NEWS REPORT :: February 2012

Dear Brethren:

As we approached the end of January, we also started preparing for activities for the end of the school year.

ABS is hosting the Inter-Seminary Fellowship on February 9-10. Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS) from Vigan City and Philippine College of Ministry (PCM) from Baguio City will join with ABS for their special fellowship.

This Inter-Seminary Fellowship is designed for students participation only. We let the students plan and organize and be approved by the office of the school. It really develops the leadership of students.

PBS came on February 8 spending the night before the opening day. There were thirty-nine of them with their faculty and thirty nine also from Baguio. Our student facilitators were Kenneth Reyes, Gracielle Alvarez, Hamony Gascon, Alfred Geroy, Ferdimarc Medina and John Mark Valdez. They did an excellent performance in heading up the fellowship. Congratulations for a job well done!

We really appreciate what the leader did – creating four teams so that every student has his own team (Sapphire, Chrysolite, Amethyst, and Onyx). Around one hundred twenty (120) students attended.

From their acquaintance with their team yell, team clap and banners, they had team building activities sports – basketball, volleyball, table tennis, and chess. They also had drama, literary, musical and Bible quiz bee activities. Amazing race was one of the activities they so much enjoyed. It was two o’clock in the morning when they had their closing activities. A tarpaulin of the photo taken was handed to PBS and PCM by ABS for a token. Key chains were also given to each student by the ABS students. Oh, what a time of fellowship they had! Aside from the spiritual learning they got, they had fun together with other seminarians. Maintain that spirit of unity, seminary students!

After the two-day fellowship, we were back to our regular classes. The Forensic Literary Society had to get ready for their annual talent program on February 17. Forensians need to keep busy in their preparation again. Besides, they only have a week before the program.

On February 17, FLS presented their annual Talent Program. Despite the pelting rains we were having many came to watch. It was another splendid program with varied talents presented. Thumbs up for you, Forensians! All for the glory of God.

Meanwhile, students are busy with their practice for Voice and Piano Recital. Hurry up students, final examination is fast approaching.

The last phase of the project is still waiting for God’s provision. Please pray with us that this project will be finished very soon. Come and see what the Lord has done to ABS.

God bless everyone!

In Him,