NEWS REPORT :: June 2007

Dear Brethren:

We thank the Lord for bringing us another new school year. With our hands lifted up high we praise Him for His continued blessings.

One of the greatest blessings we received is the number of enrolment this school year. We prayed for 25 new students and the Lord gave us 46. How can we thank the Lord for the 85 students He gave us? All glory and honor belong to Him!

During the first week of classes we had to make adjustments in our classrooms. The library is very small with the number of students we have. We need to open the room adjacent to it in order to widen the library. We then use the Mission House II office as a classroom. This really calls for an immediate construction of a new seminary building.

Because of this great and urgent need, we have decided, with the approval of the PMCC Board of Trustees, to launch the ABS new building on September 29. Just the structure alone, it costs about P12M; however, if complete furnishing is included it may cost P15M, more or less. Practically, we have no enough funds but we can begin very soon. We strongly believe that God will supply our needs. We also know that there are brethren out there ready and willing to support us in this particular undertaking. What then should we do? Let’s move on! Arise and build an ABS new building!

On the second week of classes, we also rejoice for the three students who accepted Jesus as their Lord. The 3 students were baptized by Pastor Perry Alan, Sr. last June 14. What a very great accomplishment for Him!

We have settled in our regular programs. Convocation was held on the first Wednesday, a general orientation followed on June 21 and a special Welcome Fellowship for everyone on June 15. We give all the praise and honor to Him!

We’re now preparing for the Stewardship month, July-August. This is to encourage everyone in giving and sharing for the ministry of the Seminary. We want to thank everyone for the continued support and those who visited us, we say thank you for coming to see us in the Seminary.

God bless all of you!..
In Him,

Administrative Officer, ABS


Administrator, ABS