NEWS REPORT :: August – October 2017


To our beloved brethren:

Greetings to all of you from ABS – PMCC, Aparri!


The usual June opening of classes was moved to August 07 due to unexpected event. Before the opening, an Orientation and Spiritual Retreat was held with the theme “MOVING FORWARD”. Ptr. Rogelio Sinoto retraced the Israelites’ march from slavery to their Promised Land. Ptr. Rogelio F. Tenorio, lectured to the new ABS leadership and personnel, while Ptrs. Arjay del Rosario and Joseph B. Sy concentrated on the students.

At night, Ptr. Domingo D. Tallud, resident minister of Church of Christ , Tuguegarao City, continued to expound the theme. An inspiring and challenging message. Culminating the activity was the re-dedication of the ABS and the recommitment of the new leadership, teachers and students led by Arjay del Rosario. Thanks a lot for all who had been used by God inspiring us for a new beginning of ABS.

August 07, 2017 – OPENING OF CLASSES

There were thirty (30) students: twenty three (23) are freshmen, with four (4) part-time among them, and seven (7) old students. Also the entry of four (4) new teaching staff. We are so glad for a wonderful start. To God be the glory!

August 23, 2017 – THE FIRST FRUITS

On the third chapel service, six (6) new students accepted the Lord, and were baptized at the Aparri Church chapel on August 25, 2017. How joyful it is for the bountiful harvest, as we are just starting. God truly is at work. He is the one who gives the increase!

September 22, 2017 – Presentation of Freshmen’s Talent Night – 2017

What an amazing and impressive performance displayed by the nineteen (19) students (except the part-time). A big batch, with so much talent from the Lord. Congratulations to Emmanuel Josephus Somera, the elected Class Chairman, who directed their presentation. We have asked for them and God provided them. All
glory to the Lord!

After the program, a memorial tribute, was given in honor of Ma’am Daisy Aguas – Cajigal. “With deep gratitude for your much needed support during a difficult time, you have helped us beyond measure.” To you, and to the whole family, thank you very much. We know that your labor is not in vain.

October 06, 2017

After two months of school activities culminated by the Mid – Term exams, the students were treated to Ein Gedi (Acebedo) Resort in Ballesteros, Cagayan. After the devotional service led by Mr. Federico Bueno, they enjoyed relaxing their minds and physical bodies playing in the pool. We believe that such activity helps develop a closer bonding with one another. Thanks to Ptr. Fortune Savellano for the coordination.

October 16 – 20 – SECOND CROP FOR THE LORD

A team of six (6) students was sent to Northern Isabela Academy, Calinaoan, Sto. Tomas, Isabela for the Religious Emphasis Week with the theme “Let Faith Arise”. Mr. Nick Ulrich and Ms. Grace L. Alvarez were the team leaders. The group led worship services, went room to room sharing the Word and teaching some praise songs. Ptrs. Rogelio V. Sinoto, the new Administrator, Patricio Bagayao, Jefferson Marquez and Jomar Bartolome, delivered the messages of God.

At the end of the activity, sixty one (61) souls accepted the Lord, and were baptized. What a big harvest, a second crop for the school year! Heaven must be rejoicing with shouts their praise. Thanks to the leadership of the NIA for inviting the ABS team. We consider it a joy to be partnering with you in serving the Lord.

October 27, 2017

Our heartfelt thanks to the Administration of Charles W. Selby Memorial Hospital (CWSMH) and the Board of Trustees. Hazel Bacuyag Banada, the hospital chief nurse, her companions, Daryll Renz Sapp and G-nnel Lorenz Delector, conducted a free half- day lecture, with free snacks, about Health and Hazard Safety Training Course, all as preventive and precautionary measures for one’s health.

It is so good to be able to work together, after years of severed relationship between the two (2) institutions started by the couple Charles and Roberta Selby. All glory and honor to the Lord who has given us the opportunity of serving Him.

All these are what God is doing in this part of the globe, through the Aparri Bible Seminary. Thank you very much for being a part of this ministry. “God is not unjust; He will not forget your work and the love you have shown Him as you have helped His people and continue to help them” (Heb. 6:10). God bless you all, brethren.

Yours in His service,
OIC Administrator



NEWS REPORT :: July – September 2014

Dear Brethren:

May the peace of Christ be upon all of you as you continue serving Him faithfully.

While classes in the seminary were in full swing so also with finishing of the new Girls’ Dormitory. Everyone is excited to see the building already finished. We all continue to pray for the completion.


