Honoring and Gratefully Expressing Our Acknowledgement and Deep Gratitude to Mrs Roberta Selby

After hearing the news of the passing of our co-founder, Roberta Selby, the PMCCNLI board passed a resolution to honor her life and service to the Lord here at PMCCNLI and abroad

Please see Resolution #04 of 2015 here:

In His Service,


NEWS REPORT :: October – December 2014

Dear Brethren:

We continue to give glory to God for all of you who are our partners in the ministry. Here’s an update of our ministry.


Another busy month in preparation for final examination for the first semester.

The Forensic Literary Society (FLS) worked so hard for their FLS Night. They presented a very unique and splendid program last October 3. It was here that the Forensians proved their abilities despite the situation of their critic, Mr. Alex Agresor, who had his motor accident last September 7. Keep up the good work, Forensians!

A piano recital was held last October 10. It was a good opportunity for those who missed their recital last March. There were also selected freshmen who joined in the recital. Congratulations!

The following week was the final examination; aside from that, it was time to complete requirements for students and submission of grades for teachers. After this, students were off from classes for semestral vacation. Teachers had a follow-up with prospective students for second semester. We really had a hard time reaching our target places for promotion for we lack mobility for it. Please pray with us that He may provide a vehicle for the ministry to use.


Before the start of the second semester, the girls needed to move to the new girls’ dormitory. What a joy for them to have a new and more spacious housing! As they settled, there was emphasis in the maintenance and cleanliness of the dorm and taking good care of the place. Our second semester opened last November 4 with sixty-five (65) students. God answered our prayer. To Him be the glory.

The music department has started preparing for the ABS Christmas musical concert which will be presented on December 12.


The whole academe became very busy as faculty tried to finish a section of their subjects’ syllabi and, simultaneously, made full-swing practices with the students for the fast approaching Christmas Cantata.

The full choir that involved all the students had their first and grand presentation last December 12. After this, the choir’s core group started bringing the cantata to the different partner-churches and schools in the region who invited them. The concert tour ends by the 22nd.

As we approach the closing of this year, we thank you again, brethren, for your patronage and continuing support to the Aparri Bible Seminary. Your faithful partnership, prayers, and service here have kept the ministry fulfill its mission of spreading the Gospel to the lost souls through the competent and dedicated teachers and preachers it continually produces.

We fervently pray that our generous God may continue to pour His abundant blessings on you and your families; that He would give you better health and strength, deeper and more dynamic faith, real peace and joy.


Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year!


In His Service,


NEWS REPORT :: July – September 2014

Dear Brethren:

May the peace of Christ be upon all of you as you continue serving Him faithfully.

While classes in the seminary were in full swing so also with finishing of the new Girls’ Dormitory. Everyone is excited to see the building already finished. We all continue to pray for the completion.


The Freshmen kept themselves very busy for their Talent Night, a program to discover and display their God-given talents. Mrs. Marlyn Racho spent so much time in the preparation of their program.

The said program was presented last July 25. It was much a splendid program. All the nineteen Freshmen participated actively. Congratulations to all of you! Thumbs up for you and Koby Kesler Peneyra, their president. May all of your talents be used for the glory of God.


ABS was very excited too for the 4th Grand Alumni Homecoming slated August 21-22. We all have to make preparations. ABS graduates Batch 1990-2000 headed the preparations. Bro. Fernando M. Ulep, Jr. was the president of their batch. With gratefulness and appreciation to this batch, we salute you for a job well done. All glory to Him!

The one hundred fifty (150) alumni attended the homecoming with much joy. One can see expressions of nostalgia, the feeling of longing to see acquaintances after two to three years. There was merriment in the campus.

“Exalting Christ” was the theme of the gathering. It was expounded by Pastor Victor Serquiña, an ABS alumnus and the resident minister of Baligatan Church of Christ, Ilagan City. What an edifying message he has brought to all. It was reinforced by the life testimonies of Pastor Antonio Columna and Dr. Abraham Flores of San Mateo, Isabela. Aside from these three was an overnight fellowship hosted by the host batch. It was such an invigorating, refreshing and strengthening get-together. ABSAA elected new sets of officers. Bro. Fernando Ulep, Jr. is the new President-elect. Congratulations! You really proved to be President in your hosting.

