NEWS REPORT :: August-September 2009

Dear Brethren,

With stretched arms to heaven, we praise and thank the Lord so much for the joy we have here at ABS.

Everyone was overwhelmed with the Homecoming of Aparri Bible Seminary Alumni last August 21. It was a very great day full of fun and merriment with nostalgia feelings. There were one hundred twenty (120) alumni and forty-seven (47) students who attended. As they came on Friday morning, August 20, they filled the seminary atmosphere with laughters as they’ve seen each other anew after many years – a reminiscence of the past flooded their recollections with warm embraces. What wonderful feelings again! Praise the Lord!

The two-day celebration was really full of mixed feelings – with joy because of the opportunity to have seen each other; with sadness because of the absence of some.

The program was opened with the cutting of ribbon by Mrs. Esperanza Peneyra Aguas, the oldest ABSAA member, one the first four graduates of the seminary and a faithful benefactor of the seminary. A prayer of the simple ceremony was led by Bro. Henry Turda with the group around who sang praises of songs to grace the ceremony. Hurray to our ABS Alma Mater! All for the Lord!

Working for the Lord is really enjoyable. It’s something all of us are experiencing. Nevertheless, at the highest peak of our enjoyment might be intervened with other situations in life.

Following the Alumni Homecoming was the Deeper Life Week which was slated on September 14-18. This is an annual activity of the seminary aimed at renewing and deepening the spiritual lives, as well as promoting the commitment and diligence of everyone to the Lord’s work and calling.

To promote awareness and appreciation to this five-day undertaking, related activities such as poster and slogan making, essay writing, scripture recitation, group discussions, singspiration and series of worship services that expounded the theme: “Becoming An Instrument of God”, had been conducted. Likewise, an off-campus Group-In-Action activity was also held at the Cornerstone Christian Home, a ministry for the orphans at Lallo, Cagayan, and a sister ministry of ABS. Seminary staff and students volunteered to clean the compound of the orphanage and planted coconut trees. We had a very memorable fellowship with the children and entire personnel of the orphanage.

At the retreat that culminated the DPL activity, two students received the Lord Jesus Christ and were subsequently baptized. Praise the Lord!

On the other hand, we were saddened by the passing away of Sir Amador Gamboa Aguas. He’d been serving the PMCC-ABS for a long time and pioneered in the establishment of two Christian high schools in Isabela province – Northern Isabela Academy & Southern Isabela Academy. His family has been a supporter of the ABS ministry. He was ninety four (four) when he went home with the Lord. What a fruitful life Sir Amador has spent. He left Ma’am Esperanza, his wife, four daughters – Daisy, Dehlia, Maria Victoria and Ruth with his grandchildren. Our love and condolences!

Also, we sympathize with the family of Alex A. Agresor, one of our faculty, whose father passed away too just recently. We give you our love and prayers.

Meanwhile, the Rhetorical Literary Society (RLS) students are very busy working on their annual program – a special program for the display of their talents.

Also, final examination for first semester is fast approaching. We all look forward to these activities.

To all our sponsors, we thank you again. The seminary’s initially erected instruction building has been painted, though windows and door panels have not been installed. Please join us as we pray for the provision of windows and doors that students may be able to use it the soonest. Regards and God bless to you all…

In His service,


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