NEWS REPORT :: March 2012

Dear Brethren:

We praise the Lord for what He has done to all of us this month. All glory to Him for ABS!

The month of March is a very, very busy month for ABS. Before the closing activities we had Piano Recital for twenty-seven (27) students last March 2. It was such a very enjoyable program because of the varied ability of students to play the piano. Keep on developing the talent for the Lord. “Job well done,” students, as well as their teachers.

On the following week, March 5-8, came the final examinations of students. It was a busy week for all students as well as teachers. Then, Voice Recital for thirty-three (33) students was held last March 9. It was like the voices of many angels filled the hall. Superb performers! So interesting to know that many voices are developed and new discoveries who can sing. Sing to the Lord, students! Praise His name!

In preparation for Commencement, we needed to prepare the campus for brethren to attend. We had campus cleaning or March 12 followed by the Candidates’ Banquet on March 13. This is a program to honor all the candidates including their parents or guardians. In the history of ABS, this is the first time to include parents during Candidates’ Banquet. It was really a memorable occasion. Mr. Nicholas P. Ulrich, one of the ABS teachers, spoke on the theme, “Set Apart to Shine.” Thank you, Sir Nick.

The annual Conference on Evangelism started on March 14 in the afternoon. It was opened by Pastor Angelo Larugal’s message on “Ministers and Elders, Together in Crisis.” Bro. Daniel Roca lectured on “Ministers’ Role Amidst Crisis,” and, Bro. Samson Lubag on “Church Leaders’ Role Amidst Crisis” and the theme “Christian Amidst Crisis.” There were one hundred and fifty attendees.

The 58th Commencement Exercises was held at the Aparri Church of Christ chapel in the evening of March 14. We just thank the Lord for a fruitful school year. We have eight (8) graduates. Please find their names below:

Names Course Address
Duquez, Jefferson A. BTh Lalafugan, Lallo, Cagayan
Reyes, Kenneth Paul O. BTh Tuguegarao City, Cagayan
Geroy, Alfredo Jr., G. BCE Battalan, Lasam, Cagayan
Otrillo, Jeffry B. ACM Bidduang, Pamplona, Cagayan
Valdez, John Mark S. ACM Paradise, Gonzaga, Cagayan
Tabilog, Eliseo Jr., A. ACM Bagu, Pamplona, Cagayan
Alupay, Wendelle S. ACE Batac City, Ilocos Norte
Alvarez, Gracielle Anne L. ACE Aparri, Cagayan

May these young graduates find their place in the vineyard of the Lord. Congratulations! We’ve planned for summer activities and we would also like to share you these schedules:

Activity Date
VBS Clinic (ABS) March 30-31
National Convention (Davao) April 20-22
Youth Camp (Lal-lo) May 1-4
Junior Camp (ABS) May 7-9
ABS Enrolment June 1-8
Classes Start June 11
ABS 60th Anniversary June 21-22

Let’s all pray for a fruitful summer work. God bless you all.

In Him,