The highlight was the inauguration of the new Girls’ Dormitory. Bro. Daniel Rayray Roca of Philippine Bible Seminary (representing Bro. Phil Campbell) cut the ribbon in which Pastor Quirino Galolo offered the special prayer. Some members of the Board of Trustees of the PMCCNLI were also present. May this be a place where love, joy, and peace reign. Glory be to God!


Before the ladies will move to this new abode, cabinets, beds and cupboards are being rushed for use. The girls are so excited to transfer now – at least we can promote and encourage more students to come to the ABS. They now have a better place to stay. Thank you, dear Lord!

Meanwhile, the ABS Kindergarten will soon move to the main building leaving their rooms from the Aparri Church compound. There are many things to prepare yet that we still need to complete before the second semester – 2 restrooms and electric fans (or aircon, much better for the kids) for the 2 rooms, playground and recreational facilities, canteen, higher perimeter fence, customized electrical layout, and waiting area for parents.

Please pray with us that these immediate needs be met very soon. To our brethren, please don’t get tired in sending your support to the ministry of ABS. Thank you and may God bless more.

In His Service,


NEWS REPORT :: April 2014

Dear Brethren:

May the presence of God through our Lord Jesus be upon you all.

We get excited to share you our activities in April after graduation last month, we had the opportunity to go around and promote to youth interested to the seminary. Then we conducted the Daily Vacation Bible School (DVBS) Clinic last April 2-4. Sixty-eight (68) teachers attended the clinic and are now teaching around forty (40) teaching areas. As of now, we have reached almost eight thousand (8,000) children already. Praise the Lord for all the lessons taught the children as well as the teachers. All glory to Him!

We continued our promotion to churches both for students and for our summer activities such as camp. The Junior Camp 2014 was slated April 13-17. The campers, ages 9-14, came and enjoyed the 4-day camp with the theme, “Got to Believe In Jesus.” The sixty-eight 68 campers had so much fun in the Bible classes, praise and worship, team meetings, night activities, athletics and team-building activities. The camp was culminated with their Amazing Race 2014. Congratulations, Junior Campers! Tell your older brothers and sisters to join the Youth Camp 2014. Young people ages 15 – up, come and experience the youth camp on May 5-9.

Following this, we prepared for the 99th National Convention of the Churches of Christ/Christian Churches in Cagayan Valley which was held at Ilagan City, Isabela last April 25-27. It was such an uplifting Christian gathering (despite the very hot days we were there). We were blessed and edified from the lectures and messages brought by our preachers (from nationwide) with the theme, “The Power Of Love.” The Convention was well attended by more than four thousand (4,000) brethren from all over the country as well as from abroad. The Parkcrest Praise Team from USA headed the praise and worship of the convention and the theme song was composed by Mrs. Grace L. Alvarez.

How invigorating to have met many brethren from different places and how pleasant it is to have fellowship with everyone.

Meanwhile, the construction of the ABS Ladies’ Dormitory is in full-swing. We’re so grateful and thankful for all of you, brethren, who gave initial fund just so its construction would be started. We’re praying that the ongoing work won’t stop as available funds are only good for the foundation, columns and concreting of the slab of the second floor. We’re praying and aiming that the whole (2-storey) structure would be (even just rough) finished by June so that our coming (lady) students would have something to use, lest we’ll use some of the classrooms to temporarily house them. We’re needing at least $70,000.00 to fully complete the building. This, we’re again appealing to your kindness and generosity, brethren, to please help us and be partakers of this urgent project for His glory.

May our rich God pour His abundant blessings upon you and your families and ministries. Thank you so much again for your continued support and partnership.

In His Service,


NEWS REPORT :: March 2014

Dear Brethren:

It has been a long time since our last update. We had such busy month before the end of the school year.

For our activities in March we had recitals after the Inter-Seminary Fellowship at Philippine Bible Seminary in Vigan in February. The Voice Recital was on February 28. Almost all the old students (35) performed and 39 freshmen did theirs last March 10. Our congratulations to all the voice recitalists. Use your voices for His glory!

