NEWS REPORT :: July 2007

Dear Brethren:

We continue to lift up the name of Jesus because we have been strengthened in our ministry knowing you’re our partners. Thank you very much!

We’ve started our STEWARDSHIP PROGRAM in July-August. A series of messages on giving were delivered in all our Wednesday chapel services. This will end on the last Wednesday of August. What an enriching program for everyone to participate in as a challenge to be a part of the ministry of the seminary!

Moreover, we also have started the SPORTSFEST of the Seminary. It was opened last July 16 with a simple program participated in by all students. They are grouped into four with two sponsors for each team from the faculty. This program will develop a better camaraderie among students and a closer bonding with the faculty. This will culminate at the end of school year having games at the end of the week only.

Good news for all of those who had been students of the Seminary! There shall be a HOMECOMING on September 28, 2007. All of those who were once a part of ABS are invited to attend this homecoming. This will be highlighted with the launching of the ABS new building.

We’ve been very busy going out to churches and to individual brethren promoting this launching. We’ve been looking for individuals who can be sponsors of this project through the “PLATE FOR A CAUSE” program. Tickets for this program are being distributed at one thousand pesos each (P1000.00). Please consider not the cost of the plate but the cause of it. All proceeds will be for the ABS new building. Said program will be held on the day following the Homecoming. Please come and see ABS and be a sponsor of the new seminary building. Praise the Lord!

Again, we express our thanks to all of you who support us and the Seminary.

God bless you…

In Him,

Administrative Officer, ABS


Administrator, ABS