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January 2018

Praise God for bringing us  into  the  new  year  2018.

After  enjoying  the  Christmas  break,   our students came  back  for  the  second  semester. Two new students were added namely: Paolo Calucag from Tuguegarao City and Jay Mar Macasibang from Toran, Aparri.

Not  long  after  the  resumption of classes,  the  members  of  the  Forensic Literary Society (FLS) and Rhetorical  Literary  Society (RLS) merged as one group.  With the supervision of their advisers, Mr. Jhonnyfer U. Rufo for RLS and Miss Harmony S. Gascon for RLS,  they  went  on  with  their   nightly practice for their society night presentation slated  on February 15, 2018.

We  are  grateful  for  the  opportunity  given  to  three  of  our  students:  Elmer A. Acosta,   Mark Anthony Cabanilla  and   Mark Maribbay,  to  conduct  campus  ministry  at    Camalaniugan  National  High  School  Annex  at   Catotoran, Camalaniugan.  They  had  been  tapped   to  handle   Values Education   classes  to  the  students.  Thanks to Mr. Renon C. Daguro, Officer-in- Charge,  for giving   them   the  slots  every Tuesday and Wednesday. Thumbs up for these three young blood good guys used by God in shaping the lives of the students. God smiles at you. Continue the good works. Great is your reward on high.

January 19

We  also  praise   God  for  giving  some of our students   the  privilege  of  availing scholarship  from  the  Cagayan  Provincial Government. Many  thanks to  Mrs.  Aurelia  U.  Bosito  who became  instrumental   in coordinating with the provincial   government.  Praise  God   for  working   even  in   unexpected  ways

January 27

To other people whom God is using in so many ways, please accept our deepest gratitude.  God bless you.

To our sponsors and supporters, please continue to share your blessings. God bless you  all.

February 2018

February 15 – Joint FLS and RLS Society Night – Joint FLS/RLS Society Night

This is the first time to happen in the history  of  the  Aparri  Bible  Seminary with the theme “WHO AM I?”. The whole studentry participated.

What an amazing display of their various talents. Catching audience attention was the outstanding acting ability  of  Christian Nidoy. Of course with all the support of the other cast characters. We  praise  the  Lord  for  the  leadership  and   wisdom of Jay-ar Apao and Josephus Emmanuel Somera who directed the program. They were able to relate the issue  with the trending lifestyle of the youth today. They are no longer  mindful on the eroded values of life and caring  about the existence of  God. They just spend their life according to the standard of the world. At the end of the story, the question of “WHO AM I” was answered and everybody came to realize that after all they are all children of God.

February 24 – ABS welcomes Sir Mike Burns

Bro. Mike P. Burns from Chicago, Illinois,   a  member  of  the   PMCCNLI  Board  of  Trustees,  arrived  from  the  USA.  His commitment to Aparri Bible Seminary is beyond measure.

Throughout  his  visit,  he  made  himself  available  for  the  promotion  of  the  Seminary  and  the   Selby  Memorial  Hospital.

March 2018

March 2 – Voice Recital

After  months  of  Voice  lesson  coaching  from  Ma’am  Grace  Alvarez,   the  ABS Freshmen   took   the  stage  to  display   their  musical  talents.  The  night  seemed    like   a  “The  Voice”   episode,  the  all  who  attended  expressed  elation  and  appreciation.

Praise  God  for  the success of the     program.

March 10 – 2nd PMCCNLI General Assembly

The   PMCCNLI   2nd  General  Assembly ,  which  had  been  planned  as early  as December,  pushed through  on  March  10,  2018.


March 16 – 20th Foundation Anniversary


The 20th Foundation   Anniversary  of  the Charles W. Selby Memorial Hospital, Inc. (CWSMHI) held a double celebrations.  In  the  morning,   the  hospital  celebrated  the retirement of Mr. Benjamin Dugay, Sr.   as President of the BOT.  In  his  place  will  be  Mr. Rogelio  F. Tenorio.    In the  evening   the  celebration  of  the  hospital  foundation was held. With Bro. Joey Bosito being their Guest Speaker. Gracing the occasion  was  the  presence  of  Jim  and  Karla  McElroy,  together with    Mr. Bill Warren, the  director  of  FAME  (USA). The first salvo of the  event was a motorcade around the town in the morning participated by the ABS employees and the students followed by the program proper. What a joy to  celebrate together,  which  is  a  picture of an harmonious relationship.

March 22—Commencement Program and 3rd Moving Up Ceremony

The 60th Commencement Program and the “3rd Moving Up” ceremony of the ABS Kindergarten. Fifty (54) pupils, comprising of 21 boys and 33 girls has completed the course for the school year ready for promotion to Grade school.  The theme “Mag-aaral ng K-12: Handa na sa Hamon ng Buhay” for this school year was expounded by Ptr. Rogelio V. Sinoto, ABS Administrator.

March 21-23

Part of the  requirement  in   their  Music class under Ms. Grace L. Alvarez is the Piano Recital which is likened to the “Music Hero.” It  was participated  in  by the seventeen (17) students with their individual pieces.  Although  some  showed  feeling  of  nervousness,  we  believe   it  was   a   good   start.

One  of  our  very  promising  first  year  students –  Jay-ar   S.  Apao,  had  been  offered  by  BOMBO  Radio  Station  Management  for  a  two-year  scholarship  in  Mass  Communication/Broadcasting  in  Manila. It gave  him many  sleepless nights  to make  a   final decision. Finally,  with  lots  of  prayers, he chose to stay and  continue his  studies  in the Seminary. We  praise  the  Lord, and  we  greatly  commend  you,  Jay-ar, for  a  bold  decision  you  made  in  choosing  to  prepare  yourself   to be  a  broadcaster of the Word of God. May  God  continue  to  bless  you!

With warm regards,


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