NEWS REPORT :: January- March 2018

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January 2018

Praise God for bringing us  into  the  new  year  2018.

After  enjoying  the  Christmas  break,   our students came  back  for  the  second  semester. Two new students were added namely: Paolo Calucag from Tuguegarao City and Jay Mar Macasibang from Toran, Aparri.

Not  long  after  the  resumption of classes,  the  members  of  the  Forensic Literary Society (FLS) and Rhetorical  Literary  Society (RLS) merged as one group.  With the supervision of their advisers, Mr. Jhonnyfer U. Rufo for RLS and Miss Harmony S. Gascon for RLS,  they  went  on  with  their   nightly practice for their society night presentation slated  on February 15, 2018.

We  are  grateful  for  the  opportunity  given  to  three  of  our  students:  Elmer A. Acosta,   Mark Anthony Cabanilla  and   Mark Maribbay,  to  conduct  campus  ministry  at    Camalaniugan  National  High  School  Annex  at   Catotoran, Camalaniugan.  They  had  been  tapped   to  handle   Values Education   classes  to  the  students.  Thanks to Mr. Renon C. Daguro, Officer-in- Charge,  for giving   them   the  slots  every Tuesday and Wednesday. Thumbs up for these three young blood good guys used by God in shaping the lives of the students. God smiles at you. Continue the good works. Great is your reward on high.

January 19

We  also  praise   God  for  giving  some of our students   the  privilege  of  availing scholarship  from  the  Cagayan  Provincial Government. Many  thanks to  Mrs.  Aurelia  U.  Bosito  who became  instrumental   in coordinating with the provincial   government.  Praise  God   for  working   even  in   unexpected  ways

January 27

To other people whom God is using in so many ways, please accept our deepest gratitude.  God bless you.

To our sponsors and supporters, please continue to share your blessings. God bless you  all.

February 2018

February 15 – Joint FLS and RLS Society Night – Joint FLS/RLS Society Night

This is the first time to happen in the history  of  the  Aparri  Bible  Seminary with the theme “WHO AM I?”. The whole studentry participated.

What an amazing display of their various talents. Catching audience attention was the outstanding acting ability  of  Christian Nidoy. Of course with all the support of the other cast characters. We  praise  the  Lord  for  the  leadership  and   wisdom of Jay-ar Apao and Josephus Emmanuel Somera who directed the program. They were able to relate the issue  with the trending lifestyle of the youth today. They are no longer  mindful on the eroded values of life and caring  about the existence of  God. They just spend their life according to the standard of the world. At the end of the story, the question of “WHO AM I” was answered and everybody came to realize that after all they are all children of God.

February 24 – ABS welcomes Sir Mike Burns

Bro. Mike P. Burns from Chicago, Illinois,   a  member  of  the   PMCCNLI  Board  of  Trustees,  arrived  from  the  USA.  His commitment to Aparri Bible Seminary is beyond measure.

Throughout  his  visit,  he  made  himself  available  for  the  promotion  of  the  Seminary  and  the   Selby  Memorial  Hospital.

March 2018

March 2 – Voice Recital

After  months  of  Voice  lesson  coaching  from  Ma’am  Grace  Alvarez,   the  ABS Freshmen   took   the  stage  to  display   their  musical  talents.  The  night  seemed    like   a  “The  Voice”   episode,  the  all  who  attended  expressed  elation  and  appreciation.

Praise  God  for  the success of the     program.

March 10 – 2nd PMCCNLI General Assembly

The   PMCCNLI   2nd  General  Assembly ,  which  had  been  planned  as early  as December,  pushed through  on  March  10,  2018.