The Freshmen kept themselves very busy for their Talent Night, a program to discover and display their God-given talents. Mrs. Marlyn Racho spent so much time in the preparation of their program.

The said program was presented last July 25. It was much a splendid program. All the nineteen Freshmen participated actively. Congratulations to all of you! Thumbs up for you and Koby Kesler Peneyra, their president. May all of your talents be used for the glory of God.


ABS was very excited too for the 4th Grand Alumni Homecoming slated August 21-22. We all have to make preparations. ABS graduates Batch 1990-2000 headed the preparations. Bro. Fernando M. Ulep, Jr. was the president of their batch. With gratefulness and appreciation to this batch, we salute you for a job well done. All glory to Him!

The one hundred fifty (150) alumni attended the homecoming with much joy. One can see expressions of nostalgia, the feeling of longing to see acquaintances after two to three years. There was merriment in the campus.

“Exalting Christ” was the theme of the gathering. It was expounded by Pastor Victor Serquiña, an ABS alumnus and the resident minister of Baligatan Church of Christ, Ilagan City. What an edifying message he has brought to all. It was reinforced by the life testimonies of Pastor Antonio Columna and Dr. Abraham Flores of San Mateo, Isabela. Aside from these three was an overnight fellowship hosted by the host batch. It was such an invigorating, refreshing and strengthening get-together. ABSAA elected new sets of officers. Bro. Fernando Ulep, Jr. is the new President-elect. Congratulations! You really proved to be President in your hosting.

The highlight was the inauguration of the new Girls’ Dormitory. Bro. Daniel Rayray Roca of Philippine Bible Seminary (representing Bro. Phil Campbell) cut the ribbon in which Pastor Quirino Galolo offered the special prayer. Some members of the Board of Trustees of the PMCCNLI were also present. May this be a place where love, joy, and peace reign. Glory be to God!


Before the ladies will move to this new abode, cabinets, beds and cupboards are being rushed for use. The girls are so excited to transfer now – at least we can promote and encourage more students to come to the ABS. They now have a better place to stay. Thank you, dear Lord!

Meanwhile, the ABS Kindergarten will soon move to the main building leaving their rooms from the Aparri Church compound. There are many things to prepare yet that we still need to complete before the second semester – 2 restrooms and electric fans (or aircon, much better for the kids) for the 2 rooms, playground and recreational facilities, canteen, higher perimeter fence, customized electrical layout, and waiting area for parents.

Please pray with us that these immediate needs be met very soon. To our brethren, please don’t get tired in sending your support to the ministry of ABS. Thank you and may God bless more.

In His Service,


NEWS REPORT :: June – September 2013

Dear Brethren:

We’re settled for school year 2013-2014. We have prayed earnestly that the Lord should give us eighty (80) students and He gave us eighty-eight (88). However, eighty-four (84) remained for the rest of the semester. We want to update you of the Seminary.


We started classes on June 3, 2013. It was such a blessing to see eighty-four (84) students in the first day of school. Much more, we had guests from the United States, Bro. Phil Campbell and company. It was this day when the Men’s Dormitory was inaugurated. Bro Phil did cut the ribbon and gave the message. We’re also grateful for the presence of brethren from Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS) – Bro. Daniel Roca and Architect Abel Navarro – may this building be used for His glory! Cheer up, boys, for your new abode!


As an annual program of ABS, we started our Stewardship Campaign for July. It has been observed that this program has been progressing. It really helped everyone grow in their giving and a very good lesson for all Freshmen.

Likewise, the Freshmen, forty (40) of them, had their new students Talent Night last July 21. Another very splendid program! Many varied talents were displayed and discovered. They are all useful if used for Him. To all the organizers, mabuhay!


Another month of celebration for ABS! We celebrated the ABS Day (commemoration on ABS turn-over to an entirely new leadership). The celebration was a simple one yet it was full of fun. The eight (8) Care Groups had different contests – solo, duet, chorus, and skit. Winners received prizes. Everyone enjoyed the day culminated with a worship service in the evening. All glory to Him!

On the last week of August was the Deeper Life Week – the most awaited week of the semester. Everyone – students as well as staff is excited as we prepared for this. It was a whole week spiritual deepening and strengthening activity. We listened to a series of messages reflecting the general theme “CONVINCED,” which were delivered by various speakers. The program was culminated with an outing at the Green Star Resort at Camalaniugan, Cagayan. It was truly refreshing, enriching, and challenging undertaking. Praise the Lord for another successful Deeper Life Week.


