A center of excellence in biblical and theological studies in, and a leading catalyst in the evangelization of northern Luzon.


To train men and women to become preachers and teachers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ upholding the pure doctrine from God’s Word and promoting the principles and plea of the Restoration Movement.


  1. To provide well-balanced and strong educational, spiritual and doctrinal foundations by strengthening and maintaining a comprehensive, biblical, theological, and general education programs;
  2. To train students for responsible leadership; efficient and effective servanthood through the internalization of the ideals of Christian values;
  3. To have a continuous, periodic upgrading of the standards of the different instruction programs presently offered and equip the graduates with the competencies and acumen of the profession; and,
  4. To develop and effect relevant extension programs that are helpful for partner congregations and allied ministries; thereby, enhancing and strengthening each other’s relationship, and promoting and patronizing each other’s ministries.


Graduate Education Program

  • Master of Arts in Ministry (Thesis/Non-Thesis)

Undergraduate Education Programs

Four-Year Programs

  • Bachelor of Theology (BTh)
  • Bachelor of Christian Education (BCE)

Three-Year Program

  • Associate in Church Music (ACM)

Two-Year Programs

  • Associate in Theology (ATh)
  • Associate in Christian Education (ACE)


Student Outreach Program (SOP)
Service Enhancement Training (SET)

  • Sunday School Material (Pagadalan)
  • Biblical Lessons
  • Tracts, et al.
  • Songs of Praise Booklets

Special Services


ABS offers scholarships and grants to produce quality workers of the Lord by encouraging students to achieve excellence in their educational preparations and to provide opportunity of obtaining such education and training for those interested and deserving but materially incapable ones.

Entrance Scholarship

  • Scholarship is granted to a high school student who graduates with honors upon enrollment to the seminary and may be renewed as long as he/she meets the criteria determined by the Committee on Scholarships.

Academic Scholarship

  • A scholarship grant is extended to any student who is able to achieve and maintain the required academic ratings/performances set by the ABS Academic Board at the end of each semester period.

Special Scholarships / Discounts

  • With individual sponsors
    • Special grants may be given to students on the basis of criteria by donors of these funds. These are usually given to needy students, provided, however, that he/she does not have a grade lower than 85%. Provided further, that the same abides by the moral and behavioral standards of the seminary.
  • Discounts
    • Employees children
      • Children of full time permanent employees of Aparri Bible Seminary are given a 50% tuitional discount for every child enrolled in any of the courses offered.
    • Ministers children
      • Children of ministers who are active in the ministry are given 50% tuitional discount for every child enrolled in any of the courses offered, provided, however, should carry a load of not less than the number of units prescribed by the curriculum/curricula.

On-Campus Resources

General Resources
Guidance & Counseling Center
Student Affairs
Educational Resource Center
Computer Laboratory
Music Laboratory

Basketball Court
Volleyball Court
Tennis Court
Table Tennis Facilities
Various Indoor Games/Sports Facilities

Housing Services
Boys Dormitory
Girls Dormitory
2 Mission Houses for Guests/Visitors
Staff Houses

Admission Requirements & Procedures

Basic Admission Requirments

The basic requirement for admission into a graduate program at Aparri Bible Seminary is a baccalaureate degree from Bible Colleges/Seminaries.

For the undergraduate program, the applicant must at least be a high school graduate of an accredited school.

Admission Procedures

  • Fill up application and personal data forms (could be downloaded).
  • Attach high school or college credentials.
  • For incoming 1st year students, take the ABS Entrance Examination and English Placement Test (contact/e-mail management, or visit ABS website for updates on examinations schedules).
  • Fill up enrollment form (could be downloaded).
  • Interview.
  • Payment of school fees.
Aparri Bible Seminary
P.O. Box 49 Aparri 3515 Cagayan