March 16 – 20th Foundation Anniversary


The 20th Foundation   Anniversary  of  the Charles W. Selby Memorial Hospital, Inc. (CWSMHI) held a double celebrations.  In  the  morning,   the  hospital  celebrated  the retirement of Mr. Benjamin Dugay, Sr.   as President of the BOT.  In  his  place  will  be  Mr. Rogelio  F. Tenorio.    In the  evening   the  celebration  of  the  hospital  foundation was held. With Bro. Joey Bosito being their Guest Speaker. Gracing the occasion  was  the  presence  of  Jim  and  Karla  McElroy,  together with    Mr. Bill Warren, the  director  of  FAME  (USA). The first salvo of the  event was a motorcade around the town in the morning participated by the ABS employees and the students followed by the program proper. What a joy to  celebrate together,  which  is  a  picture of an harmonious relationship.

March 22—Commencement Program and 3rd Moving Up Ceremony

The 60th Commencement Program and the “3rd Moving Up” ceremony of the ABS Kindergarten. Fifty (54) pupils, comprising of 21 boys and 33 girls has completed the course for the school year ready for promotion to Grade school.  The theme “Mag-aaral ng K-12: Handa na sa Hamon ng Buhay” for this school year was expounded by Ptr. Rogelio V. Sinoto, ABS Administrator.

March 21-23

Part of the  requirement  in   their  Music class under Ms. Grace L. Alvarez is the Piano Recital which is likened to the “Music Hero.” It  was participated  in  by the seventeen (17) students with their individual pieces.  Although  some  showed  feeling  of  nervousness,  we  believe   it  was   a   good   start.

One  of  our  very  promising  first  year  students –  Jay-ar   S.  Apao,  had  been  offered  by  BOMBO  Radio  Station  Management  for  a  two-year  scholarship  in  Mass  Communication/Broadcasting  in  Manila. It gave  him many  sleepless nights  to make  a   final decision. Finally,  with  lots  of  prayers, he chose to stay and  continue his  studies  in the Seminary. We  praise  the  Lord, and  we  greatly  commend  you,  Jay-ar, for  a  bold  decision  you  made  in  choosing  to  prepare  yourself   to be  a  broadcaster of the Word of God. May  God  continue  to  bless  you!

With warm regards,


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year (2015-2016)

Dear Brethren:

We bring you our warmest greetings this Yuletide season!

Thank you so much for your patronage and continuing support to the Aparri Bible Seminary. Your faithful partnership, prayers, and service here have kept the ministry fulfill its mission of spreading the Gospel to the lost souls through the competent and dedicated teachers and preachers it continually produces.

We fervently pray that our generous God may continue to pour His abundant blessings on you; that He would give you better health and strength, deeper and more dynamic faith, real peace and joy.

Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!

Bro. Esmelito L. Acson & ABS Family

NEWS REPORT :: January – March 2013

Dear Brethren:

Christian greetings to everyone!

Despite the busy schedules we have we don’t want to miss the opportunity of letting you know what’s going on with Aparri Bible Seminary.


Back to school after the two-week Christmas break. From the hectic schedules of practices for the Christmas Concert, we needed to go back to our classes. Just after two weeks when we came in January 5 we had our mid-term examinations. Simultaneously, we were busy preparing for the Inter-Seminary Fellowship for February. Members of the Rhetorical Literary Society (RLS) also are preparing for their night. Students are starting to work on their Piano and Voice Recitals.


As we approached the month of February, we needed to have extra time for classes in order to replace the class days we’ll be missing during the three-day Inter-Seminary Fellowship in Baguio.

The RLS students presented their program last February 14. Superb! They have displayed varied talents with splendid presentations. All for the glory of God – Rhetoricians, may those gifts from the Lord be used for Him.

On February 20-23 was the Inter-Seminary Fellowship hosted by Philippine College of Ministry (PCM). This program is an annual activity of the three seminaries – Philippine College of Ministry (Baguio), Philippine Bible Seminary (Vigan), and Aparri Bible Seminary (Aparri).

Students as well as faculty joining were all blessed. Talents are developed and displayed, their camaraderie is deepened and their leadership abilities are strengthened. Hurray to the seminaries! We’re not to compete but to complement with each other. Praise the Lord!

