NEWS REPORT :: April-May 2008

Dear Brethren,

Good day!

Time passed by so swiftly that summer is gone. It passed by inconspicuously because of the busy months we had here at ABS.

After graduation and the Conference on Evangelism, we started going around to promote the seminary. However, we gave time for the planned activities for summer. To wit:

April 8-10 Vacation Bible School (VBS) Clinic.
There were 43 teachers who attended the clinic. Around 80 churches in Cagayan Valley held VBS and more than 12,000 children were taught. Praise the Lord for these committed teachers.
April 11-12 Promotion at Sta. Ana and Gonzaga, Cagayan.
April 13-16 Youth Camp (ages 16-up).
50 young people came to this camp; 12 accepted the Lord. All glory and honor to Him!
April 19 Promotion at Palao, Parog, Nambutuan, all of Cagayan province;
Babalag, Kalinga province.
April 24-27 Churches of Christ National Convention at Iloilo City.
What a wonderful opportunity for some of us to have attended this 96th National Convention of the Churches of Christ it the Philippines. The ABS quartet – Jeffrey Mark Alvarez, Rex de Guzman, Ruth Osorio and Carissa Lopez – had the opportunity to sing in this national event. They were accompanied by Sis. Grace Alvarez, their trainer. To all the sponsors, THANK YOU! MABUHAY KAYO!
May 2-7 International Association for the Promotion of Christian Higher Education (IAPCHE)
Regional Conference.
Bro. Esmelito L. Acson, the Administrator, attended the Regional Conference of the IAPCHE at Taipei, Taiwan. He went on his personal expense, but we know the knowledge gained is for the Lord. God bless you!
May 6-9 Junior Camp (ages 8-13)
76 kids came to this camp; 12 among them were led to the Lord. They are very young but praise the Lord for accepting Jesus as their Lord. Let’s keep them grow in Him.
May 12 Promotion at the Eastern Churches of Cagayan.
May 17-18 Promotion at Lakambini, Tuao areas.
May 21 Promotion at Sta. Praxedes, Namuac, Bidduang, Ballesteros, all of Cagayan
province; Tumog, Apayao province.
May 27-28 Promotion at Isabela province.

On this writing, we’re counting 60 students already. We pray that God will send young people who are really interested to study in the Seminary.

Finally, the Board of Trustees decided to start the ABS’ new building. Almost all papers needed are ready and we have started evacuating things out of the buildings that are to be demolished by the project. Hurray!

Let’s build the new ABS building! Join us, and be a part of this great project for Him! Thank you Lord!

Again, thank you for all your support. May God continue to bless you!…

In Him,



Administrator, ABS 

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