NEWS REPORT :: April- June 2018

April 5, 6 and 7 – Conference on Evangelism and ABS 64th Commencement Program

Amidst  the  many  trials  and  hardships we encountered, we  greatly  praise  the  Lord  for  allowing  us  to  finish  this school  year.

Evening  of  April  5,  the  candidates  and  their  parents  were  honored  with  a  banquet  at  the  St.  Patrick  Garden  Hotel.    Bro. Daniel  Aguidan,  an  elder  of  Logac  Church,  principal  of  Logac  National  High  School,    and  a  member  of  the  PMCCNLI  Board  of  Trustees,  as the Guest Speaker,  gave  a  very  inspiring  message  in  expounding  the  banquet  theme  “Shine Like Stars”.   Earlier,  two  of  the  candidates  gave  their  talks:   Elmer R. Acosta  “Becoming Pure and Blameless” and Kelly T. Maramag  “Holding out the Word of Life.”

Another  highlight  of  the  night  was  the   candidates’  surprise  expression  of  gratitude  to  their  parents / sponsors. Everyone’s  enjoyment was  compounded  by  the  witty  job  of  Rommel  Damian  as  the  master  of  ceremony. 

In the evening   of  April  6   was the   ABS  64th Commencement Program  in  honor  of     eight students who  successfully  graduated  in their chosen courses: Mark Anthony F. Cabanilla of Toran, Aparri,  and Christian R. Nidoy of San Gabriel, La Union  were conferred with the degree of Bachelor of Theology (BTh);  Bachelor of  Christian Education (BCE) are  Kelly T. Maramag and Rommel A. Damian, both from Ballesteros,  and Elmer R. Acosta of Catotoran, Camalaniugan; for Associate in Church Music (ACM) are  Mark L. Maribbay of Tuguegarao City and Sis. J-Lynne I. Tabalno of Centro, Sta. Ana.   Bethel R. Valle of Buguey  finished   Associate in Christian Education (ACE). 

Part  of  the  program  were  the  talks  of  Mark Anthony F. Cabanilla “Into our Troubled World” and Christian R. Nidoy “With the Blessed Word”.   Ptr. Romeo S. Gorospe,  the Senior Minister of the First-Fil-Am Church of Christ in Hawaii,   as  Guest Speaker, eloquently explained the theme   “Be Strong and Courageous”.  He,  together with his better half Mrs. Mercy Juliet T. Gorospe,  came   home   to the Philippines   to  attend the  commencement  to  show  his  full  support  to  the  PMCC – ABS.

Along  with  the  Banquet  and  Commencement  programs  was  the Conference on Evangelism with the theme “Walk Worthy of Your Calling,” attended  by  more  than  a  hundred  from  the  local  congregations. Ptr. Leonardo B. Gamata of Estefania, Amulung, spoke  on  “The  Believer’s  Calling”, followed  by  the  group  workshops on  the  subtheme  “Make Every Effort for Unity”. 

Church Leaders’  group   was  handled  by Ptr. Enrique F. Ferrer,  minister of Baguio COC;  Ptr. Rogelio F. Tenorio, presently the School Administrator of Central Isabela Christian Academy (CICA) at Ilagan City, Isabela and the newly installed Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Charles W. Selby Memorial Hospital for the  Ministers’  group   while  Sis. Mercy Juliet T. Gorospe  for the Ladies.   The next  morning,   Ptr. Romeo  Gorospe  gave  the  concluding  message  of  this  year’s  conference. 

April 11-13 – DVBS CLINIC

This  year’s  VBS  Clinic,  with  the   theme  “SHIPWRECKED… Rescued by Jesus”,  was  conducted    through  the  teamwork  of  Ma’am  Janet   Marquez,  Grace   Alvarez,  Adelaida  Ibarra,  Lyngelle  Peneyra  Remoroza. They  were  assisted  by Gracielle  Alvarez and  Harmony Gascon ,  plus  the  support  of  some  of  the  students  of  ABS:   Eichon  Somera,  Jay-ar  Apao,  J-lyne  Tabalno,  Olivia  Marcos,  and  others.  There  were   seventy  (70)  participants  who  were greatly blessed and  prepared for the   VBS  ministry. 