When we came home we were ready for the Piano Recital on February 25. There were thirty-one recitalists. May those students continue to learn in their playing the piano. 


This is one of the busiest months of the year because of the closing activities. The Piano Recital was followed by a Voice Recital on March. Because of the many recitalists, we needed to have another recital on Piano and Voice on March 8. How amazing to see a great number of students serving the Lord through their talents in singing and playing the piano!

After the final exams on March 6-7, came the Candidates’ Banquet on March 12. Bro. Joffrey Barba was the speaker on the theme “Set Apart for Service.” Twenty-one students joined the banquet.

Conference on Evangelism was on March 14-15. Bros. William Falla and Samson Lubag were speakers on this conference. There were around two hundred attendees.

Please find below the list of Graduates:

Master of Arts in Ministry Associate in Christian Educ.
Agresor, Alejandro A. Alvaro, Czarinah Mae B.
Pagaduan, Eduardo G Baguana, Ave B.
Baysa, Marineth A.
Bachelor of Theology Bello, Ruthmel D.
Lista, Jhone Ruel C. Cacal, Jinky A.
Tumamao, Michael C. Collado, Krissel Anne P.
Diagan, Noemi S.
Bachelor of Christian Education Francisco, Arghie B.
Alupay, Wendelle S. Garcia, Pamela D.
Malto, Jhony V. Lumabi, Gliezelyn D.
Medina, Ferdimarc S. Ragojos, Cris John F.
Associate in Church Music Ramos, Valerian Warren F.
Alvarez, Gracielle Anne L. Singson, Leda Clarizze S.
Apil, Joanna Joy A. Viterbo, Billy Joe D.
Carvajal, Jince B.
Gascon, Harmony S.  Ministerial Certificate
Valle, Febe R.  Antolin, Albert A.
Valle, Raquel E.

Bro. William Falla was the guest speaker who challenged the graduates for “A Ready Harvest.” Congratulations to all the graduates.

On the other hand, finishing of the boys dormitory is being rushed for students to be able to use it comes school opening on June 3. Its inauguration will be on June 10 at 2:00 p.m., God willing. We’re inviting all the Churches of Christ/Christian Churches in Cagayan Valley, through their leaders/representatives; even members to witness and join us in this significant event. To all supporters of this project, both local and abroad, especially Bro. Phil Campbell and his family, thank you so much for your love and generosity. He and his company will join us on June 10 to spearhead the inauguration of the facility.

May our good Lord continue to bless your lives abundantly.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: December – January 2012

Dear Brethren:

A blessed new year to all!

We ended 2011 with thankful hearts because the Lord made it possible for us to finish our programs victoriously. Praise the Lord!

The concert choir presented the Christmas Cantata on December 11. All the students of ABS performed at Aparri church, graced by their aqua long sleeve for men and aqua dresses for ladies. Their “Searching for the King” theme was brought to different churches in the region. They had splendid performances on songs, interspersed with two different plays – old and modern ones. Once again, another opportunity for our students to display their talents.

To our sponsors-churches and individual brethren, thank you very much for your continued support. We pray that the Lord will bless you more abundantly.

As we entered 2012 after the Christmas season, we welcomed everyone into the new year. This includes the presence of brethren from USA – Bro. Mike Burns, Ma’am Daisy Cajigal, Heidi Miele (Mike’s sister), Heather Merchut (Heidi’s daughter), and Barbara Burns (Mike’s sister-in-law). They came to the Philippines particularly to visit Aparri Bible Seminary, which they’re supporting. We just hope they were inspired and encouraged by what they have seen at the seminary. Thank you very much for coming over to see us. Please give room for ABS in your hearts, Ma’am Heidi, Ma’am Barb and Heather.

