computer Laboratory. We were very blessed because Bro. Philip Campbell and his two sons, Steve and Wes, as well as grandson Seth, came to visit us. His son, Steve, preached and Bro Philip spearheaded the Ribbon Cutting. Praise the Lord for this computer laboratory. Our deep gratitude and thanks for those who became instrumental in the procurement of computer units. THANK YOU VERY MUCH!

We also want to thank our co-workers from Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS) headed by Bro. Daniel Roca, their president, who came with the Campbells to visit us. “What a partnership”, as remarked by Bro. Phil. May this close bonding between ABS and PBS remain, or, become closer even.

Our first campus day was June 29, a day for everyone to clean the buildings and the campuses. The seven organized Care Groups with one faculty in-charge each really worked hard for very clean ABS campuses. Dear seminarians, maintain that!

Meanwhile, the ABS administrator, Mr. Esmelito L. Acson, went to the U.S. to attend the Filipino and American Christian Convention (two conventions in one: the Northern American Christian Convention Filipino-American Christian Convention). He is with Bro. Noel Daquioag, one of the Board of Trustees of the PMCC-ABS, and Bro. Daniel Roca of PBS. Share us you blessings from the convention!

Our greatest concern, which we always pray for, is the continuance of the construction of the new building. We keep praying that the Lord will suffice our initial resources that we may be able to resume the construction.

Thank you, brethren, for your love and continued support to Aparri Bible Seminary.

In Him,

Officer In-Charge

Year 2010 – 2011 Staff and Students

*Some students had not yet arrived when these pictures were taken.

NEWS REPORT :: June-July 2009

Dear Brethren,

We rejoice in the Lord with grateful hearts to let you know our new school year, 2009-2010.

We had our opening of classes last June 8, 2009. We had prayed to the Lord to send more male students because of the need of more preachers. The Lord answered our request! He sent 46 boys and 14 girls, totaling to 60 students in all. Praise the Lord!

The flow of classes went on smoothly. The six (6) full time and one part time teachers are continuing to teach. Our students are not only blessed with their classes in the seminary but also with related skills development trainings conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), one of the linkages of the seminary. It is the desire and objective of the seminary to provide for would-be preachers and teachers of the Word a well-rounded and comprehensive education for them to become more effective, efficient and committed in the service; hence, it’s making linkages with entities and institutions that could provide related and needed skills for seminary students.

Meanwhile, the Faith Promise Rally of the Seminary is going on. We have been blessed so much from the campaign messages of speakers – Bro. Alex Agresor (Hardwork), Bro. Arnel Peneyra (Investment), Bro. Rodolfo Alvarez Jr. (Savings), Bro. Ryan Paul Torino (Give), and Bro. Perry Alan (Contentment). All of these make up the theme, “The Five Steps to Prosperity.” What an enrichment we received from those blessings!

Our thirty (30) first year students are very busy preparing for their Talent Night presentation. They will display their God-given talents and, perhaps, some will discover hidden talents they have. It is such an opportunity for their talents to be developed! May those talents be used for Him, dear students.

We’re looking forward to the ABS Alumni Homecoming on August 21.  Everyone is excited to come. One of our main concerns now is the venue for the homecoming. The initial structure that has been erected in the ABS’ new building project is not fully finished yet, though it’s now being prepared for painting to be used for the occasion. Help us pray that there will be good weather so that we can at least use meantime even without windows and door panels yet. This is our main concern and prayers now because rainy season is approaching. The finished structure has to be secured with such windows and doors for us to be able to use. Please help us pray for this brethren.

Thank you again for your continued support to the ABS. Please continue to pray for the ministry of ABS as we continue to pray for all of you…

In His service,


NEWS REPORT :: June 2008

Dear Brethren,

We always thank the Lord for His continued provision and guidance to all of us.

Classes in the Seminary are in full swing. The Lord sent sixty seven (67) students – 14 part time and 53 full time. Thirty (30) of them are new students and the remaining thirty seven (37) are old ones. We give God all the glory for this enrolment!

School preparation was quite arduous for we’d been conducting enrolment while evacuating our things from our old office due to the demolition activity in preparation for the construction of the ABS’ new building. We did this for two weeks.

At present, we are using the Mission House II (Lloyd Selby’s former residence) as our temporary office. Demolition began on the very first day of July. How excited and happy are we thinking that soon will rise a new ABS building! Engr. Lorenzo Solis, a BOT member, leads and directs the construction. The structural plan was designed by Architect Rogelio Cayaban, an elder of Cauayan Church. To both of you, ABS is grateful. Praise the Lord for you!

What is more, a great opportunity is given to the ABS’ Administrator, Bro. Esmeltio L. Acson. He is now in Hawaii attending the Filipino-American Christian Convention (FACC) on July 2-4, 2008. What an opportunity for him to be at the convention and to meet and fellowship with Christian brethren there to share the ministry of the ABS to them. Dr. Noel P. Daquioag, another member of the Board, also joined him. Aloha to both and to the brethren in Hawaii! Enjoy the convention and bring home good news for ABS.

As demolition and construction go on, we just enjoy doing our other functions and classes at the unaffected old instruction building. Everyone, young and old, is extremely happy for this remarkable project for ABS. Please bear with us in your daily prayers. For years, we’d been dreaming and praying to have a new and better instruction building; now, we are building it, though the present budget is only good for the first span (4 classrooms). The whole project (when completed) costs about PhP 19M; we believe the Lord will bless it. Truly, He provides!

Again, we thank you, brethren, for your love, your support for the operation of the seminary, and your part as we build the new ABS building. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

In His service,



Administrator, ABS

NEWS REPORT :: June 2007

Dear Brethren:

We thank the Lord for bringing us another new school year. With our hands lifted up high we praise Him for His continued blessings.

One of the greatest blessings we received is the number of enrolment this school year. We prayed for 25 new students and the Lord gave us 46. How can we thank the Lord for the 85 students He gave us? All glory and honor belong to Him!

During the first week of classes we had to make adjustments in our classrooms. The library is very small with the number of students we have. We need to open the room adjacent to it in order to widen the library. We then use the Mission House II office as a classroom. This really calls for an immediate construction of a new seminary building.

Because of this great and urgent need, we have decided, with the approval of the PMCC Board of Trustees, to launch the ABS new building on September 29. Just the structure alone, it costs about P12M; however, if complete furnishing is included it may cost P15M, more or less. Practically, we have no enough funds but we can begin very soon. We strongly believe that God will supply our needs. We also know that there are brethren out there ready and willing to support us in this particular undertaking. What then should we do? Let’s move on! Arise and build an ABS new building!

On the second week of classes, we also rejoice for the three students who accepted Jesus as their Lord. The 3 students were baptized by Pastor Perry Alan, Sr. last June 14. What a very great accomplishment for Him!

We have settled in our regular programs. Convocation was held on the first Wednesday, a general orientation followed on June 21 and a special Welcome Fellowship for everyone on June 15. We give all the praise and honor to Him!

We’re now preparing for the Stewardship month, July-August. This is to encourage everyone in giving and sharing for the ministry of the Seminary. We want to thank everyone for the continued support and those who visited us, we say thank you for coming to see us in the Seminary.

God bless all of you!..
In Him,

Administrative Officer, ABS


Administrator, ABS