Classes were divided into two:  Primaries/ Beginners,  led  by   Ma’am Adelaida  and  Ma’am  Harmony.   Ma’am  Janet , Ma’am J-lyne Tabalno , and Sir   Emmanuel Josephus Somera  led   the Juniors / Teens  class.  Part of their training was the  participants’  lesson demonstration and   giving of testimonies.

At the close of the activity,   Sir  Ed  Marquez gave the exhortation. After his exhortation, lights were turned-off,   replaced  by  lit up candles  as  the  congregation  sang  their  commitment  song  “Carry Your Candle”.   The culmination program of the two and a half  days   clinic was a  simple  program  that  served  as  a  sample  for  the  would – be  teachers,  especially  the  first-timers.   Certificates  of Participation  were  awarded  to  all  who  attended  the  clinic. We  praise  the  Lord  for  another  victory  He  has  given  us,  though  the  task  was  again   new  to  some  of  those  who  led  the  program.  We  also  commend  all  those  who  have  supported  the  clinic  in  many  different  ways.


SUMMER MUSIC TUTORIAL – a month long tutorial was offered by ABS for young learners willing to enhance their skills in playing the different musical instrument like the piano, guitar (acoustic and electric) and drums.  Sixteen (16) students enrolled.  J-lyne  Tabalno of Centro, Sta. Ana, and  Mark Anthony    Cabanilla   of  Toran, Aparri, handled the classes.

At the end of the training,  one  of the requirements is taking  part in the “Musical Recital”. Each participant played  their piece to show what they have learned  during  the whole duration.  The  parents   felt  happy  as they  witnessed their children perform  on  stage.

Though  the time  was  short for them,   they   were  very  thankful for  they  have  learned  something  that  made  their  children’s  summer  profitable.

We extend our unending thanks to all  our local and  global  benefactors  for sending their continued  support to the ABS  to defray overhead expenses in the operation. We share the same objectives of bringing back the  glory days of this institution. We pray that it may continually grow in her mission and vision in teaching, training and equipping  young men and women   who  will  dedicate  themselves to become fishers of lost souls. 

Above  all  we offer  all the glory and honor  to  the  Lord  for  all  that  He  enables  us  to do.


This is an expression of praise and great joy for the new  school  year of  ABS.

June 18 – classes started with 17 new students and 22 old students.   Praise God for sending us  these  students.

“Orientation” – Before the opening of classes, an   orientation  on  Christian  values  was  led  by    Ptr. Victor   Serquina of  Baligatan  Church  of  Christ,   Ilagan City   and  member  of  the  PMCCNLI  Board  of  Trustees.  He  was  accompanied  by  Bro.  Rustico  Manuel  of  Arcon  Church  of  Christ,  Tumauini,  Isabela,  who  is  the  Vice  Chairman  of  the  PMCC  Board.  Another  BOT  member,  Bro.  Joel  Valiente  of  Maxingal,  Lal-lo,  was  also  in  attendance.  

The  activity  set  a  new  beginning  for  the  school  year  as  it   prepared   the hearts and minds of the students as well as the faculty  and  staff.

June 20—First Harvest of Souls

Ptr. Joseph B. Sy, a graduate of ABS and presently a professor at CSU-Aparri  was commissioned as the first speaker for the first regular midweek service of the school. After his powerful message 5 students surrendered  their  lives   to  Jesus  Christ and were eventually baptized by Ptr. Jhonnyfer U. Rufo, one of the ABS instructors.