The team, spearheaded by Ma’am Daisy Aguas Cajigal, also conducted a Health Screening program for the indigents. Faculty and staff, as well as some brethren in the medical profession like Dr. Susan Daquioag and Dr. Belinda Deñola, and some nursing graduates and students came to help. Thank you for your services. To God be the glory.

There were at least two hundred indigents who benefited from the health screening program. They were so happy for each of them also received gift packs of grocery items. We hope such type of program will be repeated anew.

Our visitors left Aparri on January 14 and visited Philippine Bible Seminary (Vigan); then, Baguio, after that, they immediately went to Davao. They left Manila for the USA on January 21. It was rejuvenating on their part leaving their work for sometime. Please visit us again.

To the rest of our benefactors, we thank you for your continued support. We’re now enjoying our stay in the new building but continuing to pray that the last phase of the project be finished very soon.

God bless you all.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: January – February 2011

Dear Brethren:

We’re so excited to share you about the seminary on the first two months of the year.

We were back to our classes after the yuletide season. As we kept ourselves busy in our classes, coping our last class days due to practices of the Christmas musical concert last December, the music department has started organizing and preparing for the recital – both piano and voice. Hurry up students, practice very well for a very good recital for the glory of God.

On the other hand, one important highlight on this beginning of year was the reconveyance of the properties and facilities at Lallo, Cagayan, on January 20, by Christians Haven, Inc. (CHI) and its assignee Cornerstone Christians Home, Inc. (CCHI) to the PMCCNLl. CHI decided to dose its operation in northern Philippines (on December 2010) and concentrated in the south. The orphanage, (with the facilities and properties it occupies), was one of the decentralized ministries of the PMCCNLl before its missionary, Bro. Lloyd Selby, finally stopped and decided to go back to the U.S. mid of 2004.

For now, the properties and facilities in Lallo are vacated and are open for interested and capable entities within the brotherhood, foreign or local, to operate a Christian ministry that builds glory and advances the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Likewise, we’re really excited to see the on-going construction of the third phase of the building. On the last week of January, the ground floor had been concreted already. We’re just praying and hoping for the Lord to provide the needed funds to finish the project. Despite the occasional rains the construction continues.

Meanwhile, our students attended the Inter-Seminary Fellowship participated in by three seminaries – Aparri Bible Seminary (ABS), Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS) and Philippine College of Ministry (PMC). It was held in Vigan City on February 21-23, hosted by PBS. Twenty-seven students attended accompanied by five of the staff. It was such a week full of experiences with other seminarians –wishing together through songs, feasting with the Word through messages, fun with ball and parlor games. This Inter-Seminary Fellowship was initiated by students (not the faculty) six years ago. This is a sign that students from the seminary can be trained to be good leaders. Keep up what you’ve started, seminarians!

When we came back, the concreting of the second floor of the new building was ready. So, for two days, from February 24-25, around sixty (60) men, including ABS staff, students and brethren from various congregations, worked hard to complete the concreting. Hurry! Come and visit ABS! The second floor is all done! Praise and thank the Lord!

Please pray with us and for us. We still need Php 5 million to finish the new ABS building.

God bless all of you.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: January – February 2010

Dear Brethren:

Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name!

After the very hectic schedule we had last December, we went back to school, even busier in our classes. There was only two and a half months left before the end of the school year. Faculty needs to finish their class syllabus and students need to finish requirements – outside reading reports and research. Everyone must keep busy for the Lord!

Our new building has been occupied by classes only it was so cold last January that we needed to use the old building classrooms. Nevertheless, we keep praying that the windows be installed very soon. We believe this and we thank you Lord, for providing. Bless the lives of people who made commitments for windows.

As we approach the end of the school year students kept busy also for the closing activities. The Forensic Literary Society (FLS) with Sir Alex Agresor, their adviser, had their annual Talent Night last February 5. Everyone enjoyed and was entertained, not only the parts but also the lessons from their theme, “Reaching for You.” What a splendid program! Hurray Forensians! Job well done, use your talents only for His glory.

