Philippine Tour: The final days

Five days have past since I wrote the above. We got caught up in many activities including visiting 18 of the area churches in about a 35 mi. radius. We usually attend one church for Sunday School, another for service, and yet another for Evening worship. In between we also visit and photograph other church buildings though not meeting for service, and often meet their pastor, some of their elders and members.

This Fri. I am a guest speaker at the Baccalaureate Dinner for this year’s 9 ABS graduates (2 Associates in Theology, 2 Bachelors in Christian Education and 5 in Church Music). Saturday Daisy and I are invited to take part in a Woman’s Fellowship (other men invited too). Sunday will be only 2 church visitations. Monday & Tuesday we will join a “Conference on Evangelism” for all area churches. Tuesday night I am again the guest speaker for Commencement, where even the non-grad’s will attend.

Early Wednesday AM Esmelito (ABS’s administrator drives us to PBS (about 8 hours), so I can again be the speaker for their Baccalaureate dinner. We can’t stay for their graduation, so Esmelito will take us on to Manila where we visit friends for a day before beginning the flights home via Seoul (6:35 layover), Korea Friday midnight (12:30a). Our flight time including layover is scheduled as 22 hours, 35 min., landing Chicago O’Hare on 3/20 at 10:05 am with Korean Air flight KE0037 (Terminal 5).

We will then be for a rude awakening; our mosquito bites will experience frost bite ! I just know your heart bleeds for us as we must go through withdrawals from best Mango and sweet Amarosa Bananas in the world. Then we must readjust body clocks and get back into gear with long awaiting work schedules.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers.
God Bless you and your daily work to glorify HIM in your words to each other and your work.

– Mike
aka. Miguel

PS: Pray for me esp. since my laptop power supply died due to voltage fluctuations, and my battery is almost dead ! ! !
Slim chance I’ll find a replacement here. Might have to wait till Manila (sigh).

God bless.

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