The Piano Recital was last March 3. Aside from being a requirement to all first and second year students enrolled in Associate in Church Music had their recital, too. How uplifting to have watched ABS students display their talents in playing the piano. Continue to develop your talents and use them for the glory of the Lord. Thumbs up for Ma’am Grace Alvarez and Ma’am Marlyn Racho again.

Following these activities was our Final Examinations. Students kept busy reviewing and completing requirements in order to take the final exams. Faculty were also tied up correcting papers for final grades.

The Candidates’ Banquet was last March 13, held St. Patrick Garden Hotel. Bro. Perry L. Alan and his wife, Luz, came along from Hawaii visiting us. Bro. Perry graced the occasion with his message, “Be Steadfast In Your Calling.” There were twenty-two candidates honored in the Banquet.

Joining the Banquet were Bro. Michael Burns and Sis. Daisy Cajigal who, along with Sis. Renate Denton, were also visiting the Philippines particularly ABS. It was such a joyful reunion!

The annual Conference on Evangelism was March 17-18 wherein almost one hundred fifty church leaders and preachers attended. The 60th Commencement Exercises of ABS was on the evening of March 17. We were able to harvest 22 in the undergraduate and 6 in the graduate school, making it a total of 28 graduates this year. We were blessed with the presence of Bro. Philip Campbell, together with his son, Wes, and their preacher Michael Clarence, along with Bros. Abel Navarro and Daniel Roca. Bro. Phil dedicated the graduates in a special prayer.

Bro. Perry Alan was again used to speak in the commencement and gave a lecture on the Conference on Evangelism. Bros. Philip Campbell and Michael Clarence spoke in the Conference on Evangelism. One of the highlights of the conference was the ground breaking of the new Girls’ Dormitory. Bro. Philip Campbell offered a special prayer for the ground breaking. It is our prayer that this very urgent project will be finished the soonest for our lady students to have better housing come next school semester (which will commence on June). With the initial fund ($30,000) that we have, we just started laying the foundation with strong faith that the good Lord will bring the other ($105,000) needed for the full completion of the structure. We’re praying that the ongoing construction won’t stop as we’re aiming that it will be finished before August 2014, ready for the next Alumni Homecoming!

Brethren, as we embark on this very important and urgent project we again appeal to all of you to please help us by sharing your material blessings so that this project may be realized for His glory! Rest assured this project will have positive impact on our mission of equipping many dedicated servants of the Lord as our enrolment keeps increasing since we began replacing the old facilities of the institution. Praise the Lord because He provides!

Our twenty-eight graduates must be replaced. We have started promoting and campaigning for new students. We know that the Lord will send students as we have been praying for it. Thank you Lord for sustaining all of us.

In His Service,


NEWS REPORT :: June – September 2013

Dear Brethren:

We’re settled for school year 2013-2014. We have prayed earnestly that the Lord should give us eighty (80) students and He gave us eighty-eight (88). However, eighty-four (84) remained for the rest of the semester. We want to update you of the Seminary.


We started classes on June 3, 2013. It was such a blessing to see eighty-four (84) students in the first day of school. Much more, we had guests from the United States, Bro. Phil Campbell and company. It was this day when the Men’s Dormitory was inaugurated. Bro Phil did cut the ribbon and gave the message. We’re also grateful for the presence of brethren from Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS) – Bro. Daniel Roca and Architect Abel Navarro – may this building be used for His glory! Cheer up, boys, for your new abode!


As an annual program of ABS, we started our Stewardship Campaign for July. It has been observed that this program has been progressing. It really helped everyone grow in their giving and a very good lesson for all Freshmen.

Likewise, the Freshmen, forty (40) of them, had their new students Talent Night last July 21. Another very splendid program! Many varied talents were displayed and discovered. They are all useful if used for Him. To all the organizers, mabuhay!


Another month of celebration for ABS! We celebrated the ABS Day (commemoration on ABS turn-over to an entirely new leadership). The celebration was a simple one yet it was full of fun. The eight (8) Care Groups had different contests – solo, duet, chorus, and skit. Winners received prizes. Everyone enjoyed the day culminated with a worship service in the evening. All glory to Him!

