A Working Tour of Seminaries in Luzon – School History


ABS was a Christian Bible Institute founded by Faustino Peneyra in the early 1940’s and upgraded to a Bible Seminary in 1952 by him and the missionaries Charles and Roberta Selby that he helped bring from Fairfield, NE.  In their 50 years of service, the Selbys also helped build Christian ministries of a local hospital, an orphanage, 3 high schools, a radio ministry (now CARM) and a Christian press, and whose evangelistic outreach resulted in the rapid increase of churches to around 200 (wow).  After Charles and Roberta retired in 1996 to Fairfield, and Charles subsequently died in 2004, ABS lost its funding and its doors were temporarily closed.  The dedicated staff and local supporters led by Linda Columna refused to give up in the face of its near financial collapse, but continued to make incredible personal and financial sacrifices, running ABS without any financial compensation for several months.  ABS under the new Philippine Mission Churches of Christ of Northern Luzon, Inc. (PMCC) is yet financially struggling.  Its old termite-laden buildings need to be torn down.  The good news is that a brand new 2-story L-shaped building has been started, with the first 2 double-sized rooms (1 on each level) completed, sans enclosing windows & finishing touches.  See the recently renovated AparriBible.org for cool pix including recent views of the second phase bldg. progress; may our Lord bless these efforts with success!  Work has been temporarily suspended, while they are soliciting more donations.

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