NEWS REPORT :: September – October 2011

Dear Brethren:

We know you’ve been waiting to hear from us here at the Aparri Bible Seminary. We now give you update for September and October.

On the first week of September was the Deeper Life Week (DLW), an annual program of ABS wherein we feast on the Word, have special worship services, conduct different contests like poster and slogan making, essay in three categories – Iluko, Tagalog, and English – and scripture memory contest. The theme of the DLW 2011 was “Living a Life Worthy of Your Calling.”

In preparation for the DLW, we had the contests a week before to set minds and hearts. Posters and slogans were displayed for everyone to see. The theme was delivered by Pastor Angelo Larugal followed by “Bearing with One Another in Love” by Pastor Rodolfo Alvarez Jr., “Keeping the Unity in the Spirit” by Pastor Edwin Ramos, “Speaking the Truth in Love” by Pastor Angelo Larugal and culminated by “Attaining to the Whole Measure of the Fullness of Christ’ by Pastor Solomon Valdez. Surely, everyone was spiritually recharged from the messages. May the Lord be praised.

Then on the first week of October, the Rhetorical Literary Society (RLS) had their annual night. A remark was made that it was such an excellent program. The Rhetoricians displayed their amazing talents graced by their colorful pink-violet T-shirts. Congratulations for a job well done! Glory to God!

A week later, came the final exams of the students for first semester. Everyone kept busy in preparation for the exams – completion of projects, submission of requirements, securing of clearances and permits and reviewing for the exams, all for a good semester ending. Thank you, Lord!

Following this was a two-week break from classes. Students went home for vacation; some went to their preaching areas while some were sent to the Religious Emphasis Week 2011 at Southern Isabela Academy (SIA) in Isabela.

The REW team 2011 was headed by M/M Rodolfo and Grace Alvarez. Students who were with the group were Kenneth Paul Reyes, Eliseo Tabilog Jr., Ferdimarc Medina, Kyronne Amiel Peneyra, Gracielle Anne Alvarez, and Harmony Gascon.

We praise the Lord for their talents – all of them can sing, teach, and preach. For the five-day teaching, there were ninety souls who accepted the Lord – eighty nine students and one faculty member. Praise the Lord!

Simultaneously, the masteral classes with Prof. Tim Thomas taught Old Testament Overview and Prof. Nicholas P. Ulrich handled the New Testament Introduction. We’re so thankful that they’re so willing to continue sharing their expertise to our faculty as well as preachers in the area. May the Lord bless you more, Sir Tim and Sir Nick!

As this letter is made, we’re moving to the new office and the books to a temporary library. Praise the Lord! We’re now occupying the designated new office. What a nice place. Only some of the things we’re now using are no longer good for the new place – old old electric fans, desks and sala set.

Please sympathize with us brethren, come and visit us. We pray that concerned churches will participate in the one time offering for ABS – this will be of great help for the completion of the ongoing project.

Thank you to everyone again.

In Him,