Updated Bank and Donation Information

Dear Friends, Patrons and Supporters,
Please be advised that we have changed banks from PNB to Metrobank.
We greatly apologize for any trouble you may have had trying to remit to previous accounts of Metrobank, as well as all the PNB accounts.  Please be careful to now update your remittance information as shown on the following website link :
Feel free to contact any of the PMCCNLI board of trustees if you have any questions.
Our eternal thanks to you for your interest in helping us to do the work of our Lord in the vital ministries of protecting and training up neglected children at TGSSFC and young adults at ABS to love our LORD as you do, preparing young minds to go out into the fields white unto harvest, to witness of GOD’s amazing holiness, glory, wisdom and power, of HIS deep personal love for you and for me, and of HIS salvation freely given to all who humbly believe, repent and are baptized.  These are vital ministries and effective tools GOD gave us to help you and I as we fulfill the Great Commission to go into ALL the World, making disciples of the nations.

God bless,
Mike Burns