As we come to an end of the semester, we keep praying for the Rhetorical Literary Society program. They presented their RLS Night last September 27. It really was a night of fun, laughter and very uplifting and invigorating. Another excellent program as a result of the leadership and unity of all RLS members. Their maroon T-shirt added color to their program. Rhetoricians, Hurray!

Consequently, we keep praying for the concerns of the seminary. Right now, the boys enjoy their stay in their new dorm, while the girls really need a place to stay. Some of them temporarily stay at the old (condemned) mission house; we’re remedying a place for them to be transferred because the government had ordered the seminary management to immediately vacate, close and cordon the area because it’s already ruinous. It had to be demolished the soonest.

On the other hand, the Mission House on the third floor of the main building is coming to its completion. Again, we’re praying for the Lord to provide for a new and more spacious dormitory for the girls as students continue to increase each year. Please pray with us as we trust God’s mercy to accomplish and meet these needs of the ministry.

Thank you again.

In His Service,


NEWS REPORT :: August – October 2012

Dear Brethren:

We continue to lift up everyone of you who is faithfully serving Him, our faithful and true God.

Time passes by so quickly that we are about to finish the first eight weeks of schooling, which means mid-semestral examination is approaching. It is scheduled on August 9-10.

The Freshmen had their New Students’ Talent night last August 3. We have been very blessed, entertained and encouraged with the program presented. We again have varied talented students this school year. All for His glory if they use them for Him. Thumbs up for all the freshmen and Ma’am Marlyn Racho, their adviser. The name of the Lord is really blessed through your talents.

We celebrated a Special day last August 21 – ABS Family Day. We commenced the day with devotion. Following that was a contest on different events wherein our students enjoyed so much. Our eight care groups with their advisers participated in the following: Solo, Duet, Chorus and Skit. In the afternoon, we started the contest with Group Cheering followed by a cook fest – sunny side up and team’s specialty (recipe). It was such a delightful day. Everyone enjoyed with laughers and full of fun. Winners received prizes as compliments.

This activity created a very good atmosphere and brought closer bonding among students as well as faculty members. Congrats to the winners and better luck next time for the losers.

September is another exciting month. The Deeper Life Week was held last September 4-7. This is an annual program wherein everyone is recharged spiritually. We were edified from the theme, “Useful to the Master.” The theme was expounded by Pastor Angelo Larugal. Four other messages like “Useful to the Master by Being Prepared” was delivered by Bro. Kenneth Paul Reyes, “Useful to the Master by Being Prayerful” by Bro. Jefferson Duquez, “Useful to the Master by Being Holy” by Pastor Angelo Larugal, and the last message “Useful to the Master by Being Available” by Bro. Joffrey Barba. We’re thankful and we praise the Lord for the Deeper Life Week – very rejuvenating and uplifting!

We ended the semester with the Forensic Literary Program last October 12. Everyone who watched was fascinated, pleased and entertained. It was a program that all who came were blessed from the splendid and excellent presentations. Forensians, congratulations for a work well done! We give God all the praises.

As we end that semester, we ask you to please continue to pray for the on-going project – the Boys’ Dormitory. Construction continues and we pray that more churches and brethren would bring their support to this ministry project.

Thank you again to all of you.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: July – August 2011

Dear Brethren:

Christian greetings to everyone!

How we rejoice in the Lord for the great things He’s doing to us. We also believe he has been working in you, too.

Our annual program on Stewardship commenced last July 5 and ended July 27. On those four successive Wednesday chapel services four speakers were used by the Lord to challenge everyone – Bros. Federico Bueno, Kenneth Paul Reyes, Angelo Larugal, and Fernando Ulep Jr. All messages given were edifying, encouraging and very uplifting for stewardship. Praise the Lord!

On the last Friday of July was the New Students’ Talent Night. Thirty one (31) students displayed varied amazing talents. The freshmen, headed by their president, Anabel Sison, presented a very excellent program. This shows how united they are through the untiring efforts of Mrs. Marlyn Racho, their adviser. Congratulations, freshmen! Let your talents be developed in the seminary and use them for the Lord!

As we approached the month of August, it kept us very busy promoting the 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming on August 19-20. ABSAA president Solomon Valdez sent out letters to alumni (graduates or not) to attend this significant event. Some ABS staff took time to go around promoting and soliciting support for the occasion. To all of those who in one way or another extended help in cash or in kind – we thank you so much. To those who came and helped prepare the campus, we thank you, too. All of your support contributed much to the success of the homecoming. May God continue to bless you more.

