The New Building :: July 2011

Praise God for the progress on the new building.

NEWS REPORT :: June 2011

Dear Brethren:

We send you our Christian greetings from all of the staff and studentry.

Our classes for this school year are in full swing. Truly, the Lord answered our prayer on the number of students to come. We prayed for sixty students and the Lord gave us sixty-one. Thank you Lord. We give You the glory and honor for this!

The sixty-one students we have now are all full time. We have no part time students this year because of the limited space we have. We decided that full time shall have the priority this year.

On the first week of classes, June 15, we were visited by Bro. Phil Campbell and his family with some brethren from Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS). It was such a meaningful time when he spoke on our first convocation service. Bro. Phil had the opportunity to see the on-going project of ABS – the construction of the 3rd phase of the building. Thank you, Sir Phil, for remembering us with your continued support to ABS. Amen to that!

Our old ladies dormitory has just been demolished. Mission House II now serves as dormitory for girls. It is just enough for the twenty six full time ladies to stay. Earlier, the old main building had also been demolished forcing us to use one of the available classrooms in the finished part of the new building as the temporary library. Since there are only three available classrooms left some of our classes are, at times, held on the corridors, porch or shaded part of the structure.

As we go on with our classes, we also continue working on the construction of the 3rd phase of the project which is now at the (center) corner of the L-shaped building. We’re wishing and praying that it would be finished and secured with windows and doors before rainy season comes so we could hold our classes inside the structure. We don’t stop telling our brethren about the project; likewise visiting them for continued support. Praise the Lord for the love and generosity of several brethren who are concerned with the needs of the ministry. To all of you, THANK YOU SO MUCH! We glorify and thank God for your goodness and service to Him through ABS.

On the other hand, the kinder school previously operated by the children’s home in Jurisdiction has been absorbed by PMCCNLI to be able to continue and sustain its mission of providing pre-school or foundational education to the children in the community. The mission is aiming at developing the institution further to cater elementary, secondary, or even tertiary education in the future. Praise the Lord for such opportunities of advancing PMCC ministries to the greater community.

Further, we are also busy promoting our 3rd Grand Alumni Homecoming which is slated August 19-20, 2011. We’re sending letters and visiting brethren for them to attend this significant occasion. COME and SEE how the Lord is working in the Seminary. We’re aiming to finish the painting of the ongoing 3rd phase structure before the homecoming. The estimated cost of the painting is around Php350,000.00, plus windows & doors which are about Php580,000.00. So, we’re praying that the Lord would provide us Php930,000.00 for these. Such excludes tiles for the flooring. We know the Lord’s hand is not short to extend His blessing on these concerns. Thank you, Lord!

Lastly, shall we join hands; unite our minds and hearts in prayer that the Lord shall provide all these needs for His glory.

In Him,