NEWS REPORT :: June-July 2009

Dear Brethren,

We rejoice in the Lord with grateful hearts to let you know our new school year, 2009-2010.

We had our opening of classes last June 8, 2009. We had prayed to the Lord to send more male students because of the need of more preachers. The Lord answered our request! He sent 46 boys and 14 girls, totaling to 60 students in all. Praise the Lord!

The flow of classes went on smoothly. The six (6) full time and one part time teachers are continuing to teach. Our students are not only blessed with their classes in the seminary but also with related skills development trainings conducted by the Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA), one of the linkages of the seminary. It is the desire and objective of the seminary to provide for would-be preachers and teachers of the Word a well-rounded and comprehensive education for them to become more effective, efficient and committed in the service; hence, it’s making linkages with entities and institutions that could provide related and needed skills for seminary students.

Meanwhile, the Faith Promise Rally of the Seminary is going on. We have been blessed so much from the campaign messages of speakers – Bro. Alex Agresor (Hardwork), Bro. Arnel Peneyra (Investment), Bro. Rodolfo Alvarez Jr. (Savings), Bro. Ryan Paul Torino (Give), and Bro. Perry Alan (Contentment). All of these make up the theme, “The Five Steps to Prosperity.” What an enrichment we received from those blessings!

Our thirty (30) first year students are very busy preparing for their Talent Night presentation. They will display their God-given talents and, perhaps, some will discover hidden talents they have. It is such an opportunity for their talents to be developed! May those talents be used for Him, dear students.

We’re looking forward to the ABS Alumni Homecoming on August 21.  Everyone is excited to come. One of our main concerns now is the venue for the homecoming. The initial structure that has been erected in the ABS’ new building project is not fully finished yet, though it’s now being prepared for painting to be used for the occasion. Help us pray that there will be good weather so that we can at least use meantime even without windows and door panels yet. This is our main concern and prayers now because rainy season is approaching. The finished structure has to be secured with such windows and doors for us to be able to use. Please help us pray for this brethren.

Thank you again for your continued support to the ABS. Please continue to pray for the ministry of ABS as we continue to pray for all of you…

In His service,