They were Lea Rufo of Pamplona; Jocelyn Crisostomo  of Sta. Teresita;  Brandon Layugan of Buguey; Dominick Gammad of Tumauini, Isabela  and  Richard  Bayani  of  Sta.  Marcela, Apayao.   They  are  the first fruits  for the school year.

Thank  you   Ptr.  Joseph,    for  allowing  yourself as instrument  that  these  souls found salvation  in  Christ.

Music Teacher Hired

Ms. Harmony S.  Gascon is newly hired as additional staff of ABS. She is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts in Music from  the   University of Baguio at Baguio City.   She  is  a  great help   for Ma’am  Grace L. Alvarez.  Their tandem  would  surely  help   boost and build  the  music  talents  of  the  students,  for  the  glory  of  the  Lord.

Last week of June, Sir Nick Ulrich  arrived from his vacation at Kentucky, USA. He is  handling  most  of  the  higher year  classes: Greek ,  Epistles,  and  Church  History.  Students have  gainfully  benefited  from  his wisdom and expertise. We are grateful to him for his continued  dedication  and  support to the cause of the ABS. 

 June 29 and 30 –  Youth Fellowship

The Northwestern Cagayan and Northern Apayao Churches of Christ Youth Fellowship (NWCNACCYF) held their sports fellowship at ABS. There were more than 70 young  people  in attendance,  including the ABS students.  Games like basketball and volleyball were played.

Everybody enjoyed the fun. Their camaraderie and sportsmanship were enhanced. Their fellowship and solidarity with one another were  strengthened.  Their physical strength and fitness was exercised and  also their spiritual well-being was greatly transformed. The ABS were glad that you chose as the venue of your sport fellowship. Looking forward for your continues partnership with us. God bless as all.


With warm regards,






NEWS REPORT :: April 2014

Dear Brethren:

May the presence of God through our Lord Jesus be upon you all.

We get excited to share you our activities in April after graduation last month, we had the opportunity to go around and promote to youth interested to the seminary. Then we conducted the Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) Clinic last April 2-4. Sixty-eight (68) teachers attended the clinic and are now teaching around forty (40) teaching areas. As of now, we have reached almost eight thousand (8,000) children already. Praise the Lord for all the lessons taught the children as well as the teachers. All glory to Him!

We continued our promotion to churches both for students and for our summer activities such as camp. The Junior Camp 2014 was slated April 13-17. The campers, ages 9-14, came and enjoyed the 4-day camp with the theme, “Got to Believe In Jesus.” The sixty-eight 68 campers had so much fun in the Bible classes, praise and worship, team meetings, night activities, athletics and team-building activities. The camp was culminated with their Amazing Race 2014. Congratulations, Junior Campers! Tell your older brothers and sisters to join the Youth Camp 2014. Young people ages 15 – up, come and experience the youth camp on May 5-9.

Following this, we prepared for the 99th National Convention of the Churches of Christ/Christian Churches in Cagayan Valley which was held at Ilagan City, Isabela last April 25-27. It was such an uplifting Christian gathering (despite the very hot days we were there). We were blessed and edified from the lectures and messages brought by our preachers (from nationwide) with the theme, “The Power Of Love.” The Convention was well attended by more than four thousand (4,000) brethren from all over the country as well as from abroad. The Parkcrest Praise Team from USA headed the praise and worship of the convention and the theme song was composed by Mrs. Grace L. Alvarez.

How invigorating to have met many brethren from different places and how pleasant it is to have fellowship with everyone.

Meanwhile, the construction of the ABS Ladies’ Dormitory is in full-swing. We’re so grateful and thankful for all of you, brethren, who gave initial fund just so its construction would be started. We’re praying that the ongoing work won’t stop as available funds are only good for the foundation, columns and concreting of the slab of the second floor. We’re praying and aiming that the whole (2-storey) structure would be (even just rough) finished by June so that our coming (lady) students would have something to use, lest we’ll use some of the classrooms to temporarily house them. We’re needing at least $70,000.00 to fully complete the building. This, we’re again appealing to your kindness and generosity, brethren, to please help us and be partakers of this urgent project for His glory.