On the last week of August was the Deeper Life Week – the most awaited week of the semester. Everyone – students as well as staff is excited as we prepared for this. It was a whole week spiritual deepening and strengthening activity. We listened to a series of messages reflecting the general theme “CONVINCED,” which were delivered by various speakers. The program was culminated with an outing at the Green Star Resort at Camalaniugan, Cagayan. It was truly refreshing, enriching, and challenging undertaking. Praise the Lord for another successful Deeper Life Week.


As we come to an end of the semester, we keep praying for the Rhetorical Literary Society program. They presented their RLS Night last September 27. It really was a night of fun, laughter and very uplifting and invigorating. Another excellent program as a result of the leadership and unity of all RLS members. Their maroon T-shirt added color to their program. Rhetoricians, Hurray!

Consequently, we keep praying for the concerns of the seminary. Right now, the boys enjoy their stay in their new dorm, while the girls really need a place to stay. Some of them temporarily stay at the old (condemned) mission house; we’re remedying a place for them to be transferred because the government had ordered the seminary management to immediately vacate, close and cordon the area because it’s already ruinous. It had to be demolished the soonest.

On the other hand, the Mission House on the third floor of the main building is coming to its completion. Again, we’re praying for the Lord to provide for a new and more spacious dormitory for the girls as students continue to increase each year. Please pray with us as we trust God’s mercy to accomplish and meet these needs of the ministry.

Thank you again.

In His Service,


NEWS REPORT :: January – March 2013

Dear Brethren:

Christian greetings to everyone!

Despite the busy schedules we have we don’t want to miss the opportunity of letting you know what’s going on with Aparri Bible Seminary.


Back to school after the two-week Christmas break. From the hectic schedules of practices for the Christmas Concert, we needed to go back to our classes. Just after two weeks when we came in January 5 we had our mid-term examinations. Simultaneously, we were busy preparing for the Inter-Seminary Fellowship for February. Members of the Rhetorical Literary Society (RLS) also are preparing for their night. Students are starting to work on their Piano and Voice Recitals.


As we approached the month of February, we needed to have extra time for classes in order to replace the class days we’ll be missing during the three-day Inter-Seminary Fellowship in Baguio.

The RLS students presented their program last February 14. Superb! They have displayed varied talents with splendid presentations. All for the glory of God – Rhetoricians, may those gifts from the Lord be used for Him.

On February 20-23 was the Inter-Seminary Fellowship hosted by Philippine College of Ministry (PCM). This program is an annual activity of the three seminaries – Philippine College of Ministry (Baguio), Philippine Bible Seminary (Vigan), and Aparri Bible Seminary (Aparri).

Students as well as faculty joining were all blessed. Talents are developed and displayed, their camaraderie is deepened and their leadership abilities are strengthened. Hurray to the seminaries! We’re not to compete but to complement with each other. Praise the Lord!

When we came home we were ready for the Piano Recital on February 25. There were thirty-one recitalists. May those students continue to learn in their playing the piano. 


This is one of the busiest months of the year because of the closing activities. The Piano Recital was followed by a Voice Recital on March. Because of the many recitalists, we needed to have another recital on Piano and Voice on March 8. How amazing to see a great number of students serving the Lord through their talents in singing and playing the piano!

After the final exams on March 6-7, came the Candidates’ Banquet on March 12. Bro. Joffrey Barba was the speaker on the theme “Set Apart for Service.” Twenty-one students joined the banquet.

Conference on Evangelism was on March 14-15. Bros. William Falla and Samson Lubag were speakers on this conference. There were around two hundred attendees.

