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Visiting Lecturer, Larry Ferguson

Back in Feburary, minister, lecturer and writter of book materials on raising the dead church, Larry Ferguson was at Aparri Bible Seminary to give a 3 day intensive seminar. The response was great. We had 150 sets of manuals and class materials and many people had to share. We would like to thank all of the people that helped to make the event a success.

For more information about Larry Ferguson, please check out his web blog
Church Encouragement Services Inc. New Life for Churches

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-Andrew Powell

NEWS REPORT :: January – February 2009

Dear Brethren:

Greetings to all of you, faithful workers of the Lord!

After the Christmas break we went back to our classes, so busy to cope up with all the lessons missed during the practices. Along with this, we also had to make plans for upcoming activities.

The Rhetorical Literary Society (RLS) started their preparations for their annual night with the joint effort of all members, the good influence of their officers and the continuous support of their critic, Mrs. Marlyn Racho. They presented a very splendid program with their theme, “People Need the Lord.” Superb program, Rhetoricians! Keep on for the Lord really needs you!

First week of February, Bro. Michael Burns and Sis. Daisy Aguas Cajigal of Cornerstone Christian Church in Illinois, US, arrived for a 3-week visitation to the country, particularly to the Aparri Bible Seminary. They (and their whole congregation) are supporters of the ABS ministry. They brought with them Bro. Larry Ferguson, and his wife Cathy, who conducted Church Encouragement Services Seminar on February 3-4. It was such a blessing to the brethren in Cagayan Valley. The 2-day seminar was attended by not less than 150 leaders and workers of the Churches of Christ in Cagayan Valley who represented at least 35 churches.

As the seminar participants were leaving, the delegates of the Inter-seminary Fellowship were coming too. This fellowship hosted by ABS started the following day, February 5, and ended on the 7th. Participating seminaries were the Philippine College of Ministry (PCM) in Baguio, the Philippine Bible Seminary (PBS) in Vigan and, of course, the Aparri Bible Seminary (ABS).

A warm welcome was given by the ABS students to the PCM delegates as they arrived at about 2:00 a.m. of February 5; then, came the PBS around 10 a.m. There was an atmosphere of joy and merriment at ABS when the delegates came. How good and pleasant to see two of our sister seminaries.

The program was designed to strengthen the bonding of the three seminaries. The theme was “Breaking the Walls” (of Pride, Bitterness and Indifference) and Building the Bridges (of Humility, Forgiveness and Care).

All the students were grouped heterogeneously; not according to school. We found it very fitting with their theme. They have enjoyed a lot and learned so much from their theme. They were grouped not just for competition but for closer bonding with one another. Praise the Lord!

We continue to plan and pray for the closing activities – Voice and Piano Recital, the final examinations, the Candidates’ Banquet, the Conference on Evangelism, the Commencement Exercises, the ABS Alumni meeting, and the VBS Clinic.

Brethren, please pray with us as we look forward to these activities.

Again, thank you for your continued support. May God continue to bless you richly.

In Him,