NEWS REPORT :: January 2008

Dear Brethren,

A blessed new year to everyone!

It’s with deep gratitude to the Lord that we praise Him so much because He really has been sustaining us.

After a very hectic schedule of the choir last December, we still had the post Christmas concert last January 4-6 at Minanga and Battalan respectively and a second presentation here at Aparri. The choir had 23 presentations in all. We know many people were blessed through this concert. We were also blessed with the opportunity of going to places especially our students. Praise His mighty name!

Students came back to the Seminary last January 6. We resumed classes catching again for the coming mid-term examinations on January 15-17. In addition to this, we’re continuing to prepare for the closing activities – FLS Day, Piano and Voice Recital, Candidates’ Banquet, Conference on Evangelism, and Commencement Exercises.

Teachers are finishing their class syllabus while students get very busy in their requirements too. Everyone gets busy for the Lord!
Students who expect to graduate are really striving very hard – burning their candles at night, wise use of their time and completion of many requirements.

We’re continuing to pray for the purchase of a school service vehicle. We are really in need of it and so we keep praying that the Lord will provide.

Brethren, please continue to pray with us and for us as we seek the Lord’s blessing for this specific need of ours. Also include our plan of starting the new ABS building comes second quarter. This quarter’s weather is not so favorable for us to start with the construction, as yet.

Our students are eagerly expecting to attend the Inter-Seminary Fellowship of ABS, PCM, and PBS at Vigan City on February 22. May this activity strengthen the bonding of all seminarians. Mabuhay!

We want to thank everyone who continues to pray and supports the Seminary. Thank you for your love.

God bless you…

In Him,

Administrator, ABS