Please find below the list of Graduates:

Master of Arts in Ministry Associate in Christian Educ.
Agresor, Alejandro A. Alvaro, Czarinah Mae B.
Pagaduan, Eduardo G Baguana, Ave B.
Baysa, Marineth A.
Bachelor of Theology Bello, Ruthmel D.
Lista, Jhone Ruel C. Cacal, Jinky A.
Tumamao, Michael C. Collado, Krissel Anne P.
Diagan, Noemi S.
Bachelor of Christian Education Francisco, Arghie B.
Alupay, Wendelle S. Garcia, Pamela D.
Malto, Jhony V. Lumabi, Gliezelyn D.
Medina, Ferdimarc S. Ragojos, Cris John F.
Associate in Church Music Ramos, Valerian Warren F.
Alvarez, Gracielle Anne L. Singson, Leda Clarizze S.
Apil, Joanna Joy A. Viterbo, Billy Joe D.
Carvajal, Jince B.
Gascon, Harmony S.  Ministerial Certificate
Valle, Febe R.  Antolin, Albert A.
Valle, Raquel E.

Bro. William Falla was the guest speaker who challenged the graduates for “A Ready Harvest.” Congratulations to all the graduates.

On the other hand, finishing of the boys dormitory is being rushed for students to be able to use it comes school opening on June 3. Its inauguration will be on June 10 at 2:00 p.m., God willing. We’re inviting all the Churches of Christ/Christian Churches in Cagayan Valley, through their leaders/representatives; even members to witness and join us in this significant event. To all supporters of this project, both local and abroad, especially Bro. Phil Campbell and his family, thank you so much for your love and generosity. He and his company will join us on June 10 to spearhead the inauguration of the facility.

May our good Lord continue to bless your lives abundantly.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: November – December 2012

Dear Brethren:

Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year to all!

Our last two months of the year is so exciting and fruitful. As we started the second semester, we had six (6) students added to our first semester. We praise the Lord for our seventy- five (75) students, all full time. Thank you, Lord!

As classes started, the music department became busy preparing for the Christmas Cantata, an annual Christmas musical concert activity of the seminary. Patience and perseverance were seen among our students as they faithfully attended choir practices with Ma’am Grace Alvarez. They met barely twice a week but they needed to extend their time just so they could master their parts ready for the presentation on the fifth week (second week of December).

The full choir, seventy three students, presented successfully at the Aparri Church of Christ (ACOC) chapel on December 12. Many brethren from nearby churches came and watched the cantata. It was such a marvelous program that everyone who came was blessed. After this big presentation, a core group (composed of 22 students) was chosen to tour the concert to various churches in Cagayan Valley and Ilocos regions. The following was the ABS concert tour itinerary.

12 Wednesday 07:30 p.m. Aparri COC
14 Friday 07:30 p.m. Minanga COC
15 Saturday 07:30 p.m. Gonzaga COC
16 Sunday 10:00 a.m. Tuguegarao COC
07:30 p.m. Babalag COC
18 Tuesday 07:30 p.m. Roxas COC
19 Wednesday 10:00 a.m. Ballesteros COC
07:30 p.m. Sanchez Mira COC
20 Thursday 07:30 p.m. Batac (Ilocos Norte) COC
21 Friday 7:30 p.m. Battalan COC
22 Saturday 07:00 p.m. Northern Isabela Churchesof Christ Association (NICCA)

NICCA composed of seventeen (17) churches and no less than a thousand individuals watched the concert.

This choir tour was tiresome yet very uplifting, encouraging and challenging to all of us as we visited brethren and presented once again the birth of Jesus through music.

To all our brethren, churches and individuals who, in one way or the other, helped and supported this ABS choir thank you so much.

To our students and other members of this concert, congratulations for a job well done! Hurray for Ma’am Grace! Thank you very much!

Again, we continue to ask for your prayers. The on-going construction of seminary building project is temporarily suspended since resources have been exhausted. We’re appealing to you all, brethren, please join us and support this urgent ministry project. May the Lord bring all the needs of this project that it may be finished the soonest.

God bless you all, brethren.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: August – October 2012

Dear Brethren:

We continue to lift up everyone of you who is faithfully serving Him, our faithful and true God.

Time passes by so quickly that we are about to finish the first eight weeks of schooling, which means mid-semestral examination is approaching. It is scheduled on August 9-10.

The Freshmen had their New Students’ Talent night last August 3. We have been very blessed, entertained and encouraged with the program presented. We again have varied talented students this school year. All for His glory if they use them for Him. Thumbs up for all the freshmen and Ma’am Marlyn Racho, their adviser. The name of the Lord is really blessed through your talents.

