NEWS REPORT :: March 2014

Dear Brethren:

It has been a long time since our last update. We had such busy month before the end of the school year.

For our activities in March we had recitals after the Inter-Seminary Fellowship at Philippine Bible Seminary in Vigan in February. The Voice Recital was on February 28. Almost all the old students (35) performed and 39 freshmen did theirs last March 10. Our congratulations to all the voice recitalists. Use your voices for His glory!

The Piano Recital was last March 3. Aside from being a requirement to all first and second year students enrolled in Associate in Church Music had their recital, too. How uplifting to have watched ABS students display their talents in playing the piano. Continue to develop your talents and use them for the glory of the Lord. Thumbs up for Ma’am Grace Alvarez and Ma’am Marlyn Racho again.

Following these activities was our Final Examinations. Students kept busy reviewing and completing requirements in order to take the final exams. Faculty were also tied up correcting papers for final grades.

The Candidates’ Banquet was last March 13, held St. Patrick Garden Hotel. Bro. Perry L. Alan and his wife, Luz, came along from Hawaii visiting us. Bro. Perry graced the occasion with his message, “Be Steadfast In Your Calling.” There were twenty-two candidates honored in the Banquet.

Joining the Banquet were Bro. Michael Burns and Sis. Daisy Cajigal who, along with Sis. Renate Denton, were also visiting the Philippines particularly ABS. It was such a joyful reunion!

The annual Conference on Evangelism was March 17-18 wherein almost one hundred fifty church leaders and preachers attended. The 60th Commencement Exercises of ABS was on the evening of March 17. We were able to harvest 22 in the undergraduate and 6 in the graduate school, making it a total of 28 graduates this year. We were blessed with the presence of Bro. Philip Campbell, together with his son, Wes, and their preacher Michael Clarence, along with Bros. Abel Navarro and Daniel Roca. Bro. Phil dedicated the graduates in a special prayer.

Bro. Perry Alan was again used to speak in the commencement and gave a lecture on the Conference on Evangelism. Bros. Philip Campbell and Michael Clarence spoke in the Conference on Evangelism. One of the highlights of the conference was the ground breaking of the new Girls’ Dormitory. Bro. Philip Campbell offered a special prayer for the ground breaking. It is our prayer that this very urgent project will be finished the soonest for our lady students to have better housing come next school semester (which will commence on June). With the initial fund ($30,000) that we have, we just started laying the foundation with strong faith that the good Lord will bring the other ($105,000) needed for the full completion of the structure. We’re praying that the ongoing construction won’t stop as we’re aiming that it will be finished before August 2014, ready for the next Alumni Homecoming!

Brethren, as we embark on this very important and urgent project we again appeal to all of you to please help us by sharing your material blessings so that this project may be realized for His glory! Rest assured this project will have positive impact on our mission of equipping many dedicated servants of the Lord as our enrolment keeps increasing since we began replacing the old facilities of the institution. Praise the Lord because He provides!

Our twenty-eight graduates must be replaced. We have started promoting and campaigning for new students. We know that the Lord will send students as we have been praying for it. Thank you Lord for sustaining all of us.

In His Service,


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