A Working Tour of Seminaries in Luzon – While in Aparri

After Larry’s seminar, ABS hosted students of Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS in Vigan) and Philippine College of Ministry (PCM in Baguio) for their annual 3-day Inter-Seminary Fellowship.

Inter-Seminary FellowshipNervieteam builder

Inter-Seminary Fellowship

This fellowship not only provide spiritual and educational advancement, but also R&R.  The students enjoyed group sports and games (e.g.: best nest of straws to prevent a dropped egg from breaking, best bridge made of sand, etc).  Mike much enjoyed becoming a paparazzo of these events, to the delight of all when frequently projected.  The theme of “Breaking The Walls” (Building Bridges) was presented with insightful messages from eloquent staff & students, who emphasized breaking down barriers of prejudice, hostility, envy and building bridges of love, fellowship, and selflessness.

We had the great opportunity to visit the local Municipal Hall.  Vice Mayor Norman Peneyra greeted us warmly, inviting us in for a social visit & refreshments.  Mr. Peneyra was formerly Mayor of Aparri, as well as formerly the president of PMCC.

After a brief Saturday respite, we went to Domingo Tallud’s church in Tuguegarao, where Larry preached and later conducted 2 hours of Elder and Deacon seminars. Larry Preaches CongregationCarl and Ronalyn Stevens and 2 of their teens then gave us a tour of CARM (Christian Aviation & Radio Mission), which he joined in 1998, including the sound-dampening room of the recording studio that he had designed and built, and the hangar and Helio Courier plane being rebuilt for a hopeful future aviation ministry. CARM

We then very much enjoyed visiting the orphans and homeless children of Children’s Haven at the town of Lal-lo.  This orphanage was started by PMCC under the Selby’s and Mary Pruitt.  The kids were soooo appreciative of our visit and soaked in all the love we could offer.  Children’s Haven is now directed by Mr. Lynn Ragsdale, although we have not yet have had the opportunity to see him.

Group at Children’s Haven in Lal-lo

Group at Children’s Haven in Lal-lo

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