We also had to prepare for the Inter-Seminary Fellowship (PCM-PBS-ABS). It was held at Philippine College of Ministry in February 17-19. There were 35 students who attended. Some faculty members accompanied them including our two benefactors – Bro. Mike Burns and Sis. Daisy Cajigal. There were lots of experiences our students had. They really had close bonding with other seminarians. We also had fellowship with other staff if PBS and PCM. Truly, how good and pleasant it is when brothers work in unity! Together we stand, divided we fall!

Now, we look forward to the Voice and Piano Recital of music students. Ma’am Grace Alvarez and Ma’am Marlyn Racho are both very busy preparing for these. We need to move the piano (the only available for use) from the old building to the new ABS Hall. How we pray that this old piano be replaced with a new one.

Lastly, there are two things we’re so thankful for – the arrival of the eight boxes of computers from the States, donated by brethren through the instrumentality of Bros. David and Andrew Powell, Mike Burns and Sis. Daisy Cajigal. They’re ready for installation at the new Computer Laboratory. We’re so grateful for the presence of Bro. Mike to help. Also, how grateful we’re that the windows of the new building are being installed. The Hall shall be ready for the closing activities of the seminary.

We’re really blessed and we keep on praying that the Lord will continue to bless all of your for your support to ABS.

In Him,



Administrator, ABS

NEWS REPORT :: January – February 2009

Dear Brethren:

Greetings to all of you, faithful workers of the Lord!

After the Christmas break we went back to our classes, so busy to cope up with all the lessons missed during the practices. Along with this, we also had to make plans for upcoming activities.

The Rhetorical Literary Society (RLS) started their preparations for their annual night with the joint effort of all members, the good influence of their officers and the continuous support of their critic, Mrs. Marlyn Racho. They presented a very splendid program with their theme, “People Need the Lord.” Superb program, Rhetoricians! Keep on for the Lord really needs you!

First week of February, Bro. Michael Burns and Sis. Daisy Aguas Cajigal of Cornerstone Christian Church in Illinois, US, arrived for a 3-week visitation to the country, particularly to the Aparri Bible Seminary. They (and their whole congregation) are supporters of the ABS ministry. They brought with them Bro. Larry Ferguson, and his wife Cathy, who conducted Church Encouragement Services Seminar on February 3-4. It was such a blessing to the brethren in Cagayan Valley. The 2-day seminar was attended by not less than 150 leaders and workers of the Churches of Christ in Cagayan Valley who represented at least 35 churches.

As the seminar participants were leaving, the delegates of the Inter-seminary Fellowship were coming too. This fellowship hosted by ABS started the following day, February 5, and ended on the 7th. Participating seminaries were the Philippine College of Ministry (PCM) in Baguio, the Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS) in Vigan and, of course, the Aparri Bible Seminary (ABS).

A warm welcome was given by the ABS students to the PCM delegates as they arrived at about 2:00 a.m. of February 5; then, came the PBS around 10 a.m. There was an atmosphere of joy and merriment at ABS when the delegates came. How good and pleasant to see two of our sister seminaries.

The program was designed to strengthen the bonding of the three seminaries. The theme was “Breaking the Walls” (of Pride, Bitterness and Indifference) and Building the Bridges (of Humility, Forgiveness and Care).

All the students were grouped heterogeneously; not according to school. We found it very fitting with their theme. They have enjoyed a lot and learned so much from their theme. They were grouped not just for competition but for closer bonding with one another. Praise the Lord!

We continue to plan and pray for the closing activities – Voice and Piano Recital, the final examinations, the Candidates’ Banquet, the Conference on Evangelism, the Commencement Exercises, the ABS Alumni meeting, and the VBS Clinic.

Brethren, please pray with us as we look forward to these activities.

Again, thank you for your continued support. May God continue to bless you richly.

