NEWS REPORT :: September 2007

Dear Brethren:

With all our praises and grateful hearts, we humbly lift up our hands to God. Honor and glory belong to Him for all the successes He gave us.

We really have enjoyed the month of September. Many things transpired which strengthened and challenged everyone (students as well as faculty and staff) in their faith.

The Deeper Life Week last September 3-7 was a very fulfilling week – enriching messages and satisfying activities were done. The program was opened with a worship service on Monday evening, September 3. The following messages were delivered – general theme: “Nothing Is Impossible With God”…In Fervent Prayers, In Active Obedience, In Trusting Fully, In Deep Introspection, and in Holiness. All the messages were very inspiring because of their spiritual depth. May our faith grow and deepen through those messages.

Following this activity was an intensive preparation of the ABS Alumni Homecoming and launching of the ABS’ new building. Guided with prayers we prepared – students, faculty & staff, and concerned brethren supported us. We prayed for a good weather that it would not hinder brethren to come. We expectantly waited for those two days.

As dawn came on September 28, we welcomed folks from different places of Cagayan Valley, Ilocos and even from Manila. Gradually, they came for fellowship. Most of them were alumni although some were not, yet we rejoice because their coming is an expression of their love and concern for ABS.

That day was full of laughter and fun for everyone. After registration, they had sports competitions – basketball as well as volleyball. A feeling of nostalgia was seen among those who came. It was followed with an ABSAA meeting in the afternoon. Around 90 alumni came –  an Alumni Homecoming program was held in the evening.

Amidst of pelting rain for two days, the occasion went through. Around four hundred brethren (except children) came for the launching. The program was held at the ABS Hall. It was fine! Everyone was seated in that full crowded hall as they listened attentively to the program. It was such a splendid one with Bro. Daniel Rayray Roca, the Philippine Bible Seminary President, who gave a very powerful and challenging message – highlighted by the unveiling of the perspective plan of the ABS’ new building by the guest and the members of the PMCC Board of Trustees.

In complete silence, everyone waited eagerly as the tarpaulin went down slowly. With teary eyes of joy sounded the loud clapping of hands as they all said, “Praise the Lord!” Truly, may this be a place where God can make His presence known!

Without delay, the sumptuous dinner was served coupled with musical numbers from our music and voice students. Brethren who came have favored very much the urgent need of a new building. The hall was very full and many stayed downstairs. Nevertheless, we were very grateful for the success of the launching.

How can we say thanks to all of you, Brethren, who came and supported us? And to you who were not able to attend yet you sponsored us? We all lift you up to Him that He may continue to bless you richly as you become our partners in the ministry of the Seminary.

God bless all of you…

In Him,

Administrative Officer, ABS


Administrator, ABS