NEWS REPORT :: October-November 2008

Dear Brethren,

With joyful hearts we greet you in Jesus name!

For about two months, we’re back for the second semester. We praise the Lord for bringing back the 55 students – 47 full-time and 8 part-time. They’re lesser in number but we know the Lord has plans for this.

We have been having rainy days since the second semester. The old building where we are having our day-to-day functions is really dilapidating. We hold classes in the hall amidst basins and vessels collecting dripping rains.

Nonetheless, the first section of the instruction building that is under construction is being prepared for use, only, intermittently because of financial constraints. We don’t stop praying to the Lord that He may provide the needed resources to finish the building. Again, we thank all the brethren who are continuously sharing their blessings for this project; likewise, those who gave their free labor services during the crucial stage of the construction. May the Lord continue to richly bless all of you.

Our music department is now busy preparing for the Christmas Cantata. All students are required to be in their (choir) class. Aside from the final presentation some shall be chosen to go on tour to churches who are inviting the ABS concert choir. Such is a part of our extension service to our partner congregations and a good venue for the exposure of our students.

Indeed, God has given His advance Christmas gifts for the ABS family which likewise answered our primary concern for this annual Christmas Cantata tour – service vehicles. Through His faithful servants, the ministry was able to finally acquire its long time dream and prayer of having even just a coaster/shuttle bus for its extension program. Now, we don’t only have one but two. Apart from the newly purchased coaster, the Philippine Bible Seminary, a sister ministry of ABS at Vigan City, Ilocos Sur, has donated one of their vehicles – a van. Long live PBS! How kind and thoughtful your are! God bless you more!

For all of these, we lift our thanksgiving to God with stretched arms and grateful hearts! Truly, God is good, God provides! Let’s continue to pray for the Aparri Bible Seminary that her ministry will go on… THANK YOU SO MUCH BRETHREN FOR YOUR LOVE AND SUPPORT! GOD BLESS YOU ALL…

In His service,




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