A Working Tour of Seminaries in Luzon – Around Luzon

PBS_WelcomeOn Monday we journeyed to PBS and were given a warm welcome by Administrator Danny Roca and staff, including a unique, beautiful, native dance by students of the Ilocos mountains.PBSgroup

Larry repeated his marathon 2-day seminar, with Cathie, Daisy & Mike helping behind the scenes.PBSseminar

After many social, worship and historic Vigan tour activities we traveled a half day to Baguio, where we visited staff & students of PCM, and Dr. James Huckaba (Academic Dean) gave a very informative tour, including the rebuilt well-restocked library (see fascinating story of fire damage on their website  PCM.ph ).  Bagiuo used to be the summer capital of the Philippines, due to its cool high altitude.  It is also the source of most of the flower shops of Luzon.  We were glad to tour the three most beautiful parks of Bagiuo: Mines View, Burnham, and Camp John Hay (former military R&R facility).

7-img_6029 PCMLibrary PCMgroup

Leaving exceedingly picturesque Bagiuo, we returned to Manila on Saturday night 2/14.  We thoroughly enjoyed worshiping with Cubao Church of Christ where Rommel Savellano is the minister, but on this Sunday Missionary Eldon Potts was the articulate guest preacher.  We met up with many of Daisy and Mike’s friends and Daisy’s relatives and afterward enjoyed a family reunion at Daisy’s cousin Emmeline, who catered an incredibly fancy feast.

MBSstanding MBSseated MBStable

Monday we met up with Chris and Carole McKinney, who had helped establish PCM in 1992.  After lunch Chris brought and introduced us to the staff at Manila Bible Seminary as well as International Christian College of Manila.  MBSsignJonathan Orillaza (Academic Dean) gave us a tour of MBS ( www.angelfire.com/ma4/mbsbeta_01/default.htm ), the oldest Restoration Christian seminary in the Philippines, that is presently headed by Jeannie McElroy Hoffman.  Russ and Cheryl Wissman gave us a tour of ICCM ( www.ICCManila.com ), which is high up on a mountain in Antipolo overlooking Manila.  Arthur Santiago is the acting president.

meeting meeting2 TheGuys


Larry and Cathie returned via Seoul and Chicago O’Hare to their Plymouth, IN home.  We (Daisy and Mike) returned by car 16 hours to Aparri where we got more involved with the daily life of ABS. TheRichards On Thursday we joined Esmelito, Linda Columna and Grace Peneyra to visit Dr. Charles and Mickey Richards in the town of Iguig (about 2 hours south and west  by car).  The Richards are now concluding their faithful 30 year mission of translating the New Testament and 1/4 of the Old Testament into Itawes, one of more than 400 languages in the Philippines that is spoken by 106,000 people in Cagayan.  They have sacrificed so much of their lives and resources for this ministry and are much beloved by the people whose lives they have touched.

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