NEWS REPORT :: April-May 2009

Dear Brethren,

Greetings in the mighty name of Jesus!

The two summer months passed by unnoticeably. We’re happy to share you what we did this summer. We had VBS Clinic last April 6-8. There were at least 54 teachers who attended. Almost thirty seven (37) teams in around sixty three (63) places with more than eight thousand (8,000) children taught in Cagayan and Isabela.

VBS ’09 theme is “God’s Big Backyard.” Those VBS children were surely blessed through the teachers trained by ma’am Gina Vinagrera, ma’am Marlyn Racho and ma’am Grace Alvarez, our VBS trainors. Praise the Lord!

ABS also had the opportunity of ministering at Batac City through music.  A couple from the U.S. celebrated their 50th Golden Wedding Anniversary last April 10. The ABS Ensemble and the Praise Team were in-charge of the music throughout the wedding. It’s another way of promoting the Seminary. Mabuhay ABS music department!

Following the week was the promotion to different churches in Cagayan province. We were able to go through all the three districts of the province challenging and encouraging interested young people to come to ABS.

Simultaneously, we also had the opportunity of sharing to individuals and churches the urgent need of the ABS new building – doors and windows. For us to be able to use the instruction rooms come school year, doors and windows of the initially finished structure must be installed. God bless those brethren who already gave their initial help on this. We have separate letters with estimate costs of the said doors and windows.

Nevertheless, summer was not just all-work. We were also blessed when we attended the 6th Tri-Regional Convention of the Northern Luzon Churches of Christ/Christian Churches at Nagsangalan, Vigan City. The ABS staff with some members of the Board, along with ABS Concert Choir were uplifted and edified from this occasion on May 1-2.

Right after that we prepared for the Junior Camp on May 11-15. It was our prayer that many children, ages 8-12, would come. There were at least fifty seven (57) who responded represented by around twelve (12) churches. Aside from our own staff, there were 12 young people who volunteered to help in this camp. Junior Camp is the most tiring camp and needs most sufficient number of staff. To you young people who helped, congratulations and thank you very much! We praise the Lord for you including the six kids who accepted the Lord.

Only two weeks was left before school year starts. We needed to follow up those who expressed their desire to enter seminary. For the third week of May, we went throughout Cagayan, reached Isabela and even Ifugao. As of now, we expect around twenty five (25) new students to be added to the expected thirty (30) old students to continue. Very inspiring! May we continue to pray for all of these students. May God be praised!

Brethren, please continue to bear with us with your wholehearted support – financially and morally.

You may visit the seminary and see the progress of the construction of the new building. God bless you…

In Him,