NEWS REPORT :: January – February 2010

Dear Brethren:

Greetings in Jesus’ mighty name!

After the very hectic schedule we had last December, we went back to school, even busier in our classes. There was only two and a half months left before the end of the school year. Faculty needs to finish their class syllabus and students need to finish requirements – outside reading reports and research. Everyone must keep busy for the Lord!

Our new building has been occupied by classes only it was so cold last January that we needed to use the old building classrooms. Nevertheless, we keep praying that the windows be installed very soon. We believe this and we thank you Lord, for providing. Bless the lives of people who made commitments for windows.

As we approach the end of the school year students kept busy also for the closing activities. The Forensic Literary Society (FLS) with Sir Alex Agresor, their adviser, had their annual Talent Night last February 5. Everyone enjoyed and was entertained, not only the parts but also the lessons from their theme, “Reaching for You.” What a splendid program! Hurray Forensians! Job well done, use your talents only for His glory.

We also had to prepare for the Inter-Seminary Fellowship (PCM-PBS-ABS). It was held at Philippine College of Ministry in February 17-19. There were 35 students who attended. Some faculty members accompanied them including our two benefactors – Bro. Mike Burns and Sis. Daisy Cajigal. There were lots of experiences our students had. They really had close bonding with other seminarians. We also had fellowship with other staff if PBS and PCM. Truly, how good and pleasant it is when brothers work in unity! Together we stand, divided we fall!

Now, we look forward to the Voice and Piano Recital of music students. Ma’am Grace Alvarez and Ma’am Marlyn Racho are both very busy preparing for these. We need to move the piano (the only available for use) from the old building to the new ABS Hall. How we pray that this old piano be replaced with a new one.

Lastly, there are two things we’re so thankful for – the arrival of the eight boxes of computers from the States, donated by brethren through the instrumentality of Bros. David and Andrew Powell, Mike Burns and Sis. Daisy Cajigal. They’re ready for installation at the new Computer Laboratory. We’re so grateful for the presence of Bro. Mike to help. Also, how grateful we’re that the windows of the new building are being installed. The Hall shall be ready for the closing activities of the seminary.

We’re really blessed and we keep on praying that the Lord will continue to bless all of your for your support to ABS.

In Him,



Administrator, ABS

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