In Him,




NEWS REPORT :: January 2008

Dear Brethren,

A blessed new year to everyone!

It’s with deep gratitude to the Lord that we praise Him so much because He really has been sustaining us.

After a very hectic schedule of the choir last December, we still had the post Christmas concert last January 4-6 at Minanga and Battalan respectively and a second presentation here at Aparri. The choir had 23 presentations in all. We know many people were blessed through this concert. We were also blessed with the opportunity of going to places especially our students. Praise His mighty name!

Students came back to the Seminary last January 6. We resumed classes catching again for the coming mid-term examinations on January 15-17. In addition to this, we’re continuing to prepare for the closing activities – FLS Day, Piano and Voice Recital, Candidates’ Banquet, Conference on Evangelism, and Commencement Exercises.

Teachers are finishing their class syllabus while students get very busy in their requirements too. Everyone gets busy for the Lord!
Students who expect to graduate are really striving very hard – burning their candles at night, wise use of their time and completion of many requirements.

We’re continuing to pray for the purchase of a school service vehicle. We are really in need of it and so we keep praying that the Lord will provide.

Brethren, please continue to pray with us and for us as we seek the Lord’s blessing for this specific need of ours. Also include our plan of starting the new ABS building comes second quarter. This quarter’s weather is not so favorable for us to start with the construction, as yet.

Our students are eagerly expecting to attend the Inter-Seminary Fellowship of ABS, PCM, and PBS at Vigan City on February 22. May this activity strengthen the bonding of all seminarians. Mabuhay!

We want to thank everyone who continues to pray and supports the Seminary. Thank you for your love.

God bless you…

In Him,

Administrator, ABS

NEWS REPORT :: January 2007

Dear Brethren:

We don’t cease to give thanks for you, mentioning you in all our prayers. We praise the Lord for all of you, brethren!

Likewise, we don’t get tired of continuing the ministry of the Aparri Bible Aparri. We have seen how the Lord is working through you so that His ministry moves on.

Our students are very busy making and submitting requirements in their classes. They had their mid-semester examinations last January 17-19, 2007.

At this point, the Rhetoricians are very busy preparing for their Rhetorical Literary Society (RLS) Day. We see a good spirit among the members as they work together to put up their RLS night on February 16, 2007. In here, they develop their leadership abilities as well as their talents. We know many talents shall be displayed again. May they be used for God’s glory. Keep on, Rhetoricians!

The Voice and Music Recital on February 23, 2007 is another program we’re looking forward to. Ma’am Grace Alvarez and Ma’am Marlyn Racho are now working with students involved. Recitalists, be sure you have an excellent performance. You can surely use those talents in your teaching-preaching areas.

In less than two months, we’ll be having our closing activities. We’re taking plans for all of these – “Banquet, Conference on Evangelism, Graduation and our summer activities. Let’s not get tired and weary for there are many things to be done for Him.

Finally, the ABS Boy’s Dorm Kitchen is finished. We expect it should be taken cared very well by the occupants.

Again, we thank all of those who have a part in the building of this kitchen. May God bless you all!

We also want to congratulate Bro. Nervie B. Ternura, one of our faculty, and his wife Melanie for their baby boy. Baby boy Ternura was born last January 16. A warm welcome from ABS family, Nervie Jr. May your tribe increase!

The Seminary is actively participating in the preparation of the Tri-Regional Convention on April 20-22. Almost all faculty and staff are involved in the planning. Right now, the promotion team is going around. Bro. Perry Alan, the Convention President, heads up the committee. Bro. Esmelito Acson and Bro. Marion Peneyra join him in the tours for promotion. Let’s all pray for a successful convention.

Please keep in touch with us. If you extend your support to the ministry please don’t forget to inform us thru e-mail so we could acknowledge you promptly. Thank you for your love to the Seminary – your support especially.

God bless you!

In His service,


Administrator, ABS