May our rich God pour His abundant blessings upon you and your families and ministries. Thank you so much again for your continued support and partnership.

In His Service,


NEWS REPORT :: April – May 2012

Dear Brethren:

It’s so uplifting and very encouraging for all of us here with the success of our summer activities.

VBS Clinic was the last activity in March. We prepared for summer activities – Youth and Junior Camps. Simultaneously, a group of faculty visited the churches, particularly their young people, to promote on them before they would opt to enroll in secular schools. We have prayed that God will send more young people to be equipped for the ministry.

Following that, was the National Convention of the Churches of Christ in the Philippines on April 20-22 at Davao City. We met brethren, old and new acquaintances, in this great gathering. At least, one thousand three hundred (1,300) participants registered.

Two days before youth camp we needed to prepare the campsite at Jurisdiction, Lallo, Cagayan. We are so blessed with the opportunity of utilizing the Children’s Home facilities here. On May 1-4, was the Youth Camp, ages 13-up. There were eighty (80) campers who attended. Out of them, eight (8) souls were brought to the Lord. The theme, “Adventures with Christ” was so fitting and timely for all of us to have enjoyed. Aside from classes were exciting activities led by volunteer young people – Keziah Anne Columna, Coleen Gail Lopez, Gracielle Anne Alvarez, Christopher Willis Lopez, Kenneth Paul Reyes, Ferdimarc Medina, and Allen Jay Agresor. “Job well done,” and thank you very much. We’re so blessed that we have young people who are willing to be used by Him aside from us. The camp was culminated with counseling and prayer.

After three days, came the Junior Camp, ages 8-12, on May 7-10 at ABS grounds. Nine (9) of them were baptized at the Aparri Church of Christ baptistery by Pastor Angelo Larugal. We pray that these children will grow spiritually as they “adventure in Christ” in their lives. Congratulations! Keep growing in Him!

Just after these two activities, we went back to our planning for the coming school year. Grades were submitted, schedule of classes and calendar of activities were readied for the new school year.

Before June, we need to prepare the dormitories, classrooms, pertinent facilities and the whole physical setup of the seminary. We not only prepare for the opening of classes but also for the great 60th Anniversary celebration of ABS which is slated on June 21-22. All church leaders and workers, as well as interested members; ministry partners/supporters; previous and current students of the seminary, are both encouraged and invited to come and be a part of this significant and momentous event. We’re looking forward to seeing you on these days.

Further, we appeal anew for your prayers and support to our urgent need. We’re expecting more students this school year and we’re worried where to house them. Last year, we stopped accepting part time students as dormitories were not spacious enough to accommodate them. It is our prayer that God would provide us better and more spacious housing facilities for our seminarians, especially for the boys now since their wooden dormitory is not only overcrowded but also too old and unsafe for continued occupancy.

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN, BRETHREN, FOR YOUR RELENTLESS SUPPORT AND PARTNERSHIP with us in the work here. May God continue to pour His abundant blessings on you.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: April – May 2011

Dear Brethren:

We bring you greetings from all of us here at Aparri Bible Seminary. We’re happy again to share you our busy schedules and very exciting summer activities.

After the commencement last March, we prepared for the Teachers’ VBS Clinic last April 6-7, 2011. At least eighty-two (82) teachers attended the clinic, around sixty (60) places were teaching centers and almost ten thousand (10,000) children were taught. Praise the Lord! To all of those who have part of the VBS this summer, we thank you and praise the Lord for all of you. God is faithful to forget not your labor for Him!

The following week, it made us so busy to go around churches to campaign for the nest school year. It took us a week to promote ABS and the two Christian Camps approaching – the Youth Camp and the Junior Camp as well.