We celebrated a Special day last August 21 – ABS Family Day. We commenced the day with devotion. Following that was a contest on different events wherein our students enjoyed so much. Our eight care groups with their advisers participated in the following: Solo, Duet, Chorus and Skit. In the afternoon, we started the contest with Group Cheering followed by a cook fest – sunny side up and team’s specialty (recipe). It was such a delightful day. Everyone enjoyed with laughers and full of fun. Winners received prizes as compliments.

This activity created a very good atmosphere and brought closer bonding among students as well as faculty members. Congrats to the winners and better luck next time for the losers.

September is another exciting month. The Deeper Life Week was held last September 4-7. This is an annual program wherein everyone is recharged spiritually. We were edified from the theme, “Useful to the Master.” The theme was expounded by Pastor Angelo Larugal. Four other messages like “Useful to the Master by Being Prepared” was delivered by Bro. Kenneth Paul Reyes, “Useful to the Master by Being Prayerful” by Bro. Jefferson Duquez, “Useful to the Master by Being Holy” by Pastor Angelo Larugal, and the last message “Useful to the Master by Being Available” by Bro. Joffrey Barba. We’re thankful and we praise the Lord for the Deeper Life Week – very rejuvenating and uplifting!

We ended the semester with the Forensic Literary Program last October 12. Everyone who watched was fascinated, pleased and entertained. It was a program that all who came were blessed from the splendid and excellent presentations. Forensians, congratulations for a work well done! We give God all the praises.

As we end that semester, we ask you to please continue to pray for the on-going project – the Boys’ Dormitory. Construction continues and we pray that more churches and brethren would bring their support to this ministry project.

Thank you again to all of you.

In Him,


NEWS REPORT :: June – July 2012

Dear Brethren:

We enjoy so much to share you what had transpired in the seminary since we started this new school year, 2012-2013. By the grace of God the ministry of the seminary is continuing. Praise the Lord!

For this school year, we have seventy (70) students – twenty-four (24) new and forty-six (46) old ones – all fulltime. As we begin we needed to do something for boys to stay. The Boys’ Dormitory is about to collapse. Two families of our staff needed to transfer so that the boys can use their abode. The temporary housing of the boys now is the right part of the structure that had been vacated by said staff.

The Lord touched the heart of a brother who is very generous to extend his help to build a new Boys’ Dormitory. (May the Lord bless him more!)

Bro. Philip Campbell, who supports ABS, commissioned Bro. Abel Navarro, an architect (now residing at the U.S.), to assist in planning and designing the proposed dormitory; likewise, to spearhead the launching of the project. On the first month of the school year, we held the groundbreaking, witnessed by Board of Trustees, staff and faculty, students and workers. Some PBS staff came to witness this significant event.

On the other hand, the last phase construction of the seminary’s instruction building has been continued. Though the remaining fund may only roughly finish the structure, we hope to make it operational the soonest because we really need more rooms for our classes, specially this rainy season. With all these developments going on, we really can see how the Lord is working – providing needs for ministry programs to continue and (its) projects to come to completion.

June 21-22 was the 60th Anniversary celebration of ABS. It was such a very successful occasion – well attended by about three hundred and fifty alumni, church leaders as well as students. To challenge the participants on the theme “Your Legacy,” was Bro. Henry Turda, an ABS graduate and an elder of Cauayan church; and, “My Portion,” by Bro. Samson Lubag, one of the professors of our Graduate School. So timely that those who came were awakened, encouraged and challenged to do something for and share in the ministry of seminary to realize and advance its mission. Hurray for ABS! You’d withstood many trials, had gone far, had molded people for the ministry and still continuing to develop workers for Him. What a noble task. Keep it up ABS!

The Lord is really good. Those brethren who came were so delighted to have seen the on-going projects. How wonderful how God works in those who love him!

Also, this school year, we have an additional part time faculty member, Bro. Kenneth Paul Reyes, one of our graduates last school year. He’s teaching Introduction to Bible Study, Life of Christ, and P.E. for boys. Surely he is an asset to the seminary.

Shall we continue praying for His ministry. For all of these, we’re so grateful to all of you, brethren.

God bless all of you.

In Him,