Typhoon Parma direct hit on Aparri Bible Seminary, N. central tip of Luzon, Philippines (Call for Help)

Dear friends,

Please help !

As most of you know, I have been making nearly annual trips to Aparri Bible Seminary (ABS), doing what I can to help them get back on their feet, as they are struggling to carry on the exceedingly important work of training students to fill empty pulpits throughout northern Luzon, the largest of 7000 islands of the Philippines. They have been struggling to get re-established and grow in the face of needing to replace their 50 yr. old wooden buildings that are falling apart. Their Staff have made incredible sacrifices because they see the need to reach the lost, all over the towns and villages of this area. More than half of the existing churches do not have a trained pastor/preacher, and you can imagine how dangerous that can be; to avoid errors cropping into their teachings.

Last week Manila was hit by a very large typhoon (their term for hurricane) causing severe and widespread flooding : Typhoon Ketsana (Ondoy) – The Big Picture – Boston.com

Right NOW an even stronger typhoon missed Manila, but is hitting the northern Luzon !

There is RIGHT NOW a great need and opportunity to pray for and possibly support ABS during this, the worst Typhoon hitting Aparri Bible Seminary in anyone’s memory.

The eye appeared to be right over Aparri Bible Seminary this morning on CNN, as if it was ground zero.

Aparri is about 2′ below sea level, so there will be flooding, besides the damage to wooden structures.

The new building that is approx. ⅓ complete is VERY sturdy, but does not yet have windows over gaping window holes.

ABS and the related Aparri Christian Hospital hopefully will be a lifeline to the poor shanty-hut people that line parts of their seashore.
Esp. pray for the safety of the students and staff as they are continuing to experience the worst of the near 100 mph sustained winds right now.

Please pray that the shelter they chose (whichever it was) will hold up to this storm and keep them from harm

Pray that they got the generator going which supplies the local Aparri Christian Hospital.

Pray that they were able to accumulate enough food and water to last until more help can arrive, and that they won’t be spoiled by flood.
They are entering into their Saturday night : 10:30 Sat am here is 11:30 Sat pm there.

Thus they are getting this continued blast through the night.
Thank you so much for your prayers. Please pass this on to those you consider prayer warriors.

If anyone feels led to contribute monetarily, I would be happy to make sure it gets to ABS to help them with immediate humanitarian aid and to begin to recover.
Reply to this email and I will do what it takes to get this coordinated.

For more info about Aparri Bible Seminary, please look at : Aparri Bible Seminary

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