Came the Tri-regional Convention on April 22-24 held at San Andres, Delfin Albano, Isabela, and the Centennial Celebration of the Sto. Tomas Church of Christ, Sto. Tomas, Candon City, Ilocos Sur, on April 29 – May 1. On both of these occasions, our students were invited to lead the praise and worship and to render a special number in song. Attending such activity would really contribute to the exposure of our students and a way for them to be strengthened and encouraged in their faith. They were accompanied by one of our staff. We give all the glory and honor to the Lord.

It was also last April 17-21 when Prof. Samson Lubag came to hold a class for the ABS graduate students. Prof. Timothy Thomas also visited his masteral students to check on their course requirements. Move on preachers! Continue to pursue higher learning for your growth and for the growth of the church/ministries.

It’s our joy to welcome a missionary from Kentucky, USA, Bro. Nicholas Ulrich, 28 years old, who willingly came to help teach at ABS. He’ll be teaching at least four classes. Praise the Lord for Sir Nick. Enjoy your stay in Aparri.

On May 3-10, we had the Youth Camp, ages 14-up, at the Children’s Home, Jurisdiction, Lallo, Cagayan. Thank you PMCC Board for allowing us to use the facilities of the Home. It was a very enjoyable camp, full of fun and experiences as testified by the 82 campers. We had classes, worship services and night activities as usual. The camp was culminated by an “Amazing Race” led by four of the students – Kenneth Reyes, Kit Lopez, Philip Savellano and Jeffrey Marc Alvarez. Kae Anne Columna spearheaded the planning of that activity. Thank you very much. It was really a mountaintop experience with Jesus. Praise the Lord!

The Junior Camp came next on May 10-14 at the Aparri Bible Seminary. At least ninety four (94) campers came and enjoyed the 4-day camp. The children learned a lot in their theme, “Jesus and Me.”

The next days were utilized to follow up around twenty five (25) new students for this school year. Aside from the thirty (30) students coming back, we expect to have fifty five students again. We pray that the Lord will send more – keep going ABS!

As this letter is written, the old main building, worn out and dilapidated, is being demolished. This prompts us to rush the rest of the ongoing phase of the construction. New classrooms have to be readied because the finished ones being currently used for classes are temporarily utilized as library and store rooms for the stuff and equipment from the demolished building. This week, we’re starting with our regular classes but, practically, the new classrooms have not been fully finished yet because of financial constraints. That’s why we keep appealing to you, brethren, to continue your service and support to the ABS not only for the provision/finishing of these urgent instruction facilities but also for the continued operation of the ministry.

Thank you so much brethren for your love and continued partnership. Praise the Lord for you’ve become among His instruments to sustain the operation of the ABS and to accomplish significant projects/programs here. We pray that our good Lord would richly bless your lives and ministries.

In Him,

NEWS REPORT :: April-May 2009

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus!

The two summer months passed by unnoticeably. We’re happy to share you what we did this summer. We had VBS Clinic last April 6-8. There were at least 54 teachers who attended. Almost thirty seven (37) teams in around sixty three (63) places with more than eight thousand (8,000) children taught in Cagayan and Isabela.

VBS ’09 theme is “God’s Big Backyard.” Those VBS children were surely blessed through the teachers trained by ma’am Gina Vinagrera, ma’am Marlyn Racho and ma’am Grace Alvarez, our VBS trainors. Praise the Lord!

ABS also had the opportunity of ministering at Batac City through music.  A couple from the U.S. celebrated their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary last April 10. The ABS Ensemble and the Praise Team were in-charge of the music throughout the wedding. It’s another way of promoting the Seminary. Mabuhay ABS music department!

Following the week was the promotion to different churches in Cagayan province. We were able to go through all the three districts of the province challenging and encouraging interested young people to come to ABS.

Simultaneously, we also had the opportunity of sharing to individuals and churches the urgent need of the ABS new building – doors and windows. For us to be able to use the instruction rooms come school year, doors and windows of the initially finished structure must be installed. God bless those brethren who already gave their initial help on this. We have separate letters with estimate costs of the said doors and windows.

