NEWS REPORT :: April – May 2012

Dear Brethren:

It’s so uplifting and very encouraging for all of us here with the success of our summer activities.

VBS Clinic was the last activity in March. We prepared for summer activities – Youth and Junior Camps. Simultaneously, a group of faculty visited the churches, particularly their young people, to promote on them before they would opt to enroll in secular schools. We have prayed that God will send more young people to be equipped for the ministry.

Following that, was the National Convention of the Churches of Christ in the Philippines on April 20-22 at Davao City. We met brethren, old and new acquaintances, in this great gathering. At least, one thousand three hundred (1,300) participants registered.

Two days before youth camp we needed to prepare the campsite at Jurisdiction, Lallo, Cagayan. We are so blessed with the opportunity of utilizing the Children’s Home facilities here. On May 1-4, was the Youth Camp, ages 13-up. There were eighty (80) campers who attended. Out of them, eight (8) souls were brought to the Lord. The theme, “Adventures with Christ” was so fitting and timely for all of us to have enjoyed. Aside from classes were exciting activities led by volunteer young people – Keziah Anne Columna, Coleen Gail Lopez, Gracielle Anne Alvarez, Christopher Willis Lopez, Kenneth Paul Reyes, Ferdimarc Medina, and Allen Jay Agresor. “Job well done,” and thank you very much. We’re so blessed that we have young people who are willing to be used by Him aside from us. The camp was culminated with counseling and prayer.

After three days, came the Junior Camp, ages 8-12, on May 7-10 at ABS grounds. Nine (9) of them were baptized at the Aparri Church of Christ baptistery by Pastor Angelo Larugal. We pray that these children will grow spiritually as they “adventure in Christ” in their lives. Congratulations! Keep growing in Him!

Just after these two activities, we went back to our planning for the coming school year. Grades were submitted, schedule of classes and calendar of activities were readied for the new school year.

Before June, we need to prepare the dormitories, classrooms, pertinent facilities and the whole physical setup of the seminary. We not only prepare for the opening of classes but also for the great 60th Anniversary celebration of ABS which is slated on June 21-22. All church leaders and workers, as well as interested members; ministry partners/supporters; previous and current students of the seminary, are both encouraged and invited to come and be a part of this significant and momentous event. We’re looking forward to seeing you on these days.

Further, we appeal anew for your prayers and support to our urgent need. We’re expecting more students this school year and we’re worried where to house them. Last year, we stopped accepting part time students as dormitories were not spacious enough to accommodate them. It is our prayer that God would provide us better and more spacious housing facilities for our seminarians, especially for the boys now since their wooden dormitory is not only overcrowded but also too old and unsafe for continued occupancy.

THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN, BRETHREN, FOR YOUR RELENTLESS SUPPORT AND PARTNERSHIP with us in the work here. May God continue to pour His abundant blessings on you.

In Him,