Came the day we’ve been waiting for, the 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming. Some came on Thursday but most came on Friday morning. Old and new acquaintances were present. Delegations from Abra, Ilocos Norte and Ilocos Sur, Quirino, Nueva Vizcaya, Manila, Isabela, Kalinga, Apayao and Cagayan happily exchanged greetings with each other. We saw mixed feelings – so glad to see one another yet sad to know some did not make it. Much more, when they saw the new building – those did never see before, to their amazement there were tears of joy!

After the lunch fellowship was the ABSAA meeting. Everyone in his colorful green homecoming T-shirt was encouraged and challenged to do something to support the ongoing project. Long live ABSAA!

The main program was a very joyous one. The alumni were presented by batch – from 1950 to 2011. Each batch presented a short number, reminiscing their days, displaying their talents, reviving their spirits and recalling their ABS days. What a joyful moment we all had – a time of merriment, fun and fellowship. Bro. Dionisio Bautista gave a powerful message on the theme, “Bring It to Completion” after the special song of the ABS Concert Choir. The program was hosted by Sis. Profetiza Israel Daniel to the 134 alumni who attended. To all of you who came, thank you very much. May your spirits be renewed as you committed to share in the ministry of ABS.

There’s still lot of things to be done for the ongoing project. Give and send your share for the completion of the project – the new ABS building. Praise the Lord for the agreement made by the alumni (who are church leaders and ministers) to initiate/make a simultaneous one-time congregational offering in all the provinces/regions represented on October 30, 2011 for the ABS project. May other concern congregations and generous brethren follow the same so that the last phase of the project may be started and ultimately finished.

ABSAA, bring the project into completion! God bless you all.

In Him,


3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming

The Alumni were invited back to campus for fellowship and to enjoy the competed portions of the new building still in progress.

Grand Homecoming 2011



August 19-22, 2011, @ ABS, Aparri, Cagayan.

Registration Fee – Php300.00.

For more information please contact: ABS management, e-mail:
Tel. No: (078) 888-2897.

NEWS REPORT :: August-September 2009

Dear Brethren,

With stretched arms to heaven, we praise and thank the Lord so much for the joy we have here at ABS.

Everyone was overwhelmed with the Homecoming of Aparri Bible Seminary Alumni last August 21. It was a very great day full of fun and merriment with nostalgia feelings. There were one hundred twenty (120) alumni and forty-seven (47) students who attended. As they came on Friday morning, August 20, they filled the seminary atmosphere with laughters as they’ve seen each other anew after many years – a reminiscence of the past flooded their recollections with warm embraces. What wonderful feelings again! Praise the Lord!

The two-day celebration was really full of mixed feelings – with joy because of the opportunity to have seen each other; with sadness because of the absence of some.

The program was opened with the cutting of ribbon by Mrs. Esperanza Peneyra Aguas, the oldest ABSAA member, one the first four graduates of the seminary and a faithful benefactor of the seminary. A prayer of the simple ceremony was led by Bro. Henry Turda with the group around who sang praises of songs to grace the ceremony. Hurray to our ABS Alma Mater! All for the Lord!

Working for the Lord is really enjoyable. It’s something all of us are experiencing. Nevertheless, at the highest peak of our enjoyment might be intervened with other situations in life.

Following the Alumni Homecoming was the Deeper Life Week which was slated on September 14-18. This is an annual activity of the seminary aimed at renewing and deepening the spiritual lives, as well as promoting the commitment and diligence of everyone to the Lord’s work and calling.

To promote awareness and appreciation to this five-day undertaking, related activities such as poster and slogan making, essay writing, scripture recitation, group discussions, singspiration and series of worship services that expounded the theme: “Becoming An Instrument of God”, had been conducted. Likewise, an off-campus Group-In-Action activity was also held at the Cornerstone Christian Home, a ministry for the orphans at Lallo, Cagayan, and a sister ministry of ABS. Seminary staff and students volunteered to clean the compound of the orphanage and planted coconut trees. We had a very memorable fellowship with the children and entire personnel of the orphanage.

At the retreat that culminated the DPL activity, two students received the Lord Jesus Christ and were subsequently baptized. Praise the Lord!

On the other hand, we were saddened by the passing away of Sir Amador Gamboa Aguas. He’d been serving the PMCC-ABS for a long time and pioneered in the establishment of two Christian high schools in Isabela province – Northern Isabela Academy & Southern Isabela Academy. His family has been a supporter of the ABS ministry. He was ninety four (four) when he went home with the Lord. What a fruitful life Sir Amador has spent. He left Ma’am Esperanza, his wife, four daughters – Daisy, Dehlia, Maria Victoria and Ruth with his grandchildren. Our love and condolences!