Nevertheless, summer was not just all-work. We were also blessed when we attended the 6th Tri-Regional Convention of the Northern Luzon Churches of Christ/Christian Churches at Nagsangalan, Vigan City. The ABS staff with some members of the Board, along with ABS Concert Choir were uplifted and edified from this occasion on May 1-2.

Right after that we prepared for the Junior Camp on May 11-15. It was our prayer that many children, ages 8-12, would come. There were at least fifty seven (57) who responded represented by around twelve (12) churches. Aside from our own staff, there were 12 young people who volunteered to help in this camp. Junior Camp is the most tiring camp and needs most sufficient number of staff. To you young people who helped, congratulations and thank you very much! We praise the Lord for you including the six kids who accepted the Lord.

Only two weeks was left before school year starts. We needed to follow up those who expressed their desire to enter seminary. For the third week of May, we went throughout Cagayan, reached Isabela and even Ifugao. As of now, we expect around twenty five (25) new students to be added to the expected thirty (30) old students to continue. Very inspiring! May we continue to pray for all of these students. May God be praised!

Brethren, please continue to bear with us with your wholehearted support – financially and morally.

You may visit the seminary and see the progress of the construction of the new building. God bless you…

In Him,




NEWS REPORT :: April-May 2008

Dear Brethren,

Good day!

Time passed by so swiftly that summer is gone. It passed by inconspicuously because of the busy months we had here at ABS.

After graduation and the Conference on Evangelism, we started going around to promote the seminary. However, we gave time for the planned activities for summer. To wit:

April 8-10 Vacation Bible School (VBS) Clinic.
There were 43 teachers who attended the clinic. Around 80 churches in Cagayan Valley held VBS and more than 12,000 children were taught. Praise the Lord for these committed teachers.
April 11-12 Promotion at Sta. Ana and Gonzaga, Cagayan.
April 13-16 Youth Camp (ages 16-up).
50 young people came to this camp; 12 accepted the Lord. All glory and honor to Him!
April 19 Promotion at Palao, Parog, Nambutuan, all of Cagayan province;
Babalag, Kalinga province.
April 24-27 Churches of Christ National Convention at Iloilo City.
What a wonderful opportunity for some of us to have attended this 96th National Convention of the Churches of Christ it the Philippines. The ABS quartet – Jeffrey Mark Alvarez, Rex de Guzman, Ruth Osorio and Carissa Lopez – had the opportunity to sing in this national event. They were accompanied by Sis. Grace Alvarez, their trainer. To all the sponsors, THANK YOU! MABUHAY KAYO!
May 2-7 International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE)
Regional Conference.
Bro. Esmelito L. Acson, the Administrator, attended the Regional Conference of the IAPCHE at Taipei, Taiwan. He went on his personal expense, but we know the knowledge gained is for the Lord. God bless you!
May 6-9 Junior Camp (ages 8-13)
76 kids came to this camp; 12 among them were led to the Lord. They are very young but praise the Lord for accepting Jesus as their Lord. Let’s keep them grow in Him.
May 12 Promotion at the Eastern Churches of Cagayan.
May 17-18 Promotion at Lakambini, Tuao areas.
May 21 Promotion at Sta. Praxedes, Namuac, Bidduang, Ballesteros, all of Cagayan
province; Tumog, Apayao province.
May 27-28 Promotion at Isabela province.

On this writing, we’re counting 60 students already. We pray that God will send young people who are really interested to study in the Seminary.

Finally, the Board of Trustees decided to start the ABS’ new building. Almost all papers needed are ready and we have started evacuating things out of the buildings that are to be demolished by the project. Hurray!

Let’s build the new ABS building! Join us, and be a part of this great project for Him! Thank you Lord!

Again, thank you for all your support. May God continue to bless you!…

In Him,



Administrator, ABS