NEWS REPORT :: June – July 2012

Dear Brethren:

We enjoy so much to share you what had transpired in the seminary since we started this new school year, 2012-2013. By the grace of God the ministry of the seminary is continuing. Praise the Lord!

For this school year, we have seventy (70) students – twenty-four (24) new and forty-six (46) old ones – all fulltime. As we begin we needed to do something for boys to stay. The Boys’ Dormitory is about to collapse. Two families of our staff needed to transfer so that the boys can use their abode. The temporary housing of the boys now is the right part of the structure that had been vacated by said staff.

The Lord touched the heart of a brother who is very generous to extend his help to build a new Boys’ Dormitory. (May the Lord bless him more!)

Bro. Philip Campbell, who supports ABS, commissioned Bro. Abel Navarro, an architect (now residing at the U.S.), to assist in planning and designing the proposed dormitory; likewise, to spearhead the launching of the project. On the first month of the school year, we held the groundbreaking, witnessed by Board of Trustees, staff and faculty, students and workers. Some PBS staff came to witness this significant event.

On the other hand, the last phase construction of the seminary’s instruction building has been continued. Though the remaining fund may only roughly finish the structure, we hope to make it operational the soonest because we really need more rooms for our classes, specially this rainy season. With all these developments going on, we really can see how the Lord is working – providing needs for ministry programs to continue and (its) projects to come to completion.

June 21-22 was the 60th Anniversary celebration of ABS. It was such a very successful occasion – well attended by about three hundred and fifty alumni, church leaders as well as students. To challenge the participants on the theme “Your Legacy,” was Bro. Henry Turda, an ABS graduate and an elder of Cauayan church; and, “My Portion,” by Bro. Samson Lubag, one of the professors of our Graduate School. So timely that those who came were awakened, encouraged and challenged to do something for and share in the ministry of seminary to realize and advance its mission. Hurray for ABS! You’d withstood many trials, had gone far, had molded people for the ministry and still continuing to develop workers for Him. What a noble task. Keep it up ABS!

The Lord is really good. Those brethren who came were so delighted to have seen the on-going projects. How wonderful how God works in those who love him!

Also, this school year, we have an additional part time faculty member, Bro. Kenneth Paul Reyes, one of our graduates last school year. He’s teaching Introduction to Bible Study, Life of Christ, and P.E. for boys. Surely he is an asset to the seminary.

Shall we continue praying for His ministry. For all of these, we’re so grateful to all of you, brethren.

God bless all of you.

In Him,