Also, we sympathize with the family of Alex A. Agresor, one of our faculty, whose father passed away too just recently. We give you our love and prayers.

Meanwhile, the Rhetorical Literary Society (RLS) students are very busy working on their annual program – a special program for the display of their talents.

Also, final examination for first semester is fast approaching. We all look forward to these activities.

To all our sponsors, we thank you again. The seminary’s initially erected instruction building has been painted, though windows and door panels have not been installed. Please join us as we pray for the provision of windows and doors that students may be able to use it the soonest. Regards and God bless to you all…

In His service,


NEWS REPORT :: July-August 2008

Dear Brethren,

We greet you a warm Christian greetings.

We’re really excited to give you an update of the seminary. We urge you to come over and see the progress of the new ABS building construction. To all sponsors, we thank you very much. More blessings to all of you! This construction of the new building is another remarkable history to be included to the PMCCNLI. Truly, an answered prayer! Everyone – the member of the Board, the faculty and staff, the studentry and many concerned brethren, both here and abroad, are united in prayer that the building project will soon be finished. Aside from hired laborers, some volunteer brethren and students spare their time to help – all for the glory of God!

Please keep us in your prayer. We fully believe that the Lord will make a way that the first phase of the building construction be finished within 3 months – Two million twenty eight thousand seven hundred one and eighty five centavos (PhP2,028,701.85) was spent already. Funds are exhausted but we are praying that the Lord will touch the hearts of dedicated and generous brethren so that the needed supply will be provided to finish it.

Meanwhile, we have started our Faith Promise Campaign in July-August. Series of messages are given by chosen speakers every midweek service. This annual program of ABS really challenges and encourages everyone to give for a better ABS. Praise the Lord!

For almost two months, we missed ABS Administrator, Bro. Esmelito L. Acson and BOT Vice-chairman Dr. Noel P. Daquioag. Both of you are in our prayers. Hurry up, brethren, come home and bring home good news from USA!

After a month from the groundbreaking, we had the “Buhos” (concreting of the floor and beams) on August 13. Many volunteers from churches in Cagayan came – Palao, Tuguegarao, Palagao, Lallo, Sta. Ana, Aparri, Toran, together with students and staff. Around one hundred men worked together from 7:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. How good and pleasant it is to see brethren working in unity! Glory to the Lord!

This “Buhos” was followed by another schedule on August 25. Brethren from Isabela also came with Battalan, Cambong, Toran, Aparri and some other volunteers. Thank you very much for your support. God bless you!

Just recently, we were visited by two typhoons, Karen and Lawin consecutively. We experienced many damages. However, we had to go on with all our function in the midst of dripping water from the leaks of the old, old building.

Patiently, we wait until the new building is ready for use. Let’s all pray that no typhoon will hit Aparri again.

We ended the month with the freshmen students’ Talent Night. Many witnessed the program where many talents were displayed. Use them for God!

To all of you, brethren, thank you for all that you do for ABS.

In Him,



Administrator, ABS

NEWS REPORT :: August 2007

Dear Brethren:

Greetings to everyone! It’s our delight to continue sharing you what we’re doing here at ABS.
Our faculty kept promoting the ABS new building launching. We went throughout Cagayan, Kalinga, and even reached Ilocos Sur and Norte areas. We are so grateful for the brethren who responded to this concern. May God be praised! We continue to prepare as we wait for that said launching on September 29.

Our midterm examination was August 15-17. Our students were very busy completing requirements and reviewing for this examination. However, some of them were not able to take exams that week due to sore eyes and influenza. Shall we continue to pray for the health of those students as well as faculty.

Our Stewardship month ended in August. The whole studentry and faculty had a goal in Faith Promise amounting to P75,000.00. Praise the Lord! It’s a manifestation of great faith among those who promised.

At the end of the month we held the different contests in preparation for the Deeper Life Week on September 2-7, 2007. These contests would help students prepare themselves for the DLW – we challenged them to participate in Essay contest (Iluko & English), Scripture Memory Work, Poster & Slogan making. “Nothing Is Impossible With God” is the theme for the DLW 2007. Everyone is excited waiting for the week to come.
Please continue to support us – your prayers, your visit, and your financial commitment that the ABS ministry will continue.

God bless you all…
In Him,

Administrative Officer